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  1. You're missing the point. You could go down the line with every quality player this year and see how they perform against crappy defenses. I'm not about to do a study -- it should be obvious. To the notion that Cook lost us the division ... I'm not going to bother.
  2. Cook didn't need an asterisk this season to excuse his performance.
  3. So you could cherry pick how Randy Moss and Tom Brady took advantage of crappy teams too.
  4. Cook would have been looking at being the highest paid back in the league if he would have continued his pace -- right there with McCaffrey. He doesn't have to be Marshall Faulk to earn anyone's respect.
  5. Because he ran for 4.5 yards per carry THE ENTIRE SEASON. Because he only missed 1 game last season. The final game all of the starters were rested. Because he played in BOTH playoff games. Because he was 7th overall in yards per scrimmage.
  6. Cook was 8th in the league in total rushing attempts. In other words he ran the ball more than most starting running backs last year.
  7. I thought this was a pretty good draft. The needs were covered well outside of DE in my opinion. I'm not saying that those guys can't develop, but I feel like there isn't a solid rotation right now. We'd better hope Hunter doesn't get injured at any point this season.
  8. I thought I'd show some of his highlights playing on the outside in 2018.
  9. A lot of Kinlaw love here. Make it happen Vikings.
  10. I think it's a matter of philosophy. I'm like you as I see the RB position as being particularly important to THIS offense. Given what Cook brought to THIS offense last season he's not to be undervalued -- therefor not to be offered crumbs compared to other positions on the team or other comparable backs in the league.
  11. I agree, oddly enough, that Kinlaw would be my #1 target and I'd move up to get him if he drops out of the top-10. My #2 target to trade up for is Chaisson as he's got great explosion along with a spin move that he used effectively. I think if Kinlaw is taken in the top-10 I'd still make the move to get Chaisson. I don't want the Vikings to draft a 1st Rd WR.
  12. Right -- I do think it was a good thing he was held out a game though because he fumbled it a few times when he was getting hit on that shoulder. The final game every starter was rested.
  13. I'd be hesitant too, but I'd do it. It's somewhat a leap of faith that building off of last season he stays relatively healthy.
  14. We still don't know what kind of contract Cook and his agent is/will be seeking. Every player in the league believes that they are the best at what they do. Being objective though,when all parties come to the table, how much they are willing to sign for is another matter. I've argued previously (using data that his valuation was 11mil/year -- just under Aaron Jones) by people who work at figuring out this kind of thing -- see: https://overthecap.com/player/dalvin-cook/5627/ Obviously the McCaffrey signing may change that a bit. Outside of the financials, I've seen man
  15. I know he wants to get there. He's not as durable as McCaffrey has been, but I believe he's capable.
  16. Cook was 8th in the league in total rushing attempts. In other words he ran the ball more than most starting running backs last year. That's a very healthy season if you just stop and think about what I just said. He was also the 6th in the league in total yards per scrimmage for RBs (ahead of Aaron Jones and Austin Eckler) -- 7th if you throw in WR Michael Thomas. That's good company -- see: https://www.footballdb.com/stats/stats.html?mode=Y This proves he was a franchise back last year. Why do you think he made the probowl? I don't know what to tell several of you V
  17. The best teams in the league last season ran the ball really well. Minnesota was one of them (6th). While some teams were set up to excel to do so because of great defense, some other teams overcame issues on defense. 1) BAL -- 3,296 (5.5 ypc), 4th ranked defense 2) SAN -- 2,305 (4.6 ypc), 2nd ranked defense 3) TEN -- 2,223 (5.0 ypc), 21st ranked defense 4) SEA -- 2,200 (4.6 ypc), 26th ranked defense 5) DAL -- 2,153 (4.8 ypc) 9th ranked defense 6) MN -- 2,133 yds (4.5 ypc) 14th ranked defense https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/view/offense/stat/rushing/tab
  18. Trade up for Kinlaw or Chaisson. Both of these guys are explosive at their position and if we trade Harris just use the pick we get from him and whatever else necessary to move up in the draft -- outside the top-10.
  19. Yes a 2nd round pick (41st overall) is a high investment -- and considering the Vikings traded up to get Cook by using their 2nd and 4th rd pick it emphasized their want for him even more. It was a great decision, and keeping him would be equally great. I love the 1-2 punch of Cook-Mattison. Keep this offense rolling.
  20. How about trading up for Kinlaw if he falls out of the top-10?
  21. Maybe it's because CBs are so expensive and this team is cash strapped. My guess is they see value in some high round rookies.
  22. Yes he was pretty good. You're right. We'll need some depth though -- preferably in the early round as guys get injured and/or rotation.
  23. I agree we don't want to overpay Cook. They do need to balance the carries more 50/50 though if they plan to underpay him and Cook accepts. As it is Cook is carrying the ball 250 times to Mattison's 100 carries.
  24. Well that changes things. DE becomes a top priority in the draft now along with CB.
  25. I'm looking at it from a players perspective to an organization with a run-first philosophy -- priding itself in the run-game.
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