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  1. It's not a severe groin injury. From what I've read he'll he'll probably be ready in a few weeks. If it was a sever injury the man would be on IR right now.
  2. Good arguments for your analytics perspective -- I admit. That said we're talking about expressing regret over the team re-signing Cook over a minor injury -- not a blown out knee or severe concussion.
  3. Context matters. I never said you couldn't disagree with something Vikings -- I do -- but to say we shouldn't have re-signed a player who is leading the league in rushing because he has to sit a game is so absurd that it comes off as hating a player. Then -- nobody but me seems to point this out. Can anybody in this Vikings forum appreciate Dalvin Cook? No?
  4. Then don't be a hater. You didn't want to extend Cook at all. You complained right after the Vikings signed him. Dalvin Cook could run for 100 yards and you would complain he didn't catch a pass. He isn't Alvin Kamara right? He was injured last year. He isn't Austin Ekeler right? He's injured right now. He isn't McCaffrey right? He's injured right now. Barkley...ditto Now SOME posters are saying they regret the Vikings re-signed him despite his output this season? Why because he has to miss a game? NO it's because you don't like Dalvin Cook and the team philoso
  5. Yeah by 1 point to a 5-0 team -- what's your point? You asked what the team's identity was. It's obvious you knew and just don't like it. Since Barry the Detroit Lions' identity has been to pass the ball for ever and that hasn't worked either. With what we have in place right now -- with our situation at guard when asked to pass-protect outside of play-action -- where Cousins has someone immediately in his lap sacking him -- causing fumbles -- causing distressed passing situations -- with an O-coordinator in Kubiak and the leading rusher in the league right now -- do you really
  6. The identity is run the ball. That should be evident after the last game as the Vikings ran the ball 41 times at 4.9 ypc.
  7. 1) It's a minor injury. At the end of this season let's see what RB doesn't get dinged up at some point. If he screwed up his knee you might have a case -- but no. 2) There's no reason this team shouldn't have extended him. He leads the league in rushing by over 100 yards. 3) Go root for some other team if you don't like him. Who do you like Josh Jacobs? Go root for Las Vegas. Why? Because the Vikings offense runs through Dalvin Cook.
  8. I'm finding it funny that people are complaining about the people who complained about the 4th down call and then proceed to complain about something else. Whatever...On to the next game.
  9. Do you think Seattle would have automatically made the 2pt conversion? It took them 4 tries just to get the TD.
  10. That's if Seattle had converted a 2 pt conversion AND making Seattle go up the field again in OT to win as you presume would happen (yes all of that would have been possible). I get the call -- I do, but it was the wrong call. If it wasn't we wouldn't be having this conversation. The call was the difference maker. Hindsight is 20/20 and we all get that, but he's got to live with that call. I think there's plenty of blame to go around for this game, but that call really sealed it. I won't hold it against Zimmer beyond this game as I like him, but this loss is a lot on him.
  11. Why??? Another 1 point loss -- just insane. What is the deal with having to play in Seattle every season. I'm sick to death of losing to them over and over and over again. I'm starting to hate the Seahawks and I used to like them. What kind of jinx is responsible for this loss? This game killed me. That Wilson INT should have been it. Zimmer did blow that 4th down call whether or not you agreed with it. Bailey was 2/2 and had a chip shot. The worst that could have happened is he misses and then Wilson still has to go down the field and score a TD to win. If Bailey hits the FG we have an 8 poin
  12. I personally don't think the Vikings will be in a position to draft one of the top QBs so I think this team should draft one of the top DTs with their 1st Rd pick or trade down into the 2nd and do so. Getting a guy like Darius Stills probably won't materialize in the 3rd. After DT, I'd prioritize the Guard position.
