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  1. Cousins needs to be the Vikings QB next season. I just really wish he'd get vaccinated. That also goes for all the other unvaxxed players like Cook, Thielen, and Harrison Smith. It's a big ask apparently. Trading Cousins is akin to blowing everything up. Some here may like that idea. I don't. If the incoming staff doesn't trust Mond they can try to develop a new rookie, but not at the expense of what Cousins can do for the team next season.
  2. 1,200 career touches proves his worth. The man is relatively young. He played through his shoulder injury and came back quickly after his ankle. Last year he came back quickly from his groin. The year before that he played through his shoulder. He pounds the rock and occasionally bust through for big ones. He's tough. What's not to love? I don't pretend to know his trade value. I only know that a team would gladly have him as their starting RB. So then money -- well to say he's overpaid is only because you don't like the running back market. Otherwise Cook has performed up to his co
  3. Yet still finished 5th in rushing and is in the pro bowl. Okay. More like the Vikings shouldn't trade Cook considering.
  4. If Cook demands more in a trade it's because he's clearly the better impact player. Otherwise you're contradicting your own argument by saying DTs are harder to come by, yet Cook demands more in return. I would argue average DTs and RBs are both easy to come by, but excellent ones are coveted. Furthermore Pierce is playing rather average and has been disappointingly absent for 2 years. Cook on the other hand has been a Top-5 RB 2 years in a row. Mattison isn't nearly as explosive as Cook and this season averaged 1 yard less per carry. Every Tom, ****, and Harry knows this. Teams don't fo
  5. You'd keep Pierce over Cook if it came down to it? Why not use the same argument you used for Cook for Pierce who has barely played at all and has adequate backups? Really you could put Tomlinson at NT and have Lynch/Watts at the UT or other NT depending on what the next staff wants. Your opinion of Cook being overpaid isn't supported given where he stands among other top RBs. When he signed his deal it was what he was worth according to Over The Cap. What has he done since he re-signed? He's lived up to his contract. Respect Cook. He's given a lot to this team for a long time now. Michae
  6. The defensive line was terrible today. Way to not show up at all. Stafford was sitting in the pocket for seconds on end with most of his throws. And then there's Sony Michel's day. The offense wasn't great either. Poor Red-Zone performance.
  7. Yeah the Bears defense was really fired up. I was surprised to see how emotional they were all game long despite their record. On a couple instances Cook looked incredulous after he was rather forcefully tackled. If the Bears could be more disciplined and get it together on the offense they'd be dangerous.
  8. If you want to make an argument you need to clearly explain your reasoning. Saying "Not sure if it's time to move on from [x]" means letting something go -- either now or later. The follow-up reasoning was unclear and at best short-sighted. The argument he gave was clear. I didn't misrepresent him. It was his reasoning that was murky.
  9. He just opened up to the idea of moving on from Cook with an argument devoid of specificity in his original post and I called him out on it. The only reasoning was that Kene looks more exlosive to him and that he and Mattison were just as effective. What was I originally supposed to surmise based on that original statement? He went on to amend it and clarify. Infer what? Moving on means letting Cook go. He then said Kene looks more explosive out there. He clearly wanted Cook out. He then later amended it to say that he wanted to just play Kene more to spell Cook. He then changed his
  10. Well that's a different argument, and you didn't go there the first time. Cook has earned the contract thus far (FOR THE PHILOSOPHY OF THIS TEAM). He was stellar last season and has had a great one this year too. We weren't talking about the contract though, and we could sit there and do that for every player on this team when talking about them if you'd like.
  11. Did you read what vikingsrule originally said? "Not sure if it’s time to move on from Cook, there’s so much more burst with Kene in the game..." So that's called supplanting -- not spelling. I didn't miss the mark.
  12. The Bears have always held Dalvin in check and I don't have the answer for it. It seems even when there's a run to the outside the he's being met by 2-3 bears right around the corner. Zimmer loves to play conservative with the lead even if the defense is all-in on stopping the run. He likes to pound the rock and Dalvin is willing to do just that.
  13. The overall trend is 4.7 ypc at a very high usage rate (4th in the league). That's not a problem and it seems many here always try to put doubt where it isn't warranted in his game. Time to show the man respect and stop with the Kene should supplant the man argument.
  14. 🤣 Were you asleep last week? I mean 200 yard games -- nothing to see here. Cook is 3rd in the league in rushing @ 4.7 ypc. He's over 1000 yards this season. I'm not sure what you are getting at. Kene needs more carries -- yes -- but mostly because he's got capable fresh legs. What do you project (forecast) Nwangu (7 total carries at 7 ypc) is going to do if he becomes the starter? Do you think he's going to be 2009 Chris Johnson every season? What -- based on 7 carries -- all of them on fresh legs? Dalvin is one of the best running backs of this generation. There's no forecasti
  15. What's stupid? His performance against the Saints wasn't stupid. Have some respect for being tough.
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