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  1. Anyone who watches the film on him can see just how effective he is at shedding blocks on the inside (10 1/2 sacks). Before he opted out this season he was being looked at as a possible 1st rounder. I think the Vikings should get him in the 3rd or trade up to get him in the 2nd.
  2. My opinion of Cousins has varied a lot this season, including bottoming out after the Falcons game. Thankfully he's turned it all around. I still believe he's a good QB for this team.
  3. So yeah, hopefully a DT will be available at good draft value in the early rounds. We need interior pass-rush badly. I think we still need help at DE though -- even with Hunter back. So what I'm saying is this team needs pass-rushers plural. Jaylen Twyman will hopefully declare and have a great combine. On the O-line I think Reiff has actually been really good this season. Obviously O'Neil is good.
  4. The Vikings are the 7th ranked offense right now in total yards according to ESPN. So they move the ball well above average. This is what you were called out on. Don't try to spin this argument somewhere else. If this is more of an argument about Cousins that's just your opinion. Cousins is currently 8th in QBR so anyone can objectively say that he's been playing well and has been a good QB despite a rocky start to the season.
  5. There's no need to blow it all up unless next year is just like this one. This is a hard slip, but we should only treat it as such for the moment. And really, I'm not being optimistic, but this season could still change our outlook by the end of the year. Blowing it all up means years of trying to put it all back together. Sometimes teams can't even figure out how to do that and then they have to blow it all up again within a few years. I'd much rather be on the cusp of something great every season rather than wishing and hoping for a so-called savior prospect or 2. First you get your savior prospect, but what about the losing roster that's still accompanying that prospect. I've hated the tank mantra since it started. I've said all I can really even say about it.
  6. No...I can't stand the idea of tanking -- whether you're joking or not. I know some guys think that just because this is a lost season tanking is somehow validated, but in my opinion it never is. I hate it. I hate that this thread continues to be posted on week after week since week 1. It has become a jinx. If this team continues to lose because they are that bad so be it, but I would never root for a team that lays over and dies. Where's the John Randle ferocity? I won't post on this thread again. I just wish everyone else would follow this move and stop. Am I being too serious? By far, but others have been too flippant about the idea.
  7. Well...this year provided us with (2) 1 point losses -- both of which were gut wrenching. And then the Falcons happened. On the whole this has to be my most depressing season (yes this one) considering I thought they'd at least make the playoffs. Seeing Gary Anderson miss in 98 was probably the closest single cry moment. The whole team choked for not doing enough in that game though. Yeah the aforementioned debacle against the Giants where the Vikings looked like old-old-school Tampa Bay was soul sucking. Really though I was excited after the playoff win against the Saints last January -- so shame on me.
  8. Stafford? Trivia: Name a meaningful game Mathew Stafford has won in his 11 year career.
  9. Yes it has. He only threw 6 INTs last season and he has 10 through 6 games this year (he had 10 all year in 2018 his first season as a Viking). He's on pace for 25+ picks. That's a drastic drop. He has the lowest QB rating he's ever had as a full-time starter -- down 20 points from last season when he had a 107.4 rating compared to this year at 88.2. Was Stefanski that instrumental to his play? I don't get it.
  10. I've never soured on a player as quickly as I have with Cousins. I was happy when they extended him. I'm at a complete loss as to how his level of play has dropped off this drastically. Some of this is the O-line's fault, but a lot of it is just poor decision making.
  11. And I don't think they (Spielman and Zimmer) should be considering how good the team was last season. If next year is like this one we'll see a complete change. I agree that trading Reiff is a good move right now because we need to see what Cleveland can do at Left Tackle. With Harris, the Vikings also probably need to move on. Ngakoue made sense at the time, and now this trade makes sense at this time. Let's not have any regrets for swinging for the fences.
  12. I was too optimistic and that's apparent now. I thought they'd take a slight step back, but not this hot mess. Yes we're missing key pieces to the defense, but it's apparent that these corners need a lot of work and the D-line isn't helping. There isn't consistent pressure, and rarely is it immediate. Zimmer and Cousins (who I can't figure out for the life of me) will have through next year to figure this out IMO. The money hit for cutting Cousins has got to be massive. All the good faith I had in both of these guys is tenuous right now. That said, if they continue to play like they did against Atlanta and lose more games than win going forward I would understand blowing it all up. I would even advocate it if they can't give us a reason to believe that next year will look more like 2019. I'd rather Zimmer and Cousins turn the rest of this season around, otherwise we're looking at a genuine rebuild, and with that this team can forget about the playoffs anytime soon.
  13. I'd start him at G, even though his skill-set is at T. Our Guard play in pass-protection has been one of the big reasons we're not 3-2.
  14. I remember. You were thinking around 11 million max if I remember correctly. I was happy you were on board as so few here were. Again, this all stems from posters blowing up Cook's injury out of proportion. I've been quiet about Cook all season until now. His play was doing the talking, but nobody seemed to really notice. Now he has an injury that will keep him out a few weeks and he's suddenly not worth a darn.
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