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  1. What was #92 doing on the Detroit TD? he literally just let the TE run completely free, no jam at the line, and then appeared to hand him off but it was to nobody.... He basically put himself in a space where he wasn't going to make any sort impact on that play haha....it was like 11 on 10
  2. Dude.....the window on this defense is just closed.....I dont have any profound thoughts about it.....going forward we are a young team built around Fields....get Foles and Dalton money off the books, do one more year of old Khalil Mack and let Hicks go, let A-Rob go......really just draft people and use FA money wisely
  3. I kind of saw this coming, he was going on missing 3 weeks after the bye.....he broke his foot or tore a ligament or something Bears still won this trade, we made playoffs I think every year he was here( I think Bears fans base are the only one who count making the playoffs as fails haha) We honestly are just old on defense, Fields is the second youngest QB in the NFL....we straight just got to rebuild around Fields....like this team needs to be more on the Wilson/Mahomes/Jackson side......while he is in his first contract I would like to sign some splash FA's when Foles and Dalton c
  4. I think the Ravens would be a dope landing spot I like the 49ers for him too
  5. Im starting to think Cole Kmet kind of just sucks haha
  6. Yeah.....this is not even surprising to me....if anything I think he got DPOY by default haha But yeah corners go from Revis Island to barely making a roster super quick....most recent is Josh Norman who is like a joke after getting trucked
  7. He just doesnt want to learn playbooks....loved this kid....he just kind of be like, "F the playbook, I like to run around"
  8. I dont really know what to think of this game. The Browns are pretty banged up.....Fields was clearly the #2 QB coming out of the draft even though Mac Jones looks good and Trey Lance is developmental. He's a rookie so this has a chance to be Russell Wilson like performance, or a "I dont know what im doing" type performance
  9. This is kind of why he fell in the draft to begin with.....no big deal
  10. This might be the worst OL I have EVER seen
  11. Dude did you see those Packers clips? I legit think Rodgers is just showing up high haha....and not joking....also the press conference after he just was like I dont care what my coach thinks about anything......it was wild.....he has a greased up man bun....its foreal crazy up there
  12. Dude!!! I thought that before the season! I have no idea who Christian is, we cut a pro bowler to replace him with Johnson who is fine but....then we have Vildor?.....the only idea is that EJax would be the best safety in the league but the secondary has nothing
  13. My biggest takeaway from this game. We kept saying lets get the offense together before the defensive window shuts....the defensive window shut dude haha.....the Bears offense was kind of cool, outside of a INT in the redzone, I think last quarter we had they said we had 21 first downs and the Rams had 12 This loss is on the defense
  14. I think Graham is kind of like Foles where we just couldnt get rid of him haha
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