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  1. Again, you're in the minority with your opinion. So when you say "They can do better than Paye." it's lacking any objective weight when taking into account what so many analysts have generally said and come to some consensus to. Feel free to have your opinion though. McShay and NFL.com's Peter Schrager have him mocked to the Vikings currenty (see links). The bend is evident on the field -- just youtube his highlights. According to McShay he had the 2nd highest pressure rate in the FBS. I don't know what to tell you if you try to argue against that. Here's my backup: https://thevikingage.c
  2. I've seen Paye mocked to the Vikings more than anyone. He's also typically the 1st DE off the board. So that's only according to you. Have you seen his burst and bend on the 3-cone? (1:15)
  3. I've always seen the broad jump measurements as being a more meaningful indicator of horizontal projection.
  4. I've read that the broad jump is a better indicator for that.
  5. I've seen a lot of interest (want) for Lamp around here, but he was marginally better than anything we had last year and that's not saying much. He's a better pass protector than Dozier, but a worse run blocker. PFF Grade 2020: Lamp: 49 Dozier: 45 I think the team should be looking more at Trai Turner who was also bad last year but has at least had some decent seasons. https://vikingswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/19/report-free-agent-g-forrest-lamp-looking-at-vikings-dozier-chargers/
  6. I know this isn't saying much, but just be thankful you're not a Lions fan. I mean those fans take anything -- any little shred or comeback victory against an equally bad team on any given season and walk it for miles. Just winning a playoff game would be like winning the Super Bowl to some of these fans. And why not when you've suffered so long. How many miserable Thanksgivings have the Lions had to endure? It's so predictable in the worst way that it's laughable. Maybe the Dennis Green Vikings put this seed in me, but so long as the team is making the playoffs there's a chance. Yes it
  7. Yeah, I feel like the reason the Vikings drafted Cleveland was to play him at LT as they felt Reiff wasn't going to be around much longer. So I feel that the Vikings are looking at Guard but will it be Vera-Tucker? If it is will it be Vera-Tucker at 14. In my opinion you have to be a really good guard prospect to get drafted this high. AVT has position flexibility and that may be driving up his draft stock with some teams. Too bad Davis injured his knee.
  8. If Wonnum is ready then yes. I'd rather have him backing up both DE positions. That said we might have more explosive DEs in Paye or Ojulari waiting at 14. Ojulari just had his pro day and put up Khalil Mack measurables. He's up to 250. Reviewing his highlights also showed he's just as capable with his hand in the dirt rushing the passer than standing up. He shows excellent initial explosion and bend getting around the OTs -- his bread and butter. "Ojulari put out a 4.60 unofficial 40-yard dash while putting up 28 bench press reps. That’s just two fewer reps than what Ben Clevel
  9. Azeez Ojulari please -- even at 14. He had a great pro day. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/azeez-ojulari-nfl-kirby-smart
  10. I don't really want that guy on this team given the sexual assault, choking and hazing allegations.
  11. I didn't say anyone gave glowing assessments either. I said "good" as in "it's all good" type of assessments have been given. I clumsily stated it and it could easily be misinterpreted -- my bad. Virginia Viking had just gotten done saying that he thought the EDGE pass-rush last season was adequate. Ozzy started all of this by claiming that he had "no problem" rolling back the current unit at DE listing Holmes as a starter (it's not all good -- not even good enough). He thought it was odd that anyone would think that this unit needed as much attention as the O-line. I pointed out how
  12. Nothing. Trying reading my initial posts.
  13. Guys stop pretending the DEs were good last year.
  14. Read my thread about how bad the DE's pressured the QB in the final Quarter of the season. Brailford was the only DE to even record a hit in the last 4 games.
  15. Sign adequate/decent low cost guards in FA. The Vikings cannot afford a Shaq Barrett or even a Romeo Okwara. Draft Paye, or even Ojulari if they're available IMO. Drafting Mac Jones or Trey Lance probably means the end of Zimmer and a rebuild. Even then you don't know what you're getting at QB. 3 hours ago: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/seven-round-2021-nfl-mock-draft-jaguars-get-trevor-lawrence-weapons-titans-trade-up-early-for-edge-rusher/ Otherwise trade down. If this team couldn't find starting guards that wanted to play in MN in FA then go after Vera-T
  16. I will redact the word "here" then so you can just say "depends"... and going by the premise that in the NFL you're going to have to pay a premium if you want to upgrade the edge, whereas you can get an adequate starting guard reasonably in FA (a large market). So you get a plug and play or 2 on the inside and swing for the fences in the draft because Paye may be sitting there at 14.
  17. 2 guards need to be replaced. (I guess they could keep Cleveland at Guard, but I doubt it -- his skill-set and value is much better suited at OT) 1 DE needs to be replaced. 1` DT needs to be replaced. (Tom, **** and Harry agree) Does this sound right? Because that was my previously bolded point -- and this goes to everyone. Obviously FA changes things. But can we all agree that DE is the premium position of need here?
  18. It's also too soon to say he's legit.
  19. You list Holmes as your starting DE opposite Hunter and claim you have no problems with that? Any DE not named Hunter on this roster is a backup. They aren't starter material. Yes, I "oddly" believe that Holmes and Stephen can, and should be replaced as I would have had as much pass-rush ability than they showed last year. Call me crazy. So we have 2 OL and 2 DL that need new starters. Our guards can't protect the QB and our DL can't pressure the QB. Why can't we just leave it at that? Let the draft value determine the pick. Right now that still looks to me like Kwity
  20. I agree. If I was Rick though I'd be concerned. I'd make it a priority to talk to him right away. He needs to know whether or not Hunter is willing to accept waiting another year for whatever he's seeking financially. If a contract restructure has to happen this offseason with him he needs to give the team time to make that happen. I would have thought Hunter would've been less passive aggressive about making his voice heard. To me, if I was Rick, and Hunter came away from the meeting unhappy, I'd be looking to trade him.
  21. (was that directed at me -- other Vikings fans -- or both?) Did I ever complain about Spielman? And my love for schism and drama goes as far as Hunter's apparent twitter activity. Therein it exists.
  22. McShay now mocking Paye to the Vikings along with Hunter liking tweets about being traded. I was hoping to pair Hunter with Paye, and still hope this happens.
  23. After what the Vikings went through with Diggs they now have Hunter liking tweets about being traded to the Raiders and Titans. He apparently hadn't had twitter activity since December and you'd think he'd be aware of what this sort of thing did for Diggs. He probably knows all too well. The tweet-likes happened on Friday -- a day after the Spielman press conference where he claimed that Hunter had not requested a trade or sought a new contract. The greater picture in this timing is that NFL FA is a little over a week away. https://purpleptsd.com/hunter-enters-rumor-mill/ https://the
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