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  1. I would of saved you from the pain myself if I saw this post earlier hahah
  2. Didn’t realize Berrios was on the trading block, the Twins selling and starting from scratch? What did we get for Nelly Cruz?
  3. Well I’ve read about 3-4 pages of this thread and it’s just a bunch of blah blah blah
  4. I like Jonnu as a player and think he can ball but I’m just worried that Jonnu and HH will cannibalize each other and it will be hard to predict who eat each week.
  5. Maybe Irv Smith but our offense is pretty set in stone with DC33, JJ and Thielen as being our top targets.
  6. He came to my mind as well with Thomas missing a good amount of time and he doesnt get taken off the field because hes good a blocking as well.
  7. Sneaky good signing imo Wanted the VIkings to sign him to a multi year deal so he could take a year off get his body right ride the pine a bit and take over for Xavier Woods.
  8. Nothing really to extreme, Just that Gerald Everett is finally gone with no one behind him to compete for snaps ( I think they drafted a TE but Im not going to worry about him too much) Cam Akers got hurt and hes a pretty good receiving back so Id notch a few more targets and receptions his way Stafford likes targeting the TE from what I remember, Seems to be a good RZ threat and iirc he had a tremendous stat line last year when Gerald Everett was hurt for a few games (again I dont have the numbers right in front of me so he could of had boom and bust games just going off memory)
  9. Whats the earliest someone would take Michael Thomas in a PPR draft? I still see him going in the 4th which seems a little early for my liking.
  10. Is this the cat who started crying when he got the call from slick rick about being drafted or was that someone else? I get names mixed up
  11. Isn’t golf in the olympics this year?
  12. This was the first year I did a draft that early I was just getting excited for fantasy football and wanted to try and get a few early draft steals in the draft on guys who’s ADP I knew was going to increase.
  13. I play on a website called fuzzysfantasyfootball pretty easy to use and if you win anything you get a check in the mail a few weeks later. Easy to find leagues in all different formats and buy in totals. And you usually get a response within a day from the guy who runs it if there’s anything going wrong.
  14. I use FFC as my mock draft website so I will go check out their ADP Thank you
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