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  1. lions sign Cory Undlin as their new defensive coordinator

    Interview with Coach Undlin:
  2. My Fanspeak 4 round mock

    It would be pretty filthy. Adding Simmons and Lewis to this defense would be pretty remarkable. I also like grabbing a WR in this deep class, as I think that we're close to being underwhelming at the position.
  3. Picking #3

    The fact that you don't see this team has having upward trajectory with a healthy Stafford is the crux of this disagreement, in my opinion. Sure, we were flawed, but with Stafford, we were mere bounces (or bad calls) away from being regarded as one of the better teams. (Read over those GDTs if you don't believe me: many of the same Lions' fans that want Patricia gone now were fully behind him at the time.) Bosa's impact on SF can't be understated. Many regard him as the most valuable player on that roster. Without Bosa, some think they fall short of the playoffs. They only have him because they finished 4-12 in 2018. I'd much rather finish 3-12-1 and land a potential elite player than manage to scrape together a few late season wins and pick in the middle of the draft.
  4. 2020 Free Agency

    Exactly. This is such a great point: the ownership really hamstrung Quinn and Patricia by publicly giving them only 1 more year. If they said what any smart owner says - that they're fully behind their GM and coach - it could've helped scheme fit defenders want to come here.
  5. Picking #3

    This ignores that our first half schedule was vastly more difficult than our second half schedule. If we were 3-4-1 with Stafford against more difficult opponents, finishing with at least 8 or 9 wins isn't unreasonable. Look at those examples: the Panthers lost Cam and won 4 straight... to finish 5-11. Yay...? Is that a good thing? They lost late 1st round value (the difference between the 3rd overall pick and 7th overall pick is 700 points, or the 26th overall pick) and accomplished what exactly? What will it take for them to trade up with us for Tua, if they view him as a franchise QB? A 2nd and future 1st round pick? All because they won meaningless games. (Tannehill, not Fitzpatrick, but it's all the same.) Will those teams be better? How do we know? Does managing to finish as a mediocre team in 2019 help a team improve in 2020? Would finishing 8-8 in 2018 have helped the 49ers more in 2019 than drafting Bosa?
  6. Picking #3

    That's exactly what I've read as well: it mimics a regular Lions' practice. I bet the last thing these players want is to have the overzealous coach of a losing team running them around frantically to make the coach look good, risking their health in the process.
  7. Picking #3

    Especially with that schedule: the Bears (x2), Cowboys, Redskins, Vikings, Bucs, Broncos and Packers. Only two of those teams (Vikings and Packers) finished 2019 with a winning record, and the Blough-led Lions nearly beat the Packers week 17.
  8. Picking #3

    That goes back to the 'tanking' discussion. If it's better for the team to lose during week 17 with a 3-11-1 record, isn't it better to lose during week 16 as well? If you're 3-4-1, and the best player on your team is (likely) out for the year, should you strive for wins, or should you do what's better for the team and attempt to obtain as much draft value as possible? Quinn could have traded valuable future assets to earn a few more wins in 2019, but that most likely wouldn't have gotten us into the playoffs, and would have driven us away from the draft value we have now.
  9. Picking #3

    ... unless the Lions make a Super Bowl under Patricia. If that happens, Quinn would've been right, and you would be wrong.
  10. Picking #3

    Lots of speculation and excuses in both of our posts it seems. At least it's more than "no examples of a coach failing for years and suddenly improving", as this has happened numerous times. The truth of all of this is that, if the Lions made the playoffs last year, none of this would matter right now. No one would care. It's only an issue because of the record, and the record was only what it was in 2019 because of Stafford's injury. When you look at how ridiculously easy our 2nd have schedule was, managing 5 or 6 wins out of that group is actually pretty reasonable.
  11. Picking #3

    So: context. I agree. I love context. You said: "there are no examples of someone failing for years and suddenly improving". I gave you three. (Three that were readily available. There are undoubtedly more.) Now, if context is part of the conversation: during his first year, a number of (crybaby) veterans were upset because Caldwell was fired, were mad because the practices were harder, and were mad that their coach wasn't acting like their buddy. They decide to mail it in. The team finishes 6-10. During his second year, and after the team's most difficult 8 games, the team is 3-4-1. Their starting QB (and arguably best player at the most important position) gets hurt, and they finish 0-8. If we want to ignore context, there's a head coach in his third year preparing for a Super Bowl after an identical record after his first two seasons. If we want to consider context, there's plenty to go on that points to why this team wasn't more successful. We can't have it both ways.
  12. Picking #3

    No examples? So you believe Kyle Shanahan doesn't have "it" and should have been fired after last year? In his first year, Shanahan's 49ers went 6-10. The same record as Patricia. In his second year, Shanahan's 49ers finished 4-12 (after losing their starting QB early in the season). Patricia went 3-12-1. One defensive player, and a healthy quarterback, brought that team from 4-12 to a 13-3 record and the Super Bowl. Of course, you would've concluded that his time was over after his second season because "the fast way really is the only way". Then there's legends like Bill Walsh and **** Vermeil, who both struggled mightily during their first two seasons, Walsh with a 8-24 record and Vermeil with a 9-23. (Bill Walsh is in the Hall of Fame.)

