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  1. Is that the first book in that series? I wanna get into the SW comic books but there’s so many stories and separate series that involve the SW universe. where would one start if they wanna get into them? I got the marvel epic collection Star Wars the original marvel vol 1
  2. March or May. One of the M months.
  3. Up to you but I’d try and hold out until May. I think that’s when their product releases.
  4. Been watching ZOM since it went on its run. It always seems like it’ll drop to around .89 cent per and then Will go up to 1.03-1.05 atleast once or so a day.
  5. Worth it just to go back and watch the games from the past year.
  6. Think they may not with drafting Cesar Ruiz I think it was? Can he play OT? I think coming out he was an IOL guy but heard amongst the draft guys that he can play just about anywhere on the line.
  7. Where are you catching old games? It would be rad to go back and watch some games with the season winding down.
  8. I’d rather have the Jags go after Ryan Ram instead of Ertzs but that’s just me. Not entirely clear on the OL situation. I know they have some pieces.
  9. Thoughts on entourage as a transcendent show? they also have exelled imo in mini series like Band of a brothers, The pacific (even though it wasn’t as good as BoB), Generation Kill, chernoybl (haven’t watched yet but heron word of mouth I haven’t heard anything bad about the series.
  10. Watched that for the first time yesterday and it wasn’t a bad film, was not expecting the ending. Makes me want to read the book as well.
  11. Seems like a decent dip buy into NIO, Anything in the 50s right now seems nice.
  12. This game is extremely hard for me to gauge. Seems pretty well even for the most part. AD not being at 100% is a big deal.
  13. KC with ease. Browns COULD make it a game if they can run the ball with the best RB in the league in Nick Chubb and sprinkle in Kareem Hunt now and again. But its hard to do that for 4 quarters against the best team in the league, Oh ya and Patty Cakes on the other side of the ball makes things a tad harder too.
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