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  1. Man totally forgot y’all lost Dee Ford too. Rough year
  2. IMO, If Trevor isn’t attainable trade back gain some assets via draft or player and draft a QB of the future let him sit and learn for a year behind Kirk and try it one more time with Kirk when we’re more healthy and the defense isn’t as a liability as it is this year (aka secondary) hopefully with a nice new offensive minded coaching staff to go along with it. We have the pieces on offense already to be prolific.
  3. Is it possible we could extend then trade Ant if a deal is already in place? Not sure of the logistics of that is even possible just spit ballin. ideally I’d like to restructure Harrison if possible to lower his cap numbers ant him as a Vikings for his entire career.
  4. Already a lost year let him sit so he can get right so he doesn’t have to deal with this post career.
  5. Rammy where are ya? Rams nation RISE up!!!
  6. Yes thank you! Conklin is a brown now, Had a brain fart. Wonder how that will impact the team going forward.
  7. Brilliant move by your FO by letting Buckner go and replacing him right away with the capital you got from trading him away. All for a guy who can produce right away and is not a project. The dam would of busted if Bosa or Thomas were playing with him.
  8. Why they ever changed beats me, old unis were some of the better looking ones in the league imo
  9. Really well coached team it seems like, they can still win if their stars don’t always show up and Tanny has a rough night. Hopefully Conklin isn’t out for too long
  10. Lol 1st ballot HoF, book it. In all seriousness I want to see him succeed.
  11. Seriously how much money could we have next year if we release or re structure Reiff, Harrison, Rudy and Ant Harris? Enough to re sign Yan and a quality O-Lineman?
  12. Zimmer and Kubiak should be let go for a offensive minded head coach. I’m honestly fine with keeping Slick Rick as long as the HC and him can get along and have a similar vision about what to do with the team. But at this point I feel like Zimmer & Co is holding back this team. Our offense could be prolific but it seems like we’re stuck behind poor play calling with little to no creativity. Hopefully we can draft a QB this year let him sit for a year if he need be and let Kirk walk in 2022 (sounds like we can from what I’ve read in the forums)
  13. Derrick Henry doing Derrick Henry things it looks like. He’s probably one of two RBs I can see in the league breaking APs single game rushing record. Chubb being the other. Titans aren’t pretenders.
  14. Just trying to catch up a bit but Why did Tua get put in? And how did he look?
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