  13. The Vikings have no interior pass-rush. This line is exposing our corners. Beyond Ngakoue, there isn't anyone on the line defenses are concerned about. The defense is obviously terrible and the Vikings might be 2-1 if it hadn't regressed this much. Lynch might be something to try out, but so far he hasn't seen the field. When your offense has to score 30+ points per game there's a problem. Even if Pierce comes back next season he's not a pass-rusher. The Vikings have their young corners who need more time to develop, and if Ngakoue and/or Harris are resigned that leaves the 3T
  14. I look forward to Sunday football because I want to sit down and watch the team I root for win.
  15. I only know of 2 instances when that happens: 1) Your team fires the coach after the bye week. The interim coach then has to try things -- anything. This may include benching the regular starters that were put into their roles by the previous coaching staff. Look to the Lions for this sort of thing to potentially happen this year. Quin and Patricia were on the hot seat at the end of last season and the team isn't responding yet this year. Stafford could even be traded immediately after the bye, because a team may want to get the most out of him now rather than next season, while the new
  16. Right now the Lions are in deep deep doo doo. What is Patricia's record again...9-24-1...Imagine that...It's frightening. The Vikings won more games last year (including a playoff game) than the Lions did in 2 seasons. You realize even Stafford fans think he's a goner if they have this losing season they're on course for right? Stafford has been the epitome of an empty stats man. And right now he isn't wowing anybody. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2020/9/21/21448646/detroit-lions-matthew-stafford-comeback-season-stock-report-analysis-grades-green-bay-packers-week-2 Then you hav
  17. Why this season in particular? We've got so many young players and players injured. I don't know what to tell you. Kirk is the QB now -- and next year barring a complete collapse. The money dictates that. After his playoff victory last year why can't you just get behind him for a season or 2? It won't kill you to put a little faith in the guy for a little time considering what he did to the Saints in New Orleans last winter. It's not like he signed a 6 year contract. We'll be able to see in 2 years whether or not he's Kirk from last January or Kirk from this September.
  18. Pretend the Lions played "extremely well" even though they have barely ever played moderately well? I can't pretend that they "should have won" that game against the Bears. The Bears should have won that game and did because the Lions choked just like they did opening game in AZ the year before and at home against the Jets the year before that. You choke because you aren't good at football. The Lions are a team that's REALLY ready to fire the GM & Head Coach along with shipping Stafford out of town. Stafford has had a long erratic career and I couldn't figure out why they didn't draft
  19. Going after Gladney of all the guys on this Defense -- where there was no pass-rush by the vets -- really? Yes Cousins had his worst game as a Viking, but this isn't something I've seen from him before. It's unusual. Maybe the offensive line and play-calling have more to do with his struggles than this guy will even bother to address/let on. I remember a run on a 3rd and 9 early in the game that should have never been called. Then, this guy places blame on Cook in these 2 games and his contract? Well that's just insane. Cook had a dropped pass against GB and that's been the extent of anything
  20. None of us were saying this team would be better this year though. If anything, many said we'd have to take a step back to take a step forward. That doesn't mean you blow it all up and tank. If we would have had a season like the Lions did last year, blowing it up would have made sense -- but no -- we lost to an excellent 49ers team in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Hunter being injured is apparently even a bigger deal than we thought. There's been no pass-rush. I thought Ngakoue would be putting consistent pressure on the QB, but it hasn't happened. His one sack/pressure was on a
  21. 1) This was Cousins' worst game as a Viking I've seen. In context it wasn't indicative -- rather an outlier. 2) Lest you forget he owned New Orleans in January -- count on your fingers -- not that long ago. More than any one player, it was Cousins who rallied this team on the road in the playoffs. And that was a much more important game period. 3) We just extended Cousins. Any want of a different QB right now is just insane. --------------------------------------------------------------------- All this talk about tanking and blowing things up (AFTER 2 GAMES -- were you aliv
  22. Just bad -- it's hard to find anything positive at the moment. I want to see a lot more Jefferson and I want Hunter back on the field. I don't know if that will make enough of a difference to get this team into the playoffs.
  23. John Randle would eat you alive with all your tank talk. Please lock this thread.
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