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  1. 2020 Draft

    Yeah there’s still a large amounts of misses on 1st round qb’s also though. Do you think Herbert is closer to Darnold/Jones or Rosen/lynch/trubinsky/bortles?
  2. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    I think it should go forward, but I think they should extend the time between picks. Technical failure or any hiccup would be just such a huge black eye on the event and the league. Start it at like 10 am and give 30 minutes a pick IMO
  3. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    i’m so happy this was the ad after your post 🥳
  4. Shelby Harris re-signs with the Broncos

    Probably Melvin Gordon’s agent
  5. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    I don’t think there are too many guys that have signed though, that don’t have question marks about their games though. I think what you’re saying does hold merit, but I don’t think there are too many slam dunk FA’s this year. Somehow Robert Quinn keeps cashing in though.
  6. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Extending him would lower the cap number. How is that bad? You just said he’s top10-15. If you think the cap is going down with bigger rosters, I can’t help you there. How have they made the expectation to win now?
  7. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Melvin Ingram would be a good restructure/move (Currently $16m cap hit) and Virgil green cut would be a savings of over $2.5 mil.
  8. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    I think that changed with Okung and Benjamin leaving though. I think we are around 23 mil. Not a lot, but still in good shape.
  9. Rams new logo unveiled

    How about now
  10. Rams new logo unveiled

  11. Jets sign WR Breshad Perriman (One year, $8 M, $6 gt'd)

    Why does it seem like so many beat players getting big money deals?
  12. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Cam apparently getting released today. He’s running out of places to play to be honest. Really just us, Jacksonville and NE realistically. Winston still out there also, but I think at this point he’s more of a backup, even with his new eyes 🤓
  13. Seattle trades for db Dunbar

    Have they ever been on anything?
  14. Travis Frederick Retires

    That’s rough. Hate to see guys in their prime have their career end. Wish him all the best.
  15. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    I don’t think a 20td to 17ints oozes with accuracy. over confidence maybe, but I don’t think the pats are really into turning the ball over a lot.