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  1. Good deal. I largely agree. Thanks for the conversation.
  2. Interesting information. Thanks for the response. (The part in bold is inconsistent with my experiences, but that's good if true.)
  3. Eh, it's not about blame for me. Just curious is all. Is the 1% number something that's established, or just a ballpark?
  4. Yeah, I see that, but what if they were to spread to another vaccinated individual? That then makes it reckless or dismissive behavior?
  5. But... I guess that's my point. If a vaccinated and boosted individual can knowingly get and spread COVID to others, and takes no precautions to prevent that spread, aren't they part of the problem? (Even if there's a lesser chance of that taking place.)
  6. Dude. I'm just looking for conversation. Pump the brakes. I've noticed a trend where some seem to think that "all unvaccinated are doing bad" and "all vaccinated are doing good", and I don't agree. Any person that takes zero precautions right now, despite knowing that they can still get and spread COVID, is doing the population a disservice.
  7. I just found your "there is no viable solution" line to be a bit extreme and sort of confusing. You clarified. I understood.
  8. I've also sort of wondered this: do you guys feel that a vaccinated and boosted individual that puts himself/herself in close proximity to others without wearing a mask is also responsible for furthering the spread of COVID?
  9. That's interesting. But you don't actually think that such a pandemic would last forever, right? That such a thing would be inconsistent with what we know about pandemics?
  10. So, what happens? The world ends? Many, including Gates, have come forward and said that omicron likely signals the end of the "pandemic"; that COVID will function more as a seasonal flu. Isn't that the goal?
  11. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree (with the second paragraph). I tend not to give my elected officials a pass when they ignore important information and make decisions that they should have reasonably known would put others at risk. That being said, I can tell that there's no real reason for me to continue here. Thanks for the conversation.
  12. What? See, that's my issue with all of this. You can't criticize anyone who made a mistake if that person is "on your side". Why? Why can't we? Why shouldn't we? The smartest people all sat in the same room and decided that the public could "resume a normal life" if they got the vaccine. These people should have known that the virus could mutate, that key elements of this pandemic could change, and that putting individuals that are carrying COVID next to high risk individuals would put their lives at risk. At the very least, it mutating was clearly a possibility, and that possibility
  13. Are you saying that the top minds in medicine didn't know that a virus could mutate?
  14. I actually think the blame is far more on the government than you state here. This whole "get the vaccine and you can life a normal life, as you won't get or spread COVID!" message was absurd, and undoubtedly cost lives. Many individuals avoided contact with vulnerable members of the population until they received the vaccine, then resumed close contact with those persons, unaware that they could still spread COVID. These half measures have always been the issue, in my opinion, and we're seeing them everywhere.
  15. In fairness, have you seen his little legs move as he sprints around the field? So freaking entertaining.
  16. I keep hearing criticism towards Stafford for his performance in this game. (Not necessarily from FF or anything.) "It was a Goff gameplan." "He didn't have to do much." I mean, if he misplaces those TD throws and instead hands the Cards a few picks, I'm guessing he would've had to throw more as the game moved forward.
  17. I'm bad at math, but I think I still have 1 tag available for trade. (Until I develop another "master" plan and decide to keep it for some unknown reason.)
  18. I don't want to get yelled at for saying somewhat nice things, but you still have young studs on offense. I think they'll be fine.
  19. Well, that escalated quickly. I receive: 2nd Round Pick Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah @Tk3 receives: 3 Tags I accept.
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