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  1. Don't like how SwAg lead a train so forcefully then vanished like he did.
  2. Yep. Eli threw pick 6's in one game vs the Vikings in 2007 then beat the greatest team that ever lived in the SB.
  3. Big John Henderson in Jacksonville was always a favorite of mine
  4. Jamal Lewis, Chris McAlister, Tiki Barber, Warrick Dunn, Seabass (Miss him already lol) Chad Pennington and Lance Briggs, and Donald Driver are few favorite Non-Vikings off the top of my head.
  5. Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders were a couple of my favorite Colts of that era.
  6. I feel like since we won so ugly last week Zim should play up no one believes in us schtick. Even though I said the same before the Panthers game. I think the Vikings come in fired up and win more convincingly this week. Vikings 34, Jaguars 17.
  7. So I've been binging on old maddens lately. Own Maddens 93, 95, 99, 2003-2007, 10,11, 13 and 25 (2014). Its a blast to see how many really good players have been around all these years. For the Vikings Chester Taylor, Tony Richardson, Pat Williams, Antoine Winfield, Chris Hovan, Heath Farwell (ST Ace) Jim Kleinsasser, Ryan Longwell. Who are some guys who weren't quite Hall of Fame good that you miss watching play for your team or just in general?
  8. I'd love another shot at Seattle if they finished as the #2 seed. Should've beat them the first time.
  9. No its why giving him a 5 year extension felt really risky epecially with Kubes offense which is so RB friendly.
  10. Dan Bailey has really picked his game up after struggling hus first 4-6 games as a Viking.
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