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  1. Yes, but it's still a fluid negotiation I presume. Just because the Vikings decided to stop talking doesn't mean that Cook's agent won't come down to whatever middle ground the Vikings were proposing. What were the Vikings proposing anyway? I never said pay the man X right now, but they need to pay the man, and before the first game in my opinion. If Cook sat out and became a RFA he loses control -- yes, but the Vikings could still be outbid if they didn't want to match some other team's offer. Hypothetically, the relationship could sour to the point where they wouldn't want to counter any off
  2. Pay him what? ... Swede -- you and I are both on the same train of thought regarding what we would offer him. I proposed those numbers (11 million/season) back in March. We don't know what the Vikings final offer was before the negotiations stalled. The point about the video wasn't meant to say he should be payed Zeke money although that's what McFarland apparently thinks (right or wrong). The greater point is -- regardless of how much each side wants for numbers -- that hopefully Cook isn't being expected to play like he did last year -- 250+ carries @ 1.3 million because he's goin
  3. He proved he could finish the season healthy last year. He missed 1 game due to a tender shoulder (he wanted to play but Zimmer wanted him to rest), while the final game all the starters were rested. He played in both playoff games so that's 16 games. To expect a RB to play every single game during a season isn't realistic. When you carry the ball as much as Cook did last year you're going to get dinged up. "Cook gave in realizing he has zero leverage"' You realize how much this run-first team depends on him correct? Cook could still decide to skip out on his 1.3 million and sit thi
  4. ...or the Vikings should pay the man.
  5. Mike Greenberg and Booger McFarland think Dalvin shouldn't be laying it on the line without a new contract. Here's why: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=29702815
  6. For me trying to put myself in Dalvin's shoes, I thought as long as he felt respected by the team he'd be there giving 100%. My argument that he'd give anything less (bad behavior) would only stem from belief that they would not extend him. Anyone who has confirmation that they are expendable in a sports organization will give less if they believe it could lead to injury and/or jeopardizing their career. Besides, why would you want to give high effort to someone who wouldn't believe in you. The idea that you would be kicked out on your butt after they groom your replacement shows no loyalty.
  7. Yeah, the Vikings losing Joseph and Griffen while having Pierce opt-out has really hit the D-line. The Depth guys are now having to become the starters and the jury is still out on whether they can step-up in a significant way. Odenigbo looked capable, but he isn't Griffen. Rotation is questionable at best. If Hunter is injured at any point this year this team will probably field one of the worst lines in the NFL. This should be the season the team uses Barr more in a rushing role. I don't seriously expect anything from the mid-round rookies this season as there's nothing more than wishing and
  8. Alright sign Cook right now. The man knows how to move the chains and score TDs.
  9. I hope the #1 priority here is attempting to re-sign Everson Griffen.
  10. I see what you're saying, but what's going on here on this board (IMO) is people are nitpicking Cook to the point where his final line isn't his final line anymore. Whenever speculation begins to occur over his contract numbers everyone starts to point out perceived flaws in his game without pointing out positives or context. I then come in feeling testy. The gaslighting then concludes with people saying you can't pay him (and that's a wild spectrum of belief here between 6M-15M). This on a team that has a run-first philosophy.
  11. You're missing the point. You could go down the line with every quality player this year and see how they perform against crappy defenses. I'm not about to do a study -- it should be obvious. To the notion that Cook lost us the division ... I'm not going to bother.
  12. Cook didn't need an asterisk this season to excuse his performance.
  13. So you could cherry pick how Randy Moss and Tom Brady took advantage of crappy teams too.
  14. Cook would have been looking at being the highest paid back in the league if he would have continued his pace -- right there with McCaffrey. He doesn't have to be Marshall Faulk to earn anyone's respect.
  15. Because he ran for 4.5 yards per carry THE ENTIRE SEASON. Because he only missed 1 game last season. The final game all of the starters were rested. Because he played in BOTH playoff games. Because he was 7th overall in yards per scrimmage.
  16. Cook was 8th in the league in total rushing attempts. In other words he ran the ball more than most starting running backs last year.
  17. I thought this was a pretty good draft. The needs were covered well outside of DE in my opinion. I'm not saying that those guys can't develop, but I feel like there isn't a solid rotation right now. We'd better hope Hunter doesn't get injured at any point this season.
  18. I thought I'd show some of his highlights playing on the outside in 2018.
  19. A lot of Kinlaw love here. Make it happen Vikings.
  20. I think it's a matter of philosophy. I'm like you as I see the RB position as being particularly important to THIS offense. Given what Cook brought to THIS offense last season he's not to be undervalued -- therefor not to be offered crumbs compared to other positions on the team or other comparable backs in the league.
  21. I agree, oddly enough, that Kinlaw would be my #1 target and I'd move up to get him if he drops out of the top-10. My #2 target to trade up for is Chaisson as he's got great explosion along with a spin move that he used effectively. I think if Kinlaw is taken in the top-10 I'd still make the move to get Chaisson. I don't want the Vikings to draft a 1st Rd WR.
  22. Right -- I do think it was a good thing he was held out a game though because he fumbled it a few times when he was getting hit on that shoulder. The final game every starter was rested.
  23. I'd be hesitant too, but I'd do it. It's somewhat a leap of faith that building off of last season he stays relatively healthy.
  24. We still don't know what kind of contract Cook and his agent is/will be seeking. Every player in the league believes that they are the best at what they do. Being objective though,when all parties come to the table, how much they are willing to sign for is another matter. I've argued previously (using data that his valuation was 11mil/year -- just under Aaron Jones) by people who work at figuring out this kind of thing -- see: https://overthecap.com/player/dalvin-cook/5627/ Obviously the McCaffrey signing may change that a bit. Outside of the financials, I've seen man
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