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  1. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    His play has a lot more to do with it than people want to admit. He's still very accurate on short-to-medium range throws but doesn't have any ability to stretch a defense anymore. He was never a scrambler but has no mobility at all now. The cliff is right there.
  2. Not sure what the current Wentz-bashing tenor of discussion has to do with Haskins or Drew Lock, but anyone with any objectivity, common sense, or football knowledge understands that Wentz is a top 10 NFL QB.
  3. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    How many wins does Brady deliver? Most people seem to ignore the noticeable dropoff in his play each of the past 2 seasons. At the rate of his decline 2020 will almost surely be his final season.
  4. I’m not sure what Rivera must think of him. They don’t have a 2nd round pick, so Chase Young at #2 would be their draft centrepiece unless they trade back a couple spots
  5. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    Did you look at his stat line from last season? Almost 5,000 passing yards and 30 TD from a 4th round draft pick. He was balling out for a long term big money contract last season; there isn't anything else to bleed out of him -- that was his top end. If Jerry Jones pays him $35M+ on a long term deal he will do just what Elliott, Lawrence, and Jaylon Smith did -- play like he just got fat. If they franchise him, I suspect his motivation level goes way down, and so does his numbers.
  6. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I think what you project Gandy-Golden to be is what the Eagles projected JJAW to be last April. They would compete for the same roster spot; my guess is you’re ready to make an upgrade there.
  7. I haven't watched Simmons enough to gauge his tackling ability or foot speed, but the Eagles use Malcolm Jenkins as a box safety/OLB in their system, and Simmons would adapt to that role well. He won't make it anywhere close to pick #21 though.
  8. Is there any chance the Redskins take Tua at #2?

    Hard to argue with you on that. Alabama has been a wasteland for QB talent since the Ken Stabler and Richard Todd days. Full disclosure, I also didn't see Lamar Jackson as a first round QB talent. So far, I've been way off on that
  9. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    That’s exactly the way I felt about Dalvin Cook coming out. Lots of game action showing him outrunning tackling angles, yet lots of teams believed his 40 time at the combine and he slipped all the way to the 2nd round. I still think Lamb goes top 12, regardless of his combine time, but if he’s still there past #12 the Eagles would be well advised to trade up
  10. Is there any chance the Redskins take Tua at #2?

    I don't see Tua as a great prospect. I saw a QB with a bunch of top-flight offensive talent around him (Jeudy, Ruggs, Smith, Waddle) and a strong OL to protect him. I don't think he has elite arm talent, foot speed, size, or toughness. I see a lot of comparisons to Russell Wilson; only time will tell.
  11. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    I've heard a few times that the Bears will bring in a vet QB to push/compete with Trubisky. Dalton could be that type of QB
  12. Unfortunately bringing back Mills is barf-bagging it. It's the definition of insanity to keep putting that guy out there and expecting him to do anything other than stink.
  13. He's a loose cannon for sure. Who knows what he'll do at #4 this year. I'm sure he'd love to get Chase Young, but the Redskins won't let that happen I don't think. I hear from Giants fans he loves to draft the big guys early, so probably he'll stick and go OL.
  14. I don’t think so. The first two games he started on his return he was 33/47 and 32/48, only threw one INT in the 2 games combined. He certainly wasn’t playing as poorly as Minshew was. Either way, benching your franchise QB in his 4th game of the season should have resulted in job loss for the head coach. No matter which of them starts next season, they won’t win more than 3-4 games with Marrone there
  15. Just start Foles. People want to forget that Minshew’s play was tailing off badly at the time Foles returned from injury. Marrone should have been fired for benching Foles and putting Minshew back in to end the season. Foles is the one the organization made the commitment to — at least for one more season. If he resembles Blake Bortles next season, then the Jags can be in the QB market in 2021. Minshew is JAG The Jaguars will be in the NFL cellar within 2 years the way they’re running things there