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  1. Yes -- and as I said an organization that currently prides itself on the run-game (philosophically) has to put its money where its mouth is otherwise any incoming rookies would see the hypocrisy that was dealt to Cook/Mattison.
  2. So employees feelings make no difference? If an employee isn't happy with the organization how well is that employee going to perform? The incentive for the 2nd contract for another organization won't be there if this attitude takes effect for every NFL team. And if there are only going to be some teams that hold this attitude, rookie Running Backs won't be happy about going to those teams -- wanting out. It's a vicious cycle. A team that's built like the Vikings around the run game that asks so much of them cannot claim to carry that attitude toward their running backs.
  3. Well the alternative might be to end up like Jahvid Best.
  4. OK something's got to give. I see what you're saying there, and it's further proof that RBs need their own union. How would you like it if you started your career with no incentives and knew you'd be expendable? Going by your scenario though, the player would be at the mercy of the team willing to trade for him. Ideally a team willing to trade for him already has interest beyond using him for a brief moment.
  5. Why can't you and any other Vikings fan here see things through the players eyes for a change? It's always through the owners perspective with you guys. I thought it was terrible how disrespected Bell was in Pittsburgh. The man was money (arguably the best) for many years and never saw an extension.
  6. No because the narrative everyone is talking about the last few pages is that Running Backs aren't worth a second contract. Look at the posts that say "Don't pay them"
  7. Well I'd show some ability out of the gate and then demand to get cut so I could get picked up by a team that respected me. Word would get out how you treated your running backs and nobody would want to play for your team but late round rookies.
  8. You'd take it but why bother going the extra mile thereafter if there's no incentive? I'd put in 1 good year and demand to be cut so I could be picked up by a team that I thought would value and respect my ability. Otherwise you could get injured and never see the compensation a running back deserves.
  9. Cook's 10 mil valuation according to Over The Cap -- https://overthecap.com/player/dalvin-cook/5627/ And if you go back my point is that we don't even know what Cook wants in terms of a contract but everyone is convinced it's top 3-5. A 20 year old would take the shot to play for this team but the writing would be on the wall. There would be no incentive.
  10. vikingsrule said: "Blaming OL or injuries for his fall off doesn’t excuse him of this relative to if he’s worth being paid as what will likely now be top 3 RB money." And so my response was that he (as far as I know) hasn't claimed to want that amount. ...And why would a rookie want to come here and be asked to slam into front-7s 10-20 times per game knowing they will be expendable. They would rather be on a team that values their future with the organization.
  11. Running Backs are looking at getting a separate union and I think it's high time that happens. Everyone has undervalued them. No other position is asked so much and gets paid so little. It's completely unfair. What happened to the respect for the guys that have to get destroyed 15-20 times per game by linemen and linebackers. Just Insane.
  12. Mattison ran the ball 100 times last year. Dalvin ran the ball 250. If Mattison ran the ball that many times he might get dinged up too. Dinged up -- not injured. The league is about respect. You ask that much out of a guy and he performs at a high level -- you pay him what he's worth. If you don't the next rookie in won't expect a second contract. If I was that rookie I wouldn't want to run the ball more than 10 times per game and would begrudgingly do anything more than I had to. That's not a bad attitude -- that's called you get what you pay for. I might even fake an injury or two if
  13. Cook never said he wanted top-3 money. He's being valued in the top-10 not top-3. He's being valued at 10 Mil right behind Aaron Jones at 11 Mil. Christian McCaffrey is at 15 Mil right now. If he had continued his mid-year pace he would have been on track for McCaffrey money. Nobody knows what Cook will be asking for. Whether he fell off at the tail end of the year from his torrid pace is irrelevant. So because he didn't keep pace with McCaffrey he isn't worth resigning? He was #7 in the league in yards from scrimmage for the entire season. He's a dual threat back who is also capable of c
  14. Revolving Rookie RBs would have no incentive on your team. They wouldn't respect you for making them get smacked by the likes of Danny Trevathan over and over again. And who would blame them? Good luck with that. You can find examples at any position of guys off the street succeeding. I assume you like to think of Mostert as being a revelation. Donald Driver was living in a van down by the river before becoming one of the best WRs in the game. They didn't try to replace him with some other guy off the street though, and look how happy it made everyone. I still don't know who or what a Ga
  15. Unless this team completely flops next year Zimmer will deservedly be back Barring a draft that sees poor returns from the 1st day picks, the Vikings will be back in the playoffs IMO. I don't know if we'll be so successful come the playoffs, but the hope is to improved enough to be in the Super Bowl in 2021. Re-signing Cousins was a good move. He earned my respect last season and a few more years heading the offense seems right. Re-sign Cook obviously. The secondary is the biggest concern right now. I like Mike Hughes, but he was completely destroyed by Amari Cooper last year.
