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  1. I guess they can’t come out and just say,”anyone but rivers”. Lol
  2. Honestly would love to see them wait then go all in for Justin fields next year. I think he would be perfect for the offense.
  3. Here’s the existing money line for the week 1 starter. Eli is 500-1 odds 😂 Tyrod Taylor3-2 Justin Herbert5-1 Tua Tagovailoa6-1 Tom Brady6-1 Teddy Bridgewater6-1 Marcus Mariota12-1 Jameis Winston12-1 Jordan Love16-1 Andy Dalton18-1 Jake Fromm18-1 Ryan Tannehill25-1
  4. I like Cam, tbh, but I don’t like spending draft capital to bring him in. I would prefer teddy and maybe Fromm Or hurts in the 3rd or 4th after we go OT and CB with our first two picks (either order).
  5. 2/4 3 rounds

    Easily. By far. Without question. This was the worst format for a mock draft I have ever seen. Double posting it just added to the monumental failure.
  6. Melvin Gordon wants to return...

    That draft class is actually crazy with how many RB’s have had significant injuries. Something in the water...
  7. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp-chargers/nfl/chargers/news/chargers-melvin-gordon-free-agent-wants-to-return-2020 This couldn’t have turned out worse for him. He should have accepted the $10 mil a year they were offering. He’d be lucky to get $8 a year now IMO
  8. I get what your saying about a QB, but is anyone in the draft better than say a teddy Bridgewater? Or even next years draft? 5 out of the top 15 teams in the league don’t have a 1st round QB, would Fromm in the 3rd be such a bad thing? all of the elite teams have good to great offensive lines, would personally like to see that built first.
  9. I honestly wonder if he think he’s going to get another chance. He’s obviously not, but I feel like he thinks another team will be looking to sign him before camp.
  10. I would legit be angry if the chargers took Herbert. This team needs to start fixing the offensive line. With premium picks in each round, they need to hit some. I would honestly love to see OT, CB, OG Guard shouldn’t even be a position in need but it’s clear Lamp should be shot.
  11. Chargers TE Antonio Gates retires

    To be fair, did he really “retire”? Or did the organization just say, “we’re good, stay home”? still one of my favourite chargers tho!