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  1. Caldwell fired

    Music to my ears.
  2. Caldwell fired

  3. Caldwell fired

    Decker is below average? Caldwell not challenging that Tate play against the Bengals was all I needed to see to want someone new in that position. There is no more crucial a decision for a coach than when to challenge, and that play must be challenged. I thought it was close, and converting may have won us that game. Edit: there was also a game against the Vikings last year (if I remember correctly) where we were down by 10 with the ball in the red zone late in the game and needed a field goal. Instead, he went for it on 4th down. I thought that decision was inexcusable.
  4. Caldwell fired

    The decision can't be fully evaluated until his replacement is brought in. If that player is a defensive-minded coach, and JBC stays, I think it's an outstanding decision. I have no interest in interrupting the flow of this passing game. Give me a legitimate running back and build a defense.
  5. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Good season Phreak.
  6. Season over?

    This is exactly what happened, and the team's effort matched Caldwell's mindset. It's just not good enough, and it's not acceptable. All this team had to do was beat two bad teams, and we couldn't pull that off. Sure, weaknesses exist across the depth chart, but there's no true excuse not to win these games. We came out flat. We didn't fight when it mattered the most, and Caldwell should be held responsible. The question is: who replaces him?
  7. Season over?

    Although true, how much of it is luck? The Vikings lost their starting QB and put a player on the field that blew Bradford away. That's the difference, and no one really saw that coming. I agree with the supporting cast though. We need a running game.
  8. Season over?

    Absolutely. Is it an ideal outcome? Of course not. But this wasn't an elite roster, and losing Decker for the first half of the year, and Ngata for the second half, were big blows. Finding a way to get back to the playoffs would be nice. (It would be a lot better than missing them.)
  9. Season over?

    Revisiting our playoff chances, we're actually in decent shape right now. Assuming we win out against lesser opponents, Seattle is out of the picture. That leaves us up against the Falcons and Cowboys (assuming that the Saints and Panthers get spots). The Falcons have to win two of their last three games, and a schedule of Bucs, Saints and Panthers is brutal. The Cowboys finish against a desperate Seahawks team and the Eagles in week 17. I believe we win tiebreakers against the Cowboys, although I'm not positive. So: we win out, the Falcons lose two, and we're in.
  10. Season over?

    Of course there's reasoning. It's just common sense what that reasoning is. I don't agree that Caldwell should be fired today, or tomorrow, or during this season. I don't agree that our RBs are not the issue. I don't agree that our acquired OLinemen, Lang and Wagner, are strong run-blockers. (Which you implied, but didn't state.) I don't agree that Quinn/Mayhew have done enough to give this team a strong running game. And I definitely don't agree that Caldwell has been Lionized. He has always been this way.
  11. Season over?

    I don't agree.
  12. Season over?

    If this team had a running game, they'd be a competitive playoff team. At some point, it's less about Caldwell and more about the players on the roster.
  13. GDT DET @ balt

    I felt that Flacco was clearly trying to pull the ball back down when it came out. The arm moving forward isn't the only concern; if the QB is clearly not intending to throw the ball, it can also be a fumble. I thought it fell into that category, and was a must-challenge situation.
  14. Season over?

    I feel the same way, and I'm a fan of what Quinn has done so far. I don't even really love Caldwell. I just think that blaming everything on him is ridiculous, especially when your team *was competing for a playoff spot.
  15. Season over?

    I feel that the same reasoning should be used for the offense as well. We've failed to give Stafford any sort of running game, and the quality offensive linemen on this roster can't stay on the field. We've got two very good WRs and a great QB, but lack almost everywhere else. If not Austin because of talent, the name everyone should be throwing around is Quinn.