    I don't disagree with this. I'm skeptical on the Slay situation: I don't see him staying with the Lions past this year, and I don't think his trade value will ever be higher than it is now. Adding a legitimate CB and drafting Okudah isn't a bad strategy long term.
  14. Picking #3

    I think this assumes two very speculative points: 1) Patricia doesn't have 'it'. 2) His replacement somehow might. That course of action doesn't interest me, especially after the Lions lost their starting QB for half of the season. Before Stafford was injured, many posters on this forum were fully behind Patricia, both as a coach and in his 'plan'. One lost QB and 9 losses later and those same posters have written him off completely. The truth is, these things often take time. Resetting the clock every few years gets this team no closer to being successful than allowing a GM/coach to build a contender the right way, not necessarily the fast way.
  15. 2020 Free Agency

    I love Suh. The antics get a little tiresome, but I wouldn't hesitate to bring him back.
  16. 2020 Offseason Mock

    No way am I paying Glasgow $10M per. If those are his demands, he's quite simply not coming back.
  17. Picking #3

    If the Lions land Chase Young, and if he's only a "good" player, this roster is competing for a playoff spot immediately. With Stafford, this roster took the Chiefs to the wire and had the Packers during their first meeting (hello "illegal hands to the face"... x2). Both Bears' games, the Cowboys game, the Bucs game, the Redskins game and the Broncos game were all very winnable. Our biggest flaw was a lack of pressure, and Young immediately fixes that, making Flowers vastly more effective, and making life easier for Slay and Co.
  18. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Fantastic. I didn't care either way, but now I'll be pulling for them.

    I love the trade down, although I'm not personally interested in Rosen. Again, wouldn't be mad if he was tossed into a deal. The FA contracts are massive, which I don't love, but that defense would be vastly improved from this year. Jones also gives us flexibility in case Slay decides to holdout, or if he moves on after this year. The team looks good. If this happened, although the contracts scare me, I think the inevitable wins would make it all feel better.

    Ha. Interesting. I don't take much of what Ryan says seriously, though... the guy guaranteed Super Bowls each season, yet didn't have a winning record over his last 6 seasons.
  21. Picking #3

    Wow. I'm starting to think that watching the Lions play in Madden is just as frustrating as watching them play in real life.
  22. Picking #3

    Yeah, definitely. I tried to add a good CB and starting DE in free agency, and both turned down my offer. I tried to sign a decent C for depth and he said no. It wasn't ideal. Marvin Jones, Damon Harrison and Devon Kennard each got hurt week 1, each are out for 7-9 weeks. We managed to win (on a 4th and goal from the 5 TD throw with 5 seconds left). The DTs are really struggling now, and I had to add a FA to the mix, but the Higgins and LB draft picks were huge.
  23. Picking #3

    (Boring wall of text incoming. If you dislike Madden, feel free to skip this over.) I wanted to mention this somewhere but didn't want to start a new thread. I was messing around with the Lions' offseason in a 'realistic' Madden sim (rosters and draft prospects updated). Instead of playing games, I was considering watching the 2020 season CPU vs. CPU, trying to build the Lions into a winning franchise. (It makes it much more difficult to sim, in my opinion... when I play, I can use lesser players with certain attributes to be successful. The CPU doesn't function that way. Rating is king.) I made a few offers in free agency, although none of the players signed. When it came to the draft, I decided to explore trade down options. (Burrow went 1st and Young went 2nd.) I decided to try something new and offered the 3rd overall pick for the 14th overall pick, 20th overall pick and a future 1st round pick. The team accepted. I was hoping that a good defensive player would've fallen to the mid 1st, but none did. Instead, one of the "Early 1st Round" LTs was available. I decided to grab that player with the intention of shifting Decker to RT. (The LT has star development, which is great.) With the 20th overall pick, a great LB with elite speed and a mid 1st round grade was still available. Although not necessarily a pressing need, both Davis (75, normal dev) and Tavai (74, normal dev) are underwhelming (from a Madden perspective). I grabbed the LB to shift to OLB until I had a better option out there. (Quick development.) In the early 2nd round, Tee Higgins, a 1st round WR prospect, was still available, and vastly better than any defensive prospects. Jones is already declining (79 overall), which will only continue as the years move forward. I grabbed Higgins (Star development, I believe), then, somehow, at the top of the 3rd, Mekhi Becton was still there. Wanting to fill a need at OG ("power" style), I grabbed him to shift him inside. At the top of the 4th, and for some unknown reason, Justin Herbert had not yet been drafted, despite his "Early 1st Round" evaluation. Yeah, I took him too. Five draft picks. Four went to the offensive side of the ball, not by design. I used the rest of the draft to add various defensive players, even landing an athletic safety with quick development in the 6th round. Although I was disappointed that more pieces weren't added to the defensive side of the ball, the board fell in a way that the best value happened to be on offense. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
  24. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    ... and all is right in the world... (of football).
  25. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    Interesting. Thanks.