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  1. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.latimes.com/sports/chargers/story/2021-01-04/chargers-fire-coach-anthony-lynn%3f_amp=true thank god
  2. Worse than drug dealers or insurance fraud?
  3. I don’t understand the S over peoples jones. I think he will be legit. Then to take 2 wr’s later on? I am not excited about a single pick from this draft.
  4. I couldn’t be more disappointed in the draft. I have little hope for next season and beyond at this point.
  5. I would be happy with either one. Leaning towards Thomas myself.
  6. I like Newman or mond more than herbert even.
  7. Just don’t want Justin the next great average qb Herbert. If there’s no tua, I’d rather wait till next years crop tbh than get tied to mediocrity for 5 years...
  8. Ideally, they would just tell him he’s in the draft and he’d be in a fake zoom meeting...
  9. I’m a chargers fan and would be pumped. Would prefer peoplesjones in the 3rd, but looks good tbh
  10. They did a mock run through today with all teams. Apparently the only hiccup was right at the start (shockingly the bengals). Also, when they all joined at the start, nobody was muted so it was a mess. Hopefully it goes smoothly come Thursday. Looking forward to some team forgetting to mute themselves and tipping their hand!
  11. Kind of weird he got it three weeks ago, then tested positive again this week. Starting to think there won’t be a season.
  12. Imagine you’re the new GM and coach taking over next year? What you’re walking into is a nightmare.
  13. Really like the chargers draft, but would like Peoplesjones in the 3rd over Eason. Can’t see the chargers giving up on stick yet or carrying 4 qb’s if we sign Cam (as you predicted)
  14. I wonder if Brady is use to seeing a * next to his accolades 🤔
  15. Yeah there’s still a large amounts of misses on 1st round qb’s also though. Do you think Herbert is closer to Darnold/Jones or Rosen/lynch/trubinsky/bortles?
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