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  1. DavisTyranus


    That would be ideal, trade down to 5th with MIA, pick up Simmons at 5 or Okudah. Get maybe a 2nd out of the deal though a 3rd isn’t bad either and go DL and OG or CB with those day two pick of any combination. Get Phillips or good WR in the 4th and then just start snagging up depth with the 5th-7th round picks. Good and good.
  2. DavisTyranus


    If he makes out of the 2nd I run to podium to make the selection, I’d prefer a defensive heavy draft, a playmaker like that is hard to pass on though. Scottie Phillips a RB from Ole Miss could be available in the 4th or 5th round and would give the offense a playmaker outside of KG and Hock.
  3. Why the 2nd though, while I get the logic of adding another playmaker for Stafford, do you really think it’s a good idea to spend a 2nd on that pick while there is still some value of taking Anae or a DB with that 2nd pick, a playmaker of defense who can swing games in our favor. Golliday and if he stays healthy Hockensen are the offensive threats, maybe grabbing a solid possession WR who may not have dynamic burner speed, but crispy routes and sticky fingers to move the sticks. You can find players like that in the 4th or 5th.
  4. What was the point of Hockenson selection then, I’d say defense and getting playmakers is the priority right now. My first offensive selection wouldn’t be till we’ll into day 3 and getting a WR or RB in the 4th round or something. Hockenson was the way I see it, supposed to be or our other top tier threat and should be used out wide just as much as he was inside. Move him everywhere and hope his size and athleticism to get favorable matchup against either slow DB with bad cover skills or small CB that he can out box or out jump.
  5. First post, I figured it was a ruse, he looked good under Bevell and put up MVP numbers before hand so it would be strange to give him up. Either this was a test to see who’d bite and what they’d offer or his injury might be a issue. All the same it would be a good idea to draft a backup. Jordan Love in the 3rd or 4th or maybe Anthony Gordon in the 5th or 6th round would be a smart idea.
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