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  1. Who’s your playoff bandwagon team?

    Bears obviously(Homer) But I really like The Texans. I think a home game against the Colts is an easy win, then they would play the Patriots who I think most people agree are primed for an upset. Then in the AFC championship game, whoever they play will have a hard road, (basically Ravens, Chargers, and Chiefs will have some sort of combination of playing each other). Texans are the 3, if Ravens or Chargers pull an upset (against a pretty young Chiefs team, plus Reid in the playoffs isnt great), thats a home AFC Championship game for the Texans. I like those odds. Then if they DO make it to the Super Bowl, you are putting a national champion QB and Watt on the field in a big game...I like those chances too.
  2. What does everyone do for a living?

    2nd grade English teacher in Austin now....literally less than 6 months ago though I was a comedian in Chicago just working like 15 hours a week at an afterschool program...Moved out here with a girlfriend and have to get my comedy rep up in the southwest to make a living.
  3. What is the most underrated NFL Rivalry?

    Bears/Panthers low key have had some dope games
  4. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    I currently live in Austin and the San Antonio/Austin market is close to the size of Chicago (where Im from). I would love a football team here. The NFL sells out no matter where it is though so Im not sure who would relocate. Like I would say Jaguars but even they are doing fine
  5. Long expected to miss 6-8 weeks

    Dude, Long is done and kind of has been done for a while. Love the due but we drafted him at 26. Thats what happens, his career was just short.
  6. which team need a qb right now

    Im thinking that as far as teams that need possible 1st rounders it would be Redskins, Jaguars, Broncos, Dolphins. My under dogs are: Patriots: Basically they already have drafted multiple heir apparents , they continue that process and draft another Jimmy G Green Bay: Rodgers and this franchise have gone through a bit of a rift, I think they start with maybe a young 3rd rounder but I wouldnt be surprised if they pull a patriots/Ravens and get and actual viable backup/QB of the future Pittsburgh: They already got Rudolph, maybe not this year but next year they go with a top pick and really just have Big Ben play one last year. Lions: No one really thinks of Stafford as old but his window was kind of with Calvin Johnson right?? Not sure what the Lions plan for the future is but I cant imagine its to build around Stafford.....kind of just time to move along....maybe trade Stafford to the Broncos or some contender who has the starter get injured
  7. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    Bears fan all of my life but thought it was crazy that we took Trubisky over Watson. Watson hasnt been great this year but it made no sense to take a flyer on this dude at #2. Never really been a winner, never really played at a super high level, inexperienced. I have very little faith in Trubisky. More just like hope haha. I hope Tru is good but there is no reason to think he will be good besides winning Mr. Football in Ohio as a high school kid. Like legit think about the experience of winning a national title as opposed to messing around at UNC for one season.
  8. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    This is kind of an easy conversation, the team just blows up. A QB bust is like one of those things where you basically have to rebuild. There will be a couple of holdovers on defense but its kind of just a failed project. Honestly look at the Lions. Its clear Stafford isnt the guy, they had CJ and made a decent run at respectability but thats it. If Trubisky isnt the guy just look at the Lions and we will have a similar trajectory.
  9. Bills cut Corey Coleman; signed by Patriots

    Really he would just be an injury backup right? Once Edleman get back they already have a top 3 at WR it seems like.
  10. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    These 2 outside CBs are kind of like the worst pair in the NFL low key....they had a stat that Fuller got 2 picks and dropped 6 last year.....neither guy can catch....like at all....not even joking I'm kind of over this season already haha....i live in Austin now so it's hard to watch these games for me....I'm not going to a bar every week for 16 weeks to watch this BS.....heartbreaking loss....bears fan for life.....but like....i can't deal with garbage
  11. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    I liked this one fine, was Dennis gone all last season?? Haha....I feel like tey did no advertising and I honestly didnt see a single one. Loved this show growing up and was one of the DVD sets I had when buying DVDs of seasons was a thing haha. Set the DVR for this season though so I will watch them. Did Dee miss any seasons to do The Mick??
  12. Tannehill for sure, and it will be interesting because his career will basically be over right?? ....I dont see Tanehill as the type who is going to be a journeyman backup or anything. He got his money and had a chill career in Miami....thats kind of that story plays out.
  13. Goldman gets paid

    I dont hate it but dont love it. This is the price you would pay for him as a FA. We didnt get any hometown discount on this one haha.
  14. Am I the only one not chugging the Kool-Aid?

    I honestly dont even agree with this, those Lovie years were dope. You can talk smack all you want but literally one of my favorite moments was sitting in NC while I was in college being the only Bears fan and Hester running that opening kick back in the super bowl and how fun that was....Also during that same year when we beat the Saints there was a ton of Saints fans while I stood alone. I was also in NC when we played the Panthers in the playoffs but lost in a close game. Point is kind of like DLL said, its all entertainment. The whole experience should be fun really. There is no reason to honestly hate the Bears drafting a possible franchise QB and trading for the 2nd best defensive player in the league....NONE. At this point watching how it plays out is all we can do.
  15. Am I the only one not chugging the Kool-Aid?

    I feel like being a cynic is lame. We are absolutely not sports reporters in here, we are fans who enjoy the Bears. I never understand the need to mimic like the beat writer for the Tribune who is from Kentucky or some crap anyway. Get excited about the team you love and just chill. I have lived multiple places in my adult life and I love just going to Bears bars and rooting for the home squad. Legit, why do you guys taint your experience like this??? Serious question