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  1. You don't want the gun in my hands. You said it yourself its risky.
  2. Damn I check in and we're alreasy down a townie? I reckon we bedt get our grits together
  3. Its been fun Seinfeld but this should be where the run ends. BB for sure
  4. Also waiting to see if Cornette goes ape over Miz getting the strap since Corny has such a rage boner for him.
  5. Don't like how he was booked leading up the cash in but i'm a massive Miz mark so I'm all about seeing where this goes.
  6. Im iffy on whether i'll have time to follow like i'd like but sure what the hell.
  7. Draft one and see if Geno Atkins can have resurgance if reunited with Zim.
  8. 1 really good game against @MKnight82 before blundering into mate in 2 in the end game. 2nd one got my preferred Kings Indian setup and just butchered the game quickly afterwords Edit: Just analyzed the 2nd game. Was actually okay before attack the queen a couple turns too late.
  9. Tough break for Ozark catching the GOAT. South Park seasons 3-14 are the absolute standard bearer of animated shows all-time imo
  10. Man I wish I had a dollar for everytime I've missed mate in 1. I'd be loaded up to my eyeballs.
  11. Working on endgames and slowly working through Kasparov's MasterClass
  12. 604 with an about a 900 puzzle ratong. Working on endgames currently. Not many people are better at finding weird ways to lose in winning positions.
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