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  1. My whole thing with the Bears is that we full on blew it with Trubisky at #2, regardless of the allegations, Watson always should have been the pic. The Bears are a .500 type of team and will be drafting in that 15-25 range for a while. We already lost Fuller and will continue to lose players year by year..... really our only chance is hitting on a 2nd, 3rd round QB, maybe even 4th or 5th That's why I say let's do it....try to hit on Mond or Trask....helll, Dalton was 2nd round....that's pretty much our path when you whiff on #2 overall so badly
  2. One of my hot takes is that, that play made sense.....a simple incomplete would have got you 2 plays while a run would have ended the game Malcolm Butler made a play that has gotten him a whole NFL career....i just give him props
  3. I really wanted the patriots to get that perfect season Instead we got Eli Manning just doing some crap with the giants
  4. I think so too....i think we are going to go all in on a 2nd tier QB, in the 2nd
  5. I think we go CB. Pace doesnt love the OL and I think we totally go project QB. We have an underrated CB need. Johnson was hurt alot, Trufant was too....and we got nothing else. I could see OL being an after thought again to be honest. We have 4 6th rounders, and Pace just likes to throw bodies at the OL. I expect a CB first, a QB 2nd, BPA 3 and 5, and a bunch of linemen in the 6th
  6. I honestly have very little opinion on this years draft. I think Pace/Nagy already sort of blew it and we are looking at a lame duck draft. All I want is an offensive lineman out of this thing and a developmental QB at least to the tune of a Drew Lock type of guy to play with. This team is just plain not competing next year....If we can come out of it with a solid Oline, young corners, and like I said, Kyle Trask or somebody.....I consider that a win
  7. Coaches would have embraced him more.....the Falcons were kind of just guessing how to use him, todays coaches would be drawing up plays all nights. Lamar comparison is perfect.
  8. Im not off the bandwagon but we were at a point where had he won this year he would have been number one all time on most peoples list and its just too early haha
  9. We jumped to Mahomes being the GOAT, waaaaayyy too early Rodgers won a SB early on and got the big contract too, and the career has had some bumps.
  10. Well a pro bowler at 70 % is about as good as like a 5th rounder so I like the signing, just saying, could be nothing, or could be like a quality backup fringe starter. Also Mahomes will make his OL's look good
  11. Dalton is going to be a disaster. That one is easy. Kyle Long was totally shot too when he retired, he retired out of embarrassment really if you watch the games. The only chance is Mahomes is quick and his IQ is high so maybe he can just sort of run into the right guy as a blocker haha
  12. The Jay Cutler trade, traded a TON for him and to be honest I would do it again...Bears just never have a QB Khalil Mack trade was bold too but nowhere near Cutler
  13. Hey if Matt Rhule ends up being a HOF coach, you have proved me wrong my friend haha. As for Tannehill I agree, but also like you said, he wasnt that bad....as a Bears fan, I actually wouldnt be surprised if Trubisky actually has a good 1 or 2 injury games for Allen this year and gets an opportunity on another team too.
  14. I was thinking the same thing, when does trading for the former high draft pick ever work? Drew Brees is the only one I think of off hand and he was a 2nd rounder Thats being said, I think this is more insurance, if Trey Lance is still there I think they totally take him...they just arent going to move UP
  15. Haha if we are adding basketball to the mix....Kobe wanted to come to the Bulls, like was hype about it, and the Bulls refused to give up Luol Deng. I get it in a sense because it would have been the equivalent of OKC demanding Kawahii for Paul George and defeats the point, but still.....you gotta do it. For the Bears Im not sure. Just holding on to draft picks when we didnt need too.
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