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  1. Same small circle of posters? That trade was a complete joke throughout the entirety of FFMD. (It was even mocked months later during a different football exercise.) You've conveniently ignored that Michael Gallup, the other "piece" in that trade that's due a massive pay raise, was just placed on IR by the Cowboys with a calf injury. So, even with the benefit of hindsight, Okudah is worth far more than a 3rd and Gallup. The issue wasn't only the trade, of course, but the fact that the GM never even consulted the other members of the Lions' forum when pulling the trigger. That was the part
  2. Also a strong take. Stat padding? He threw for 26 yards and a TD in the entire 4th quarter. I do agree that it's accurate to Stafford's career in DET, though: even when he plays well, DET fans will find a reason to criticize him.
  3. Woah. Strong take. There are lots of great players that fail to win championships, and there are often different reasons for their inability to achieve team success. I don't put our struggles here on Stafford at all. I'm personally not a fan of calling someone a "spoiled brat" without getting to know that person. There's a substantial portion of the population in places like the U.S. that could be considered "spoiled brats". It should take more than just living a life of comfort before earning such a label.
  4. I knew my distance would be a tell, yet it was completely unrelated to the game. I was seriously and genuinely sick for the last 11 days. It was not fun.
  5. Please remove me from whatever Mafia tag list exists, if one does. Thanks for the games.
  6. Ha, nah it's all good. The timing of it all is pretty great.
  7. I'm not feeling well. I haven't for a handful of days now. The few times I've tried to start a dialogue, it has gone largely overlooked. (Which is completely fine by me.) There's a lot going on right now that's way over my head.
  8. Actually, no, I think you're town. I think it's pretty clear. I thought you were scum last game, when you remained largely unhelpful and sat back as town imploded in the end. (I even wrote Malf and said "MWil is my guess for scum this game".)
  9. Probably because I'm sick. I feel like crap. I've been trying to sleep, but my need to cough is keeping me awake. I have contemplated asking to be replaced, but, at this point, nothing has really happened that I felt I could assist with anyway.
  10. What? I posted something three pages ago. It went ignored, which is fine. You guys are doing a bunch of stuff that's way over my head, while I'm still trying to find out what we gained, if anything, overnight.
  11. Is there anything else with this? You mentioned it a different time as well.
  12. There's also this Player B, which, iirc, cried at BCB at one point.
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