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  1. The Highest Graded Run Blocking Teams in the NFL in 2020: 1. Detroit Lions - 80.3 2. Cleveland Browns - 79.4 3. Green Bay Packers - 77.0 4. Seattle Seahawks - 75.3 They are led by C Ragnow (No. 2 RB Grade among Cs) and LT Decker (No. 6 RB Grade among LTs)
  2. Absolutely. No question. Just pointing out that his base defensive scheme wasn't the problem in that game. (Thanks Swift.)
  3. In fairness, Trubisky looked remarkably mediocre until he had McRae playing CB. The Bears struggled for the first three quarters of that game until the secondary was injured.
  4. He did, but cut him and his $8.25M contract before the start of FA of that year.
  5. This pains me. I try to see the positive in a situation, which is why I understood the Hockenson pick. I just... man. To be a good team, you MUST hit on your 1st and 2nd round picks. Period. Not only have we often failed to hit on those 2nd round picks, a *hit* on a 1st round TE is a lesser hit than a hit at many other positions, especially in the top 10. I want Hock to succeed, and I'll never hold his draft position against him, but we need to get out of the "early 1st round TE" business. That business is not booming.
  6. You made other very good points in this post, so me omitting them from this quote isn't disregarding them. I just wanted to make a comment about this: him signing a 4 year deal for less than $10M per year to remain with a QB and team that he likes might be a better situation - and more money overall - than insisting on playing for that last year at $10M and signing a potentially lesser contract with another team in FA.
  7. It's a good question. I think it speaks to his defensive preferences - he'd much rather rely on 3 stout DLinemen to stop the run and devote other resources to coverage - but made the adjustment when it was clear that the pieces he has won't allow that mentality to work.
  8. I don't think that's entirely true. He could opt for a 4 year deal worth $7.3M per year, which puts him at #10 among TE contracts. It's less than $10 for one year, but a better contract overall.
  9. This isn't a "I told you so!" post, but I found this snippet (from mlive) interesting: "While they certainly blitzed more than usual, the Lions also deployed four defensive linemen with Jamie Collins -- and other linebackers -- riding the edge at an increased rate. Collins brought the heat a couple of times, while second-year linebacker Jahlani Tavai’s pressure helped force an interception. Jarrad Davis logged only 11 snaps but racked up three pressures and two tackles on those limited looks." It sounds like they pretty much did just that: ran 4 defensive linemen and blitzed more with the LBs. They also used Jarrad Davis in a situation role, and it seemed to have paid dividends. It does seem that Patricia is willing to tinker and adjust. It's great to see.
  10. Or (and you aren't denying this or anything), he signs an extension for a different cap hit.
  11. I, respectfully, disagree. In the time of COVID, if they finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs, I could see them sticking around. If there's a glimmer of hope, they may choose to see where it leads the team.
  12. Controversial take, but I'm happy that my football team won today.
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