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  1. but doesnt he have chronic issues? Started watching the game nice to see Byron hitting the long ball again but switched as soon the wild came on. glad we beat Vegas.
  2. Josh Donaldson is already on the IR, Was never a fan of that signing.
  3. I only want to trade up for a QB personally maybe Sewell just depend how much we give up, I know we need to solidify our Oline instead of doing what seems like patchwork.
  4. Thank you thank you. No idea why he escaped my mind hahaha
  5. Who’s QB4 then? Judging by your previous statement it seems like Mac Jones is QB5. T-Law, Wilson, Fields, ?, Mac Jones.
  6. Build the trenches easily, I wouldn’t mind us taking a CB with our later picks to hopefully get him ready for next year when we lose some of our players from this year and so we aren’t relying on starting a rookie CB. A QB obviously if we fall in love with one because I still don’t believe Kirk can lead this team or any team to a SB.
  7. I still can’t imagine 4 QBs being taken with the first 4 picks. Why this year of all years when it’s considered a down year for the QB position?
  8. Dude reminds me of a mixture of Patrick Kane and Syd the Kid.
  9. It’s nice to have a pure goal scorer in Kaprizov (I think that’s how you spell his last name) seems like that’s what his game is and that’s what the team has missed for years.
  10. From what I remember (and I don’t have any stats to back it up just from watching) but it seems like weve always struggled on the PP ever since we got Parise and Suter to sign all those years ago.
  11. Wild are playing a good game, Nice to see a Wild team score some PP goals.
  12. If Kirk can’t do it this year I’d be pounding the table to explore new options at QB. I still wouldn’t have an issue trading away 1st round picks for a QB prospect. We still have a young team as previously stated. I don’t have a problem with Slick Rick as GM but am iffy about Zimmer.
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