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  1. It's hard to say what kind of RB McCoy is at this point.
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely not sold on him being an asset for 2020. I don't think they're going to splurge on Conner as a FA, and McFarland may have a significant role in 2021.
  3. I would've taken McFarland if not for the league rules requiring we leave the draft with a D/ST and K on the roster. Good upside there.
  4. Exactly. And I agree. I inherited O.J. Howard, and Brady likes his TEs. Give me 7 of Gronk and the rest of Howard.
  5. You would have crushed my dreams. I inherited O.J. Howard and not much else. I needed to come away with Gronk.
  6. With picks 2.10 and 2.11, I select: Rob Gronkowski, TE, TB and 49ers D/ST @Lions017
  7. Trade alert: TL Receives: 2.10 and 5.3 @Karnage84 Receives: 3.3 and 3.6
  8. No problem, and it wasn't a big deal or anything. I know he's busy.
  9. For the record: @Karnage84 is OTC. (The name linked in the draft thread has the _. Wanted to make sure he knew.)
  10. It's brutal. This is going to be a strange season.
  11. Eww. Moving is miserable. (If things go well, we'll be doing it in a few months too. Not looking forward to it.)
  12. I'm basically upgrading your 5th or 6th round pick to an early 3rd round pick for 10 spots in the 2nd. That's a pretty good deal. I receive: 2._ and 6th round pick You receive: 2.11 and 3.6
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