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  1. Why should they change when what they're running is working? Losing to the 49ers in the Divisional last year isn't a mark of shame. They are a good team, and they don't have to adapt to any one good player. Their "antiquated" scheme was successful. Sorry that bothered you so much.
  2. The man wanted out. If he wants out he shouldn't be made to stay. It's not like the Vikings just traded him to get some picks like some on here advocated for Cook. You trade the guys who want out and try to keep the guys who want to stay. The pundits seem to think it was good compensation.
  3. Matt Stafford at 7-56 .111% ...the highest paid -- longest lasting loser ever.
  4. My mistake. Thanks for correcting me. Well if the team feels comfortable switching him and moving on from Reiff so be it, but they would then need an RT and 1-2 new guards.
  5. @Virginia Viking -- A couple things here: I don't also don't believe this team should mess with the OT situation. Reiff plays a position that isn't easy to find a guy who can readily replace him. Footwork is extremely important to the position, and expecting O'Neil to be adept at being just as coordinated setting up pass protection from the left side without growing pains is wishful thinking. And who is to say he would ever be as effective on the left. If there was an excellent LT available for a cheap price every team on the market would want him. I think guard-play can be upgraded
  6. Warren Moon had a few good years and so did Culpepper. Cunningham in 98 was also great. I thought Cousins was surprisingly very good this season. Like Culpepper he likes to fumble the ball, but other than that he was deadly at points and it would be worth it to extend the guy. I wish the team could draft a 1st round QB and have the guy pan out, but it's hard to bank on that and expect the play to be at a level higher than Cousins is playing right now. With Cook, I've already argued that I would extend him so long as he's not looking to break the bank. I think he would honor his roo
  7. Congrats on finding a couple of plays where the 49ers had to pass the ball aside from their final possession down by 11. The possession after the one you're referring to -- the 49ers had a 5 yard run on 1st and chose to pass the next 2 downs going 3 and out. Even when they were down by 4 points they had the ball at mid-field with 3 timeouts and decided to pass it out of the shotgun 4 straight times. With half a field to work with and 1:49 left with 3 timeouts? They had plenty of time to mix in the run while eating up the clock to score the winning TD. Hindsight is 2020, but the 49ers got away
  8. If the 49ers would have continued to run the ball it would have probably been a different story. Just ask Tyrann Mathieu. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/02/tyrann-mathieu-was-grateful-when-49ers-started-to-throw-the-ball/
  9. Because if I'm a quality FA running back I'm not going to sign with the Vikings knowing how you just did Cook and your general attitude regarding running backs -- "shrewd" and "just business" -- making them expendable. Players don't like being used. They like making their own moves. And if you want to encourage a player to fight for you, to work hard, to win a superbowl, you don't want something like this to hit the locker room: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2859771-lions-darius-slay-says-nobodys-safe-after-quandre-diggs-trade-to-seahawks https://www.prideofdetroit.com/20
  10. Dolmonite, It's great that you want to win football games, who doesn't. I'm sure if you tried these analytics 10 years ago the script would be different. I argue that trends and philosophies change in the league and bucking the trend can yield good results because everyone has adapted to defend the pass more which can lead to gains for a team attempting create a strong run game. Teams in the playoffs this year have preferred to run the football, so are they wrong? Maybe this will be the new trend and analytics will shift and begin to reflect this. If you're tired of hearing it fro
  11. This piece does not address the physical toll a running game takes on an opposing offense at all. It also doesn't take into account time of possession over the course of the game in its study about whether time of possession or field position determines points scored on the subsequent possession: "There's a very common thought that a good running game keeps a defense fresh, and when a defense is fresh, it performs at a higher level. But that's been debunked by Ben Baldwin." No it wasn't. That wasn't the point of the Baldwin study. A determination whether field position on a sin
  12. That's great that you think Mattison can pick up the slack. I thought he was very good this year. Most teams have 2 competent backs. I think your opinion about runningbacks individually not adding value is unfounded. Cook has some injury concerns, yes. He held up pretty well this year though. If you believe Cook didn't make a difference for this offense this year I don't know what more I can tell you. Players don't like being moved around by the way. The Lions moved their starting safety in the middle of the season and it looked like their defense was ready to riot. You ca
  13. No nothing personal at all. John Randle is by far my favorite all time player by the way. I've wished for another John Randle ever since he retired, and there just hasn't been one on any team since. I'd get so fired up watching him play every snap. I actually like your assessment for the most part. I just felt like I wasn't seeing the love toward Cook here this week after reading several threads (and it got me thinking that people are overlooking the fact that a deal could really actually get done. Just keep visualizing that instead of thinking we need to trade him because we can't see t
  14. That's pure conjecture. Point to a source that claims he's considering holding out. If you google him right now you'll see this this quote from Wednesday's Pro-bowl practice: "I love the organization. They took a chance on me in bringing me in," Cook told NFL.com. "If a person believes in me, I'll give them my all. I try to do everything, give them my all and I'm just happy that I'm at the Vikings. It's a great organization. I think everything we've got going on is for the future."
  15. And I'd say we cross that bridge if and when we come to it. There's a lot of variables ahead. Why would any other decent back want to come here in his absence if we decided we weren't even going to even try with him despite his best effort. He appears to have a great attitude about being a Viking judging from recent articles and that leads me to believe that there's a chance that he wouldn't hold out so long as they were progressing on a contract. Sure some of you guys who want a pass-first offense wouldn't be happy, but that's not what our coach wants.
  16. Alright, that's reasonable. My response isn't to people like you though. I've seen nothing but angst and premature anxiety about his impending free agency. It should be on our minds certainly, but there's time and both positions are amicable. If the Vikings can't afford him -- they can't afford him. What bothers me is that I'm not seeing much love for the guy around here. Trading him for a 3rd feels like a Clowney move. It's one thing if Cook wasn't happy and wanted out, but trading him for a lesser player at another position, an older player, or another young player of equal t
  17. If you initially wanted to state that he was struggling late in the season to be a dominant back that would have been an acceptable argument. His drop-off in production has less to do with his effort or skill-level. He was playing with a shoulder injury for a few games in December before sitting the last 2. Teams were game planning around the run game. The system works so long as defenses continue to play the run -- 3ypc or 4ypc. It allows Cousins to bootleg, and this is when he's at his best. There are some teams like the 49ers that can snuff that out period. The line needs to win
  18. All this talk about trading Cook for so much less, or really anything at all, is making me feel sick. He's young, gifted, and appears to want to stay in Minnesota. Yes he's going to eventually demand a big contract. Yes a lot of expiring contracts will have to be off the books before he can be resigned. Make it work.
  19. Except running Cook to 4.5 ypc (his actual statistical average) does. There is no better option than running the ball to set up the pass because it wears defenses out. You just have to have right personnel to make it work. Cook was one of the best backs in the league and this offense would do well to bolster the offensive line because it didn't show up versus the 49ers.
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