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  1. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    Yeah I mean honestly the Eagles were probably the only "flawless" team last year(just meaning they had no major flaws). Bears have elite MLB play, an elite EDGE(when healthy), and 2 pro bowl caliber DL's. That with solid CB play should cause decent pressure. Maybe not sacks but the pressure will be there.
  2. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    My pleasant surprise is the pass rush in general. I know everyone talks about EDGE but our DL has 2 elite players in Goldman and Hicks and our middle has 2 elite MLB's. Add that to hoping Floyd stays healthy and you have a unit that really doenst NEED that extra rusher on the other side. I think the pass rush will be fine.
  3. Who are the worst projected starters in the NFL?

    For the Bears it would be whoever we start at our 3rd DL spot but to call out a name its Amakamura @ CB. He can play football in general but hasnt had a turnover since like 2014 or something crazy like that.
  4. Which Team(s) Got Worse This Offseason?

    Seattle has got to be the answer.....them and Buffalo.
  5. Not my answer but the same idea I would say with Star Wars....would of been cool to see people react to special effects who had like never seen special effects before haha.
  6. Your Team: High Expecations, Low Expectations

    I think they will have a fine season, Trubisky and Nagy are just being compared to Goff McVay.....I dont think the leap will be that crazy. I think A-Rob still gets 1K yards as the number one in a solid offense
  7. Your Team: High Expecations, Low Expectations

    High: Allen Robinson- I think he comes back strong off of his ACL injury. Aikeem Hicks- I expect continued domination Roquan Smith- Defensive rookie of the year is my expectation Low: Trubisky-I think he will be cool but not like second year Goff Leonard Floyd- I think he gets hurt again
  8. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I was being a little greedy but that Parsons contract is literally just a total waste of 50 mil haha. I also really like Portis but I think I would still be down.
  9. Who's in your avatar?

    I went to North Carolina A&T. Tarik Cohen is probably the best football player to come out of our school in years. He also just so happens to play for my hometown team. Easily my favorite player in the NFL.
  10. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Dude I would be all over the Bulls trading No. 22 and maybe Portis for Parsons and No. 4. I honestly think thats fair and I love Portis. Memphis also still gets a first rounder, I'lll be it much lower. Edit: I might also be cool with a straight 4 for 7 swap now that I think about it....basically just buying moving up 3 slots. Just in general I think the Bulls NEED to make this move. We have cap space. Not going to sign a top FA. Get Momba, pair him with Markanen. Done. Use the cap space 2 years from now.
  11. Haha, I meant North....I named other north teams in the rest of that quote.....also yeah I mean they should be equal to the steelers on paper
  12. Really want to see the Browns. In theory they kind of should win the AFC east right? Haha and after an 0-16 season! Really want to see how that pans out. They should be better than the Ravens and Bengals on paper. Just really want to see if Hue just kind of sucks as a coach. Really want to see all the Rams additions also. At this point if they dont make the super bowl its a bust of a season. Lot of pressure on this group. Was it a one year fluke?
  13. What would you have done different?

    Oh yeah, I'm sure as well. My only point was I think more often than not, best football player beats athlete. I think Roquan clearly is the better football player over Edmunds. I dont hate Edmunds or anything though haha....just like Ro better.
  14. What would you have done different?

    I hear this every year around draft time but I literally cant ever remember when taking a flier on an athlete has worked out better than the best football player. Like there are guys like Julio Jones who were the best athlete but also the best actual receiver. But thats all I can really think of. Even in late rounds, most "steals" end up being skilled guys who dont have measurables. Not athletes that dont have skill. I guess Sherman would be an athlete who got coached but up but thats kind of the only one I can think of.
  15. What would you have done different?

    I dont really understand this logic. When has this ever worked....like when has picking athletic upside worked out more than picking the better football player??