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  1. Vikings imo have a wider range then most teams. Best Case: The defense os the X-Factor here. On Paper is vastly improved but a lot of new pieces to acclimate if they mesh well it'll be thw first time this team has an elite offense to go with a greatly improved defense. Best Case Record, 14-3 Worst Case: Defemse continues to struggle and offense takes a step back to lack of development on the O-Line, Worst Case Record, 5-12.
  2. Michael Pierce opting out last year was a huge loss. Him and Barr getting hurt week 2 neutured the run D for the whole season thats not even mentioning breaking in a lot of new DBs and not having Hunter all year doomed the D. Getting those guys along with pairing Pierce with Dalvin Tomlinson gives the D almost 700 lbs of beef on the inside that wasnt there last year. Defense could be top 5 this year.
  3. Tough loss but a great stepping stone season for the Wild. Build around Kaprisov with more scoring the defensive depth is already there. See if Kappo Kahkanen keeps developing behind Talbot. Future is bright.
  4. Me when I see the final home game is Chicago......Again.
  5. So Wyatt Davis grew up a Packer Fan before being drafted by the Vikings. What are some other examples of players being drafted by teams they rooted against growing up. The only other example I know is Cam growing up a Falcons fan before getting drafted by the Panthers.
  6. Colin Cowherd mentioned that Aaron has the same agent as Carson Palmer who played this same card I think it does add to the threat of Aaron not playing this year
  7. I get what your saying im just worried it'll be a lot harder to replicate that formula consistantly. This team has done a great job of beating up on the bad teams like the Yotes, Kings and Sharks. On a more positive note in the 5 years or so I've really followed hockey this is the most depth scoring I've seen on this team which is vital come playoff time. Just ask the Bruins.
  8. I just want them to win a series. Though the Avs scare me to death. Also how often and at times how badly the Wild get outshot could backfire big in the plauoffs if Talbot cant keep his vezina form.
  9. IIRC Ding Liren is the only one with a winning record vs Magnus so im pulling for him though I expect Magnus to retain his title.
  10. You could argue that for anyone really. I feel like we'll get a charge from someone. Spieth imo is the best bet its nice to see him finding his game again. Guy is way too talented to struggle like he has tthe last couple years.
  11. Gonna be tough for anyone to catch Hideki if he holds the fort though Spieth and Rose are capable of a similar run if they get going.
  12. Hideki Matsuyama is on a war path right now. Would be a career defining win if he plays well tomarrow
  13. https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/9908513111 Best Win ever rating wise (Opponent blundering into Mate in 1 helps) I'll still take it dammit.
  14. Compared to what we had last year thats a start.
  15. You don't want the gun in my hands. You said it yourself its risky.
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