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  1. Do you root for your players from your College in the NFL?

    I went to North Carolina A&T so not many players from my school. But just by coincidence the best player we basically have ever had plays for my squad the Bears and is DOPE!!
  2. Why is the safety market so slow?

    I think you guys are pretty much hitting it. I liked the RB comparison. There are elite guys who do change the games but in general they can be lumped together. The Bears have a quality duo who are young and I really cant think of a safety who we could plug in that would CHANGE the whole defense.
  3. Bears Pick Joel Iyiegbuniwe in the 5th

    I never understand people criticizing depth. You legit need a ton of depth in football. Like there is ZERO chance Trevathan plays 16 games this year and Smith will miss at least 1 with a sprained ankle or something. kwitakoski is a fine player but thats it. This is basically a pick to upgrade that back up rotation and also sort of a mirror of Smith. Like the same way teams with running QB's get running QB backups.
  4. Surprises and Shockers from Round #1

    I cant remember which analyst said it but they basically made the point that in a few years they need to renew these 2 contracts and if they took Chubb that would be a crazy amount of money invested in one group. You can never have enough pass rushers but some of them need to be role players.Same way you want a decent backup at QB but you cant just have like Brady and Brees on the same team (I know this is a ridiculous example but you get my point haha)
  5. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    The real thing with Smith is going to be the intangibles. UGA had a great year and essentially Smith was the face of it. I really expect him to be a tone setter. Also getting back to what I said about Trevathon, possibly look for his release next year. Also Im already assuming he will miss games this year due to health issues.
  6. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Neither is 33 in real life but football years can be funny bruh
  7. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Basically.....Trevathon is old and Kwitkaoski is just solid....this is us drafting Willis dude....like legit
  8. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Love Roquan....like kind of set thewhole tone for the GA defense
  9. The Final Mock Draft

    I dont think Hamilton lasts that late. For whatever reason like EVERYBODY thinks he will be a steal but EVERYBODY knows about him and he had a good combine. No way he goes in the 4th
  10. Excited/Disappointed/Players you wanted most

    They were out of their mind on Bauzin. McClellin was a dumb reach.
  11. Excited/Disappointed/Players you wanted most

    Someone mentioned not liking Cedric Benson, I LOVED him!! Dude was a beast at UT and this was kind of before everyone devalued RB's. Really like the pick. Really liked Carimi as a safe pick. Didnt think he would be great or anything but did think he would be a solid RT for the next 10 years. That year Aaron Donald went like right before our pick I didnt think it was a big deal. I liked him but didnt think he would be the best defensive player in the NFL haha.
  12. Saints sign WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    Dudes, we are going to rely on White again as the #3, just deal with it. You have to ride out out injury busts. Especially ones with high character. Also like I said, our 4th and 5th guy both will be on ST so a vet or a 2nd rd pick doesn't fit. Its going to be a late round or undrafted guy. As far as this 55 target/32 rec thing it will literally just be everyone else. Daniel Brown, Sims, late rd WR, Gentry, Bellamy, you name it! Not understanding this argument. Literally no team is loaded at WR really.
  13. Saints sign WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    This argument is silly...what team are you looking at that actually has WR depth?? The Saints are considered a contender and they literally just signed an injured guy from the Bears...Pats just traded away Cooks....WR depth is not a thing....the thing is, after #3 you have to contribute on special teams and Meredith wasn't going to do that for us....also we invested heavy in TE
  14. Saints sign WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    Starting from the top.....I don't think Shaheen played majority ST snaps if we aren't including just basic blocking on EXPS/FG....don't know where to look this up but I don't remember him on any coverage units......Burton was a special teamer for sure but in this scenario we would be paying him a ton to possibly be injured, while Meredith, our 3rd/4th WR, is simply only used in that role? As for Cohen, cool we can use him to return but legit who is hitting people on ST? .....Also who is his backup returner even??? Is he returning punts AND kicks??? I sort of get you but the fact is we just didn't have another need for a WR who wouldn't contribute on ST. Choice was between White and Meredith and we chose White along time ago when we kept Sims( we passed the deadline to cut him and save money)
  15. Saints sign WR Cameron Meredith to offer sheet

    Naw you are totally right...the Bears are unconventional....we basically have 3 TE's and an almost exclusively pass catching RB who all need touches....that's the offense....if you look at the Chiefs they weren't heavily WR oriented either.....our bottom 2/3 WR's need to be returners or physical enough to be gunners....and that's not even including Daniel Brown who could be a 4th TE on this roster