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  1. https://twitter.com/nfltrade_rumors/status/1371910211317948424?s=21
  2. And what about the veteran John Jenkins we signed?
  3. I think Roberson or Denmark will make the 53.
  4. For some reason, I actually think Ginn will have a pretty big role in next years offense.
  5. LOVE the Tanner Muse pick, especially after watching his combine. 6’2 215-220. Could honestly play DB/ Flex LB. Kid has raw talent. And the Tate pick for the simple fact he’s a freak athlete. And we could use him to “replicate” Lamar Jackson/ Mobile QB-esque players in practice. Overall good draft maybe too many picks used at WR/ but might pay off if any of them could start; get playing time come opening day.
  6. Good point. I think Amari Cooper or AJ Green could come in and change everything around, and we could let Miller take full responsibility of the slot position. Maybe Wims, and Ridley fight it out for the #4 spot. Amari Cooper is still relatively young.
  7. Thanks for the welcome brother! And yes, I agree. I would take a gamble at John Ross as well. Perriman would be a good receiver to look at as well, IMO.
  8. I feel like we need to get more athletic/ speedier at WR. What about you?
  9. I appreciate it brother, just trying to get in the mix. Been a long time reader! Thanks for the welcome!
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