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  1. Yeah that sounds like a good game plan. Home field should help. Hopefully the crowd makes it hard for Dak and we get Pierce back.
  2. Dantler is about to really get tested this week too. Lamb, Cooper & Dak -- I'm afraid that they're going to make our secondary look pretty bad. We'd better get lights out play from our offense to win this game.
  3. The Dallas offense is sitting at 460 yds/gm right now -- #1 in the league. I would caution against your own bet. Losing Peterson is huge.
  4. I thought you were talking about unvaxxed without false positive tests -- my bad. That said: Why would anyone be advised to risk it from any standpoint? Quarantining is the only way to be sure with an unvaccinated player. I had to quarantine from my wife for 10 days when she had it last year and I tested negative. Think about all the close contacts an unvaccinated player with a positive Covid test will be making if you throw caution to the wind. To have that person running around after a few days when unlikely false-negative tests occur is just as negligent to the league as it is to
  5. Well it's either that or have 30% of the team out with Covid against the Lions. I mean Dantler could give it to Smith who is still unvaccinated -- Sheldon Richardson likewise. Let the good times roll.
  6. Feist said unvaxxed players have to quarantine for at least 10 days...to which you replied "that doesn't make sense" So you'd rather an unvaxxed player testing positive for Covid practicing sooner? What am I missing here?
  7. Wouldn't it be the cherry on the top of this brutal season to have Cousins and several other Vikings out against the Lions due to Covid and the Lions win. That would be it for this team.
  8. Context: I was discussing the end of the first half's bearing on the outcome of the game -- nothing more.
  9. They stopped the Browns at the end of the 1st half but were aided by the refs. That Kendricks interference call on 4th down upended the whole game in my opinion -- 8 points -- the difference in the game. The jersey pull was quick and didn't hinder the route. The ball wasn't even thrown his way. I don't now how they can make that call in that situation giving Cleveland a fresh set of downs at the goal-line.
  10. https://twitter.com/SeanBormanNFL/status/1444726765172187139?s=20 This is the BS pass interference on Kendricks before the end of the half. Terrible Terrible call. This resulted in a fresh set of downs at the goal line which eventually resulted in 8 points.
  11. As bothered as I am about starting 0-2 this team can still win the NFC North. There isn't a team in this division that looks great right now. The Packers beat the Lions -- big deal. The O-Line was an enormous concern after week 1, but they played much better last week. Think about how close the last 2 games were. Let's get perspective.
  12. That wasn't a long field goal attempt. 37 yards should be fine for most kickers. The decision to run down the clock instead of risking a turnover was proper.
  13. Should have signed Matt Prater. The final possession was set up for that relatively easy 37 yarder. The Cardinals offense is legit. It's very hard to deal with Murray. I thought they should have spied him better in the 1st half. Otherwise how do you stop some of the plays he made? Peterson has looked good. Breeland has not. Outside of a few things the offensive line really turned it around this week. Cousins has played great most of the time. It seems this team is cursed at the moment. Some of it is self inflicted. Some of it is bad luck. Some of it is bad calls.
  14. I wasn't at all impressed with Cleveland's guard play today so I wish they would have worked him at LT in camp too. He's tall and would probably make a better tackle as that's what he did all throughout college. When the team drafted him he seemed to be the obvious successor to Reiff. It's so frustrating that Davis is on the bench right now and Darrisaw is a question mark.
  15. For me the story of the game was the o-line. I don't know how it's is going to hold up against better front-7s. The penalties were obviously the most glaring part of it and every lineman had a few. Sometimes Cousins held the ball too long so that's part of it, but the pass rush was overwhelming and several times Cousins had to unload the ball instantly just to avoid disaster. Cleveland was getting shoved around as if he was Dru Samia and looked like he doesn't belong on the inside. We already knew Hill could be a liability against Hendrickson, but what on earth was that? Really nobody was
  16. The o-line was miserable -- complete failure across the line. I miss Riley Reiff. The Vikings shouldn't have messed with him last year.
  17. I don't know how we can see Cook's behind on the ground while the ball is still in his arm and not have that be Vikings ball. Not enough to overturn the call? The second his but touches the ground he's DOWN. That's enough.
  18. Having Cousins and Mond unvaccinated makes me nervous about this team this year. It's like Michael Irvin stressed to the Cowboys in the offseason. If you're serious about getting to the Superbowl you can't set your team back over something like this. The unvaccinated on this team haven't been upfront about their reasoning. We suspect with Kirk it's about religion, but other than that, take a wild guess. Whether your Right-wing or Left-wing you can distrust your government but it's not taking into account the entire world that has also been dealing with this. To think this is some world-w
  19. It's hard to tell how competitive this team will be. Pre-season isn't an indication of what the vets will do with an opened up offense and not running a vanilla defense, so much as it is an indication of talent evaluation with the guys further down the roster. Depth appears to be an issue though given injuries. It's just that everyone seems to think that the team is all-in right now given the re-worked 1 year deals and splurge signings on the defense. Combine that with the apparent pressure on the FO/Zimm to get the team deep into the playoffs this season and there has been some expectati
  20. I wonder if Harrison Smith was Vaccinated before he signed his new contract? I would've thought that given his age and unvaccinated status that an extension wouldn't be so generous -- if even offered at all. Safety depth is a concern on the team right now and if Smith is out at some point due to protocols we'll have Cam Bynum or Josh Matellus taking his place. Not good.
  21. I don't think so. I watched Pierce's statement to the media at minicamp and I had the impression that he was in a good place with the team. He said Patterson was talking to him all throughout the offseason and let him know how they planned to pair him with Tomlinson. He appears to be in shape and ready to go. It's good to have 3 capable DTs that you can rotate in and out.
  22. It can be argued that for the type of defense that Minnesota runs that Hunter is just as valuable as Mack and Barrett are to their respective defenses. Historically the 4-3 depends on LEs to to play the run and the pass equally at an effective level. Hunter does that to a very high degree in terms of both. Myles Garrett is the current comparison. Also, I get that the Vikings may have improved the Defense up the gut and at corner, but generating pressure off the edge is the one thing every team in the NFL needs to do most. We weren't pressuring QBs at all the final five games of the season
  23. I don't have an opinion either way. Calvin Johnson was projected to be the next Randy Moss after a few seasons. Nobody figured he'd retire as early as he did.
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