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  1. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    I think its understated how bad of a coach Fisher was at the end, like he ruined Vince Youngs life haha....And Goff was pretty much a huge bust and thank god McVay came in and now is a max QB. Jax appears to be a huge mess for whatever reason, forget about it. If we would have gotten Foles after the previous season we would have been pumped. That being said I think Trubisky wins the job, I just like the idea of having Foles in the QB room. I dont know what dirt Chase has on NFL owners but I have no clue why he is considered a backup QB in the NFL. No exaggeration, I think any D1 starter is better than him.
  2. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    Yeah, I cant find the stat but he was rated in the top 5 blocking TE's.......if anything I actually dont think we see as much Kmet as we think. He will play but Im thinking in 3 TE sets and even split out wide since we are pretty thin at WR.
  3. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I'm thinking Burns over Tolliver, once again I'm not a stat geek but I was reading something that QBs had like a 100 QBR when targeting Tolliver . Burns, sort of like Ifedi is a former 1st rounder who just needed a change but still had a ton of starts for a good franchise.....Tolliver was a good story but I think that's it
  4. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    Im not going to pretend to be a stat geek but I read Demetrius Harris graded out as one of the top top blocking TE's in the league, to be honest I think he beats out Kmet except on obvious passing plays and just getting him reps....also, lets be real, nobody plays 16 games in the NFL anymore so Kmet will get his moments. And yeah, they experimented with Cohen last year and I think they learned their lesson for this season. Montgomery not being a rookie should help also
  5. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    Im `with you!! I think the biggest upgrades actually did come on offense!! Gipson Ive heard is just kind of ok and was more of a one hit wonder, Quinn I actually do think is big. I actually think the biggest addition is TE as a whole....I fell like people kind of just forgot that our TE position was COMPLETE TRASH last year. Ive said it before but Graham was considered a FA bust and he still produced more than our unit. Then you add Kmet....and not even mentioning Demetrius Harris......while its not as significant as the addition of Khalil Mack obviously, it turns a position of weakness to a full blown strength. Besides the guys who have superstar TE's on their team, we are pretty deep as a group now. QB to me is 2nd, adding Foles was a majorly underrated move. We added a Super Bowl champ and super experienced QB to a room that basically just had Trubisky and Chase Daniel haha. From all reports people seem to like Tru and I think he rises to this competition, and for Foles this is sort of his last chance(as it was in Philly) to maintain being a viable starter. Both players will benefit from this competition. 3rd is RG to me. Kyle Long was terrible, I saw him get thrown around and completely dominated. Coward is a converted DT or something. Adding a former first round tackle at OG is kind of a big deal. I would say its right up there around Gipson but probably higher. Ifedi was a starter for a perennial contender and his main issue was penalties ON THE OUTSIDE. As an OG he will be closer to center and in theory should commit waaaayyy less penalties. He would also be huge and athletic as an OG as well. And similar to Foles, experience with a winning locker room. Similar to TE, we are going from a position that gave us NOTHING, to at least getting starter quality production.
  6. You Get One Move

    Im not super invested in this argument because we already know what the Bears QB situation is, but I would argue that Dak has LESS potential than Cutler did when we traded for him......Trading for Cutler was like if we traded for Wentz right now. I actually love Dak but he is clearly one of those guys who is either overpaid or or over traded for......in the NBA you see it all the time. Devin Booker is a max player but you clearly cant win a title with him.....Dak is the Devin Booker of the NFL haha
  7. Does more need to be done?

    Oh boy...... Bruh.....Im gonna be the bigger man and say lets get to the topic at hand....you literally just argued why Glennon and Daniels should be signed over Kap because of "attention he receives" You think he silently kneeled for "attention".....thats the issue in a nut shell This forum doesnt allow talk of race, not even sure why you are forcing the issue here
  8. Does more need to be done?

    Are you guys crazy?? Flacco just got signed AGAIN haha....so did Chase Daniels I dont want to go super deep in to this(as Akeem didnt either) but the Kap black balling is not even up for debate, Super Bowl QB's dont just get kicked out the league like that.....also, to Akeems point, Mike Glennon just signed with the Jags hahahaha
  9. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Haha yeah all the summer blockbusters are just next year....they are only releasing a couple of those Home releases but none are gonna be the big movies
  10. You Get One Move

    My point was that the QB needy teams would still be ahead of us.... So like lets say the Dolphins or Bengals get 1......Jacksonvilles pick probably will still be higher than ours so 3 picks from them is worth more than 3 picks from us Wasnt saying it was impossible Lawrence is traded but no way somebody with more assets wouldnt be the ones making the trade
  11. You Get One Move

    My one move would be to draft or sign(a young one) OFFENSIVE TACKLE. Not that either of them are terrible, but the combination Leno/Massie might be the WORST pair of bookends in the league. If we just swap out 1 of them the OL goes from average to pretty much elite. As for the QB discussion, I really have to kind of see the season, like someone else said so much changes in a year. Also like another person said again, there is no way the Lawrence or Fields pick will be for sale.....especially if we are picking in the 15-20 range. Jags, Colts, or Broncos will have higher picks than us.
  12. NFL teams 'done' negotiating with Jadeveon Clowney

    I was thinking that too....like who are the Cowboys really negotiating with for Dak?? My dark horse answer is New England....but thats not really their style.....on the same token, NE would be a dark horse for Clowney also.
  13. NFL teams 'done' negotiating with Jadeveon Clowney

    I think this might be a hard year for FA stalwarts Legit I dont know what team is cool with making Dak the highest paid QB in the league....Jacksonville was kind of that team but they seem to be going young or whatever haha. Clowney is the same way.....what team is really out there in the market for a super high paid edge rusher??Maybe a sign and trade with buddy from the Jags?? I think rumors with the Giants already broke down.....the NFL is just not a good league for veterans anymore
  14. Misc minor news, stats, etc

    I really didnt think much of any of these comments.....Long was legit getting manhandled out there.....In real life he is still a huge strong guy and only like 30 haha...Im sure he still thinks hes cool.... He just isnt an NFL player player anymore......he is a 6'6 300lbs strong young man.....just not and NFL player.....thats just the business.
  15. Glass Half Full 2020

    I hate this kind of cheap journalism.....essentially if you bet on the other 31 teams (the field) you will be right most of the time. If the Bears win, no one even remembers you were down on them and you can just post a bunch of pleasant surprise type stories. Brad Biggs does this kind of crap all the time too. If you just say the Bears are a mess you basically can claim to be right up until the 2nd round of the playoffs....if we do make it that far then nobody cares anyway and you can just write feel good stuff about Grahams surprising season or whatever haha.....It is so lame to me.....thats why I like this thread.....take some chances, get hype about our team.....literally only 8 teams have whats considered a good season every year. Just hope its yours, no need for pessimism.