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  1. Thanks for all the info on players listed... take one chance not all of our picks... it's a crapshoot I understand... all I'm saying is we had the chance for Metcalf, but were scared off by his route tree... Arcega Whiteside was similar to Jeffery... we didn't need that at this time... I also know our division rival the Cowgirls take chances way more then we do... look at some of there recent draft picks... it worked out for them... thanks
  2. If LB Littleton's price to high go after LB Kyle Van Noy
  3. He's our best lb on the team but for that kind of money we should go after LB Corey Littleton... also I think S McCleod will cost the same or more then 2019 so go after S Ha Ha Clinton- Dix (even cheaper S Eric Berry) I'd say cut him...
  4. Thanks EaglesPeteC... I honestly think the Chargers and Jaguars are in a better position then Lions... I think compensation for Slay will go down before the draft and the Lions clearly are in rebuild mode... I think the 1st and 3rd mentioned was them trying to get a 2nd, but nobody budged knowing this is his last year under contract
  5. Isn't CB Heyward ranked and viewed by many as a better CB... I suppose they'll want more for him
  6. That would be ideal... I like Byron Jones, but I think we go after Trae Waynes... I would like to keep all of our picks too... if we can get Casey Heyward or Darius Slay... maybe moving a couple picks would work as long as it ain't too much and we get a couple back (2021/22)... throw in Douglas or Jones also to lower compensation
  7. Kind of my dream FA DE (NGAKOUE).... Realistically DE (JUDON) is probably more in our price range... CB is a bigger need... What CB do you think we go after?
  8. Agree with Barnett... maybe he is just a good #3 DE... maybe we trade him, but hopefully we go out and sign FA Yannick Ngakoue... we need better production from whoever our starter is
  9. Agree with you Nabbs4u... also with the QBs that are available in free agency... even the QB that he made CHARGERS (Rivers) pick. I think there are a lot more options for teams... Unless he wanted to come back as a backup he had nowhere to go... FORCED RETIREMENT
  10. If he can't tone his body up and he puts size on... 50% of Allen would be better then our 3rd DE... Sweat or whomever is our #3... so like I said take a shot...
  11. I agree with your analysis Everything you pointed out... His metrics as you said is weird cause he has a bulky upper body (classic mlb) with skinny lower body and a face of a long snapper不 he is a BALLER!!! Highlights prove it... the kid has non stop motor... never give up mentality... hustle hustle hustle!!! As far as coverage... he'll get better training in the NFL... I don't think he's fast that's why he seems to be 1/2 a step behind... he makes up for it cause he has amazing instincts... if he can tone his body up I see him as a cross between Kuechly (ret.)and Milano (Bills)... LOVE
  12. Just examples and I understand that it's hit or miss... teams had him lower also and didn't draft Metcalf... What I really mean is that it's time to take a chance on players that have no route tree and maybe even players with red flags (Randy Moss)... what DK. has (Height, Size, and (SPEED)... you can't teach that... I know not every player with amazing attributes make it, but I definitely know we're scared off by a simple thing like learning to run more routes... give him a year or two to learn... We took a shot on CB Sidney Jones... Why not the same for other athlethes that possess what
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