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  1. A personal attack AND political nonsense in back-to-back posts? Setting records. Classy.
  2. Nope. This was years ago, when I still lived in MI.
  3. Not sure this is the place for nonsense takes like that...
  4. Valenti has openly admitted that he says things for entertainment purposes only, and that he often doesn't agree with his own takes. I stopped listening to him after that.
  5. I wouldn't think so. He's probably making the point that it was widely accepted as the "right" hire at the time, and that everyone that agreed would've gotten it "wrong" as well.
  6. ... at least Gronk outscored Cousins... I guess...
  7. When have I refused to discuss anything? The conversation at that time was the injuries to the CBs, and how - after Trufant left the game - Trubisky's stats improved significantly. That was the conversation. But, whatever. I'm good on "forum logic" for the evening. See you guys after a win.
  8. ... I was discussing the reality of what took place.
  9. This. Right here. Losing is always the bottom line... unless we win. When we win, context starts to matter again. Had Swift caught a basic, both hands on the ball, chest-high pass, we'd at least hear the context as to why winning is no longer enough, and why we should've lost. I enjoy those conversations just as much.
  10. This... I just... what? The conversation is that 3 of our top 4 CBs were hurt, which enabled Trubisky to do just enough to win. You can't say "Well, Slay wouldn't have gotten hurt, so trading him was a bad decision". That isn't reality. We don't know if Slay would've gotten hurt had he been on the field against the Bears, and it's pointless to pretend that this hypothetical matters. Why are we still holding half of 2019 against Patricia? Caldwell was a 9-7 coach with a Stafford that started every single game. If you don't see how that might've altered the outcomes of some of those games, I don't know what to tell you. Lastly, I love the last line here. Yes, HAD we won, winning is no longer enough. No way. Not for Patricia. When we lose, it's "Caldwell won more games, therefore the Patricia hire was the wrong hire, regardless of context". When we win, it's "Yeah, we won, but we lost a 4th quarter lead, so larger issues remain. Winning isn't enough". Selective context. It's impressive stuff.
  11. Yep. A better CB would have been an inspirational force on the sidelines, motivating the uninjured backups to prevent Trubisky from making those plays. I see the vision. You need a response when comparing Patricia to Caldwell? I have already given it. (And I'll happily ignore the fact that we were without our best player for half of 2019.) Caldwell built on what was already here, and won... 9 games. Four seasons, and a 9-7 record. To a Lions' fan, that's incredible. Sign me up to barely making the playoffs every few years and getting smacked once we're there. To a Lions' fan, that's its own victory. It's no surprise that Quinn got here and determined that a 9-7 coach wasn't good enough. He hired a guy that has actually had coaching success in this league, and allowed him to rebuild a mediocre roster. Rebuilding takes time. Of course, if Swift caught the pass yesterday...
  12. ... that's the conversation. 3 of our top 4 CBs were hurt in the 4th quarter. Prior to Trufant's injury, Trubisky was mediocre. After Trufant's injury, he was effective enough to win them the game. (The Swift drop permitting.) Of course, you can pretend that Slay would NOT have gotten hurt, and his presence alone would've won us the game. Doing this would allow you to us an unrealistic hypothetical to toss more blame on Quinn and Patricia, which is always a reasonable move.
  13. How would he have helped if he got hurt?
  14. Yeah, definitely. That wasn't targeted at you or anything. (It wasn't targeted at anyone. I just found it interesting.)
  15. "Trubisky was 11 of 25 for 150 yards with no touchdowns before Trufant exited. After Trufant left the game? The Bears quarterback completed 9 of 11 passes for 92 yards and three touchdowns."
  16. I mean, they're not really excuses. It's the truth. It was the truth under Caldwell and is still true under Patricia. Losing your #1, #2 and #4 CBs before the 4th quarter will usually help bad QBs look good. Good players like Swift will make bad, game-defining mistakes. It's the NFL. This stuff happens. Nearly half of the fanbases in the NFL will enter week 2 believing that the sky is falling. It isn't. (At least, not over a football game.) Especially in the era of expanded playoffs, a fluke week 1 loss doesn't end a season. Unless you want it to. Many had that mentality last year, before we rattled off some wins and nearly beat the Chiefs. At that point, those same fans were fully on the wagon. It took only a few weeks for them to hop off again. It's the NFL. This stuff happens. So, feel free to hop off the wagon.
  17. I think we need to pump the brakes a bit. Sure, it was disappointing, as they always are, but we were up by 10 with 3 minutes left. The Bears needed a slew of injuries and an improbable string of events to make a comeback possible, and those things happened. Even after that, a basic end zone catch by Swift wins the game. He dropped it. It was a fluke. I don't think it's the time to give up.
  18. I mean, they absolutely have more access to information than I do. It doesn't mean they'll make the right decisions each time, but very few fans have more insight into an organization than actual members of that organization.
  19. Ha. How can they "be a team that's willing to cut a 5th round pick if they aren't good enough to make the roster", which they showed with Huntley, while also being the opposite? It doesn't work. Ever stop and think that they have access to information that you may not? Don't get me wrong: I bet you concluded that "Ty Johnson sucks" based on a ton of "off-season 2020" YouTube videos, so you're clearly speaking from a place of informed knowledge here. (So impressive.) I just have a hard time believing that you, with your vast "internet/YouYube wisdom", have a more informed opinion than the 10+ members of the organization that watched these guys every practice and whose jobs are on the line. I guess I just "always" assume that the organization may know more than I do when making these decisions. Guilty.
  20. Yeah, I don't think you keep a 5th round pick based solely on the fact that they're a 5th round pick. If Huntley didn't look the part, and wasn't worth a roster spot, I don't care that they cut him.
  21. I think it speaks to concerns about Swift's recovery from his injury and Kerryon Johnson's durability.
  22. Yeah, this is where I'm at. I just wonder how much better Backus would've looked had he played for a better team.
  23. Yeah, but I think that's my point: Joe Thomas was an elite LT. Like, a crazy good player. He's a significantly better LT than Backus was. That doesn't make Backus bad by default. Stafford isn't a great reference here. Many fans, to include Lions' fans, think he's average and isn't worth his contract, despite his clear ability. If Stafford played for a good team, he'd likely be a lock in the top 5-top 8 discussion. Just sack numbers aren't enough. The article didn't even list the number of pass protections for each player. There's just so much missing from the list to draw any conclusions whatsoever. I agree that settling for ok is a problem. I just don't think Backus was ever the issue. A slew of wasted picks and bad coaches are to blame, not a solid LT that played without talent on both sides of the ball, for a team that was often losing.
  24. Side note: "Decker’s average salary is $14.2 million annually, which makes him the eighth-highest paid left tackle in the league. Only Laremy Tunsil ($22 million), Anthony Castonzo ($16.5 million), Taylor Lewan ($16 million), Nate Solder ($15.5 million), D.J. Humphries ($14.6 million), Dion Dawkins ($14.6 million) and Jake Matthews ($14.5 million) will make more per year."
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