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  1. I've never heard of tanking after 1 game. I've never heard of tanking after 3 games. I've never heard of tanking after 6 games. I've never heard of tanking after 12 games. Why would coaches and players be paid to tank? This isn't professional wrestling -- some scripted drama. Maybe that's the sport you should take interest in.
  2. If there's no pass-rush the young corners will get exposed. I thought that it would be a problem before we signed Ngakoue, and he was irrelevant in this game. If you can't pressure the opposing QB, I don't know how you win going forward.
  3. There was no pressure off the edge. Rodgers had all day on several throws. Is Ngakoue injured? I heard at one point that he had tweaked his ankle.
  4. What Brandon Thorn said...I've felt that since the Vikings decided to lean on him last season -- and he provided (8th in carries) -- that they needed to work on a new contract out of respect. There's too much pounding at the position to expect Cook to carry at the same rate while being compensated as little as he was.
  5. Well he's one of the best. And (ha ha) no...the Vikings are now a stronger running team going forward which fits their style of play.
  6. Very happy for Cook. He needed a deal going into this season. Pretty excited.
  7. I wildly predict Stafford will be a Dallas Cowboy at the end of the year. He's from that area. I think Detroit will see Dak as their new starting QB in 2021. Stafford has never won in Detroit (not entirely his fault but it's sooo old -- I'm sure he'd agree) and a new staff will be happening next season. At some point it has to come down to winning. I don't know how he has lasted as long as he has in that organization. We're talking about multiple Viking QBs who have had better success in the division no longer with the club, and Rodgers, who now has his successor in place despite his winning a
  8. Saying a guy's shoulder was shot down the stretch when he rested a week and came back full-load for the playoffs is a bit much. Did he have a good game against the 49ers? No...but that isn't the point -- and aside from the Diggs touchdown that game was awful for everyone. "He was not healthy last year" -- just like saying "he's never healthy" is the only creative re-imagining happening at the moment. How do you know he's not good at route running? How do you figure he's not versatile when he hasn't been asked to line up at WR? Is lining up a RB at WR so important to any scheme? I'v
  9. Dead money from Diggs and Rhodes -- 14 million will be off the books next year from those two alone. Then you let Harris walk. Prioritize re-signing Cook if he has a good season again.
  10. You initially said he's never healthy -- not he's never played a full season. Who's grasping here? Last year he played 16 total games (14 regular season and 2 playoff -- and he could have played the final week but Zimmer wanted to rest the starters). For a runningback who ranked 8th in total carries during the regular season, expecting more is asking for more than most RBs were asked to do. He's not Emmitt Smith, and it's well known that RBs tend to get dinged up and sometimes miss games during the regular season. If you had to slam into LBs 15-20 times per game you'd get dinged up too. Y
  11. You said he was never healthy -- I said he was 8th in total carries last season -- Does that mean you were right? If you were right practically every running back in the league last year wasn't healthy. You said he isn't a great receiver, and I acknowledged he wasn't a great pass-catcher, but was 1st in the league in YAC/reception. I countered your point on scheme. Reiff can be cut next year. Harris can be let go. Dead money for Diggs and Rhodes will be off the books. There will be money to prioritize Cook.
  12. Yeah, I don't know man. It's downright offensive because the dude is electrifying. Damn...and I just found out he was #1 in the league in YAC/reception. Watch him against Dallas on some of these screens.
  13. (A) Cook ranked 8th in total carries last season. I remember all the TDs he scored too -- including 2 against the Saints. You must have been asleep. (B) Cook had just as many dropped passes as McCaffrey (7) and only two more than Kamara at 5. He's lumped in with a bunch of RBs in this range. Yeah his catch percentage isn't nearly as good as McCaffrey, but we're talking about 7 total dropped passes. However -- Cook led the league in YAC/reception...read that again and and then tell me he's not a good reciever. He might not be a great pass-catcher, but being a great receiver is more th
  14. I think he's saying that the footwork and hand placement changes when playing on the left as opposed to the right. It's not an easy transition to make from all I've read, and even if a guy is more than capable of transitioning (like O'Neil) one would think it would take time to retrain and regain the muscle movement/memory. Maybe the argument isn't necessarily whether or not O'Neil can transition with ease, but whether or not they feel Cleveland is ready for the NFL despite having played largely at LT in college.
  15. Let's find a way to keep both of them. If Cook has a great year and drives the offense like he did last year why would you want to show him the door? However, if it came down to whether the team only had enough for either Ngakoue or Cook next year, I'd sign Cook because he's good/great at every facet of the position. I disagree that you can just find anyone to be that guy. The Niners are an outlier and teams apparently couldn't figure them out. They blew it against the Chiefs when they stopped running the ball in the 3rd qtr. Cook is too good in this scheme to let go. He'll prove it again
  16. I like this move because I was nervous about Hunter being out. It's an insurance move that ensures that the D-line remains somewhat respectable. I like Ngakoue's explosion off the edge and when Hunter comes back our pass-rush should be top-notch. Reiff may be restructured/cut/traded as all of you are finding out by tomorrow. I've always liked Reiff, but if a team needs a LT and the Vikes feel comfortable moving on, make the trade happen to free up some cap space. Here's hoping the team can figure out how to manage the monies to make this move work.
  17. If Hunter is out for any length of time this year the DL is in big trouble. There's nobody else on this roster that I view as an explosive pass rusher. Allowing Rodgers time in the pocket won't win the division. https://www.si.com/nfl/vikings/news/mike-zimmer-declines-update-danielle-hunter-injury-status
  18. Why are we rooting for the Vikings? I don't disagree with you at all, but if the league was nothing but mercenaries and dirty business why would we care if the Vikings ever won anything?
  19. This is an easy one for the player too. A player doesn't want to work for someone who doesn't value loyalty -- meaning they know the employer views them as expendable to begin with. Would you give 100% to an employer who doesn't give a crap about you? Cook already showed 100%. Other teams know who he is right now. He doesn't have to keep showing up if the Vikes don't want to show up in return -- whether that's on-field or in a hut holding out. Other teams will know what's going on. They're not blind. It's a 2-way street. Everyone is already laughing that Cook is carrying the offensive loa
  20. Just you try that kind of attitude running a football team. I'll give you less than 100 if I know you haven't got my back. If I'm thinking my career might be jeopardized by injury -- far less. Do you think I want to fight for an extra yard when I know your organization doesn't have my back? Just because someone is contracted to do the work doesn't mean you can rub them the wrong way. Why would contracted work want to work with you ever again?
  21. The idea that the Vikings would sign Jones (a Packer) over Cook for slightly less is a slight if Cook goes to FA and isn't signed before the Vikings contracted Jones. If Cook were to become an UFA next season so the Vikings could get Jones this way, it is akin to being laid off and immediately replaced by someone with a similar skill-set for a slightly cheaper price tag. Cheap move. In your scenario Cook signs to another team beforehand. If that were to occur and Cook wouldn't take the money they would offer Jones then fine. This is a matter of perception. If it's apparent th
  22. I would never work for you. Google search "loyalty from employee/employer" and see why loyalty matters. Realize that employers value employees who want to stay in their organization and vise versa. It's not about what someone was already paid -- and it's not about what's owed -- it's about respect. And actually respect is owed -- yes. If employees see how you do someone in your organization they'll know one way or another how they will be treated. You've never been laid off so the organization can replace you with someone more cost effective or with more experience I presume. I
  23. That -- and where's the loyalty? It's not like Cook hasn't taken his lumps for the team already.
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