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  1. Seems like hes better off as a DC and not a HC like Mike ZImmer
  2. Yeah Its still a very long season with an entire team and organization that didnt have a lot of time to gel so im still being optimistic and dont wanna sound too whinny early on at all If its April and were still struggling defensively then ill start asking questions I also dont wanna see Hakstol go into his shell AT ALL cut that crap out my god
  3. Yeah were ranked in the bottom like 10 in total shots from what ive heard and were 5 games deep already I dont know much aboutt Grubs but have been asking myself if he is as advertised an an elite goaltender or if he is more of a product of playing on the Avs and a great team top to bottom, Not too sure how he played as well when he was on the Caps if at all and im not calling him bad by any means but maybe hes a little more pedestrian when hes not on an elite team like the Avs. Dont get me wrong I like Grubs and hes looked good in times but some of the goals hes given up has made me
  4. Well the Kraken are getting their cheeks clapped thought id wonder on over here
  5. Watching the game tonight? Yall are already up 2-0
  6. Is that his gameplan or were we just getting outplayed? I dont know if you watched the game or not so its an honest question Because it looks like we just straight up out played and out hustled but if thats his gameplan my god I dont know if i can be a fan the anxiety that came along with it
  7. Got what you wanted time for you to wish for more tuddies
  8. I literally dont see any of that in here either People can react negatively to a bad play but I dont call that throwing in the towel
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