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  1. Wow. Without knowing me, you can conclude that, because I'm a fan, my opinion is clearly bias and therefore less valid than yours. Magical. I guess the key to "winning internet disagreements" is to watch a lot of a team that you aren't a fan of. That way, your opinion is always more valid. Well played.
  2. Yes. I am telling you that he hasn't only "played at his best when his team is losing". I think that is completely inaccurate.
  3. The part in bold is just completely false. But, if that's the perspective you're arguing from, so be it: we won't see eye to eye.
  4. Who is saying "perfect settings"? A decent run game and a solid defense is far from perfect. How many QBs are able to win Super Bowls without support? Rodgers, one of the greatest, has one Super Bowl appearance during his 13 seasons as a starter. How many great QBs have never won one? My only point is that we can't laugh at the Lions for how bad their GMs and coaches have been, then blame Stafford for not having more team success. Either his teams were strong and he was holding them back, or the teams have been underwhelming and he's largely the reason why they've reached the playoffs thr
  5. If they don't call it, it's likely caught for a 1st down. If they call it, it's a 1st down. It was a blatant penalty. They had to call it.
  6. They were calling the jersey pull. From my understanding, if they determine that the ball is in the air, it's pass interference. Either way, it had to be called, and would've been a 1st down regardless.
  7. I thought that until I saw the replay. It was a blatant jersey pull; not slight at all. They had to call it.
  8. I don't disagree - I absolutely think teams will pay for Stafford - but I see these situations as being vastly different. Adams is a young all star while Stafford is a old, and very good, quarterback. I would be shocked if we got two 1sts for Stafford.
  9. This stuff has always killed me. The Lions have been (rightfully) ripped for their struggles at GM and along the coaching staff, but that same logic doesn't pertain to Stafford's lack of team success? Of course it does. It's no coincidence that, when the Lions had the 2nd best defense in the NFL, they went 11-5 and narrowly lost a close (and controversial) playoff game against the Cowboys. Put Stafford on a quality team that needs a QB and they'll go deep into the playoffs.
  10. It starts with the 12th overall pick. The market might necessitate the adding of a 3rd.
  11. That's what I thought right away. You've added a young GM and coach, said that they'll split power, then are adding another personality to that room. I guess we'll see.
  12. The guy has always laid everything on the line for this team. Love him. I would absolutely hate to see him go to Chicago, unless: 1) they vowed to do everything in their power to make a run right now, and 2) that's where he wanted to go.
  13. Mantha has continued his uninspiring play. I'd happily move him for reasonable compensation.
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