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  1. I just dont have much of an arguing point for a coach that has never been below .500 in his tenure.....we are clearly closer to a winner than the Jaguars or the Jets....dont even know how to have an intelligent argument about this. Im not a homer but the Bears are not terrible. We legit are what the record says, like a fringe playoff team who picked Trubisky over Watson with an idiotic pick....everything else was cool
  2. This was kind of a disaster season and we still went 8-8. To me I think its simple. Eddie Goldman is the best NT in the NFL. NT is not a high value position but he is still the best one at it and we didnt have him. A DL with Hicks, Goldman, and Nicohls looks way different. At LB, Quinn was a bust of a signing. Turns out we dont need twin pass rushers. We would work better with an actual 3rd LINEBACKER (Mack plays DE, lets be real) who can cover a little, stop the run, etc. Secondary we are very thin at CB, We need a Vet. I really didnt like Jaylon Johnson having a vague shoulder
  3. This DC is gonna be a new guy....not sure who but won't be anybody sexy....especially with this coaching and GM staff a little on the fence
  4. He had the season I expected....no more, no less
  5. Im with you.....I like Nagy but dont like Pace We have so many small things that make no sense to me. Why is the OL horrible? Why did we go Trubisky in the draft and then trade for Foles? Just odd choices
  6. Bad call.....if this was Mahomes versus Brady, no way you overturn that call
  7. We basically just watched Wims getting cut haha
  8. thats my point though, he missed a quarter of a season with a vague "shoulder"?
  9. LOL.....but seriously....what was the injury!! haha.....he has missed a ton of time
  10. What was Jaylon Johnsons injuriy?? This is like the 4th week he has missed....thats a quarter of a season....I thought it was basic
  11. I don't even think it's this complex.......we all know the formula: Coach, QB, GM He missed on the QB, then got his shot to get a QB off the street and he chose to trade for Foles You just can't miss on QB like that
  12. Decision making, leadership, accountability(although he fixed that a bit this year), ability to elevate his teammates, and accuracy(which can fall under tangible but I think is mental) And guys were riding with Foles pretty easily...I dont know if they "love" him......its exactly what I said about UNC, basically everyone is just like "yeah he is a good dude"
  13. I dont know about this story....you know the NC in my name stands for North Carolina right?? Haha I also doubt the validity of him being a consensus top QB. Im somebody who plays devils advocate all the time but it was just a plain bad pick. And how can you say his intangibles have never been in question?? Intangibles are his MAIN QUESTION!! If anything I think you meant his TANGIBLES arent in question(arm strength, athleticism, speed, strong/durable).....his intangibles are the problem
  14. Titans Ravens is going to be all running and then they both will pass when they need to
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