  16. Everybody here likes to comment on his injury history, but last year he was #4 in the league in total carries. He only missed one full game due to his shoulder needing some rest -- the other game (Chicago) all of the starters rested. In other words he proved he could carry a full load. Most running backs get a little dinged up at some point during the season -- so anybody applying the injury thing to him last year is full of spin. He came back for the playoff games. I would rest him more going forward though. He doesn't need to be #4 in the league if you have a reliable back-up like Mattison.
  17. Given that Reiff is still able to play LT effectively, I don't know that LT is addressed this year in the 1st. That said nobody would cry if the team traded up for Becton or Wirfs. Maybe a trade-up for UT Javon Kinlaw or one of the OT prospects (if one falls a bit) would be a good move. Personally I'd go after Kinlaw. If Griffen doesn't come back, we might use one of the 1st rd picks at DE.
  18. Cook falls right below Aaron Jones ($11.9M) in terms of valuation at $10.8M -- again: https://overthecap.com/player/dalvin-cook/5627/
  19. Says You... https://overthecap.com/player/dalvin-cook/5627/
  20. That depends. The Vikings went 4-2 in the games he played in Nov-Dec missing the final 2 games due to injury. In 2 of those other games he was limited due to that injury. He still carried the ball 287 times last season (#4) which proves that he was dependable until late in the year when he missed time. Aaron Jones also finished the year at 4.5 but had several games under 4 ypc. He also wasn't asked to carry the ball as much as Cook was at only 236 attempts. Nobody is doubting him. Should we ask Packer fans if he's worth an extension? https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/28/repo
  21. You mean 4.5 ypc. You could cherry pick games all you want for any other skill player too, but don't rewrite the end of the day statistic to fit your spin. I don't know why your'e underwhelmed considering -- again #7 in yards from scrimmage while being asked to carry the ball as much as he was. Being slowed down in the 2nd half of the season while still rushing for 4.5 and #7 overall yards from scrimmage just goes to show how great he was for most of the year.
  22. This guy wants to be a Viking so let's see if they can get a good deal done.
  23. He was #4 in rushing attempts and #7 in yards from scrimmage last season. Wait to see how much they're offering him before hating the move as he's obviously worth extending.
  24. They were close. Losing to the 49ers who went to the Super Bowl makes you close to a SB team. The 49ers could have won it all the way they were able to run the ball -- and they forgot to do that against the Chiefs. I agree/admit that the team may take a slight step back this season, but hopefully will still make the playoffs. In 2 years from now the team may be in a position to win it all. If not then yes -- probably blow it all up. It would be a good time to do so given Cousins' contract length. If you blow it all up now we're looking at 5+ years to get back into real playoff conten
  25. The team isn't starting over -- just retooling. The youth movement is the retooling due to finances. You don't hit the panic button and blow it all up just because of ONLY A FEW issues when you just lost to the team that went to the Super Bowl. These issues can still be addressed. I don't see why the Vikings can't make the playoffs this year. This team still has a lot of good players.
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