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    You need to jump the Jets for CeeDee Lamb. Trade 1.12 and 3.91 to CLE for 1.10. Trade 1.19 to IND for 34/44. Indy coming up for a QB when three go top ten. I think five will go first round. 1.10 - CeeDee Lamb WR 2.34 - KJ Hamler WR 2.44 - Jeremy Chinn S 3.80 - AJ Dillon RB 3.81 - Alex Higsmith LB 4.121 - Reggie Robinson CB 5.159 - Khalil Davis DT If a good defensive player is there at #34 maybe you can push back WR. But with these guys should all be available at their respective picks.
  2. Raiders Pick at 11

    That's the dream. They signed George Fant in UFA at and have a 3/2019 draft pick at RT. Also signed McGovern at center. They're content with their OL. Do not discount the fact Robby Anderson left in UFA and they need to make Sam Darnold look like a viable QB. They will take WR. You're talking about hoping they take Jeudy instead. I'm not comfortable with that. CeeDee Lamb changes the Raiders franchise forever.
  3. HB Final Social Distance Mock Draft

    Would you trade PJ Hall and Gabe Jackson plus 5th rd pick for PIT 4th and 6th??? I would.
  4. HB Final Social Distance Mock Draft

    Pittsburgh is a spot for Gabe Jackson. Pittsburgh is a spot for PJ Hall. There should be something in the works with Pittsburgh.
  5. HB Final Social Distance Mock Draft

    Not a fan of Ruggs. Not a fan of Delpit. Not a fan of Akers. Pittman is good. Like a Mike Evans. But this is a round too late. He could go as high as #39. Bc he's good. Not a fan of Davion Taylor. When it comes to watching prospects. I like guys that perform on film. This is more like the test. You're all prepared when you go to the combine so there's no real surprises and you just validate and recheck from that point on. If you wanna keep those positions (without trading down) you go Lamb and Chinn. You go Jeudy and Chinn. Lamb is the obvious fit because of scheme. Chinn at #19 is borderline insanity. No, it is insane. Joyner and Abram is servicable. For now. I think you can go Zack Baun there. Guaranteed something. Or someone else. You need guaranteed somethings in round one. You can't just throw freaking darts out there. I like the top two WRs and then there's a big dropoff in value until the second round.
  6. Raiders Pick at 11

    Lemme start by saying.... I hate the New York Jets bc they'll take CeeDee Lamb.

    Just gimme the $&7@ ball.

    Derek Carr. Trading to a divisional rival is actually a good thing. Bc then you have ppl fearing that move. Feed Carr to that defense. Kolton Miller will forever be known as the guy you took to pass on Derwin James. Kolton Miller can be easily replaced. He is by no means top 10 at the position. He's kinda good. Kinda improving. WHat is this kinda crap? The offense is coming. Gruden will get his weapons. In time. I think what is more important is building a team. And it starts with defense. Don't forget AJ Dillon and Albert O drastically change that offense. My general rule of thumb is you gotta take a guy a half round early if you actually want him. You see in mocks ppl take someone two rounds late. Yeah, that's a fantasy. Here's what I like Reggie Robinson. Yeah, that's what a legitimate CB looks like. 4th bout where he goes. I like Logan Wilson as this sort of Kuechly ball sniffing defender. Reads QB eyes and makes plays in the secondary. Khalil Davis is a twitched up 3-gap DT. Has star potential. Don't like the DT's. Good depth though. Omar Bayless is "two rounds early". But, once again, if I'm in the business of fantasy mocks. Yeah, I'll take him in the 7th. But, I actually want him bc he's a NFL player. I think he also has star potential. But more likely to be one rung below. If you wanna study Albert O. My advice would be to look at 2018 highlights when he was playing with Drew Lock. The man is an absolute matchup nightmare. He pulls away from DBs running after him. Expecting Gronk like returns here. And then. The bread and butter. You line up Gross-Matos and Chaisson on the LT and let them have a field day. Somin like Gross-Matos. DT. Cle. Crosby. With Chaisson as a blitzing LB is unfair. Gross-Matos will be a HOF. That has more value than WR. Even though I love CeeDee. I'd love ten WRs. I just feel having a complete team is what you need. Of course I left the fact you can trade Arden Key for a three. And fill a need. Mariota with no LT will guarantee a top five pick. That's what we're doing here. Filling all needs but QB, LT, and to a lesser extent WR. But those guys grow on trees. That's why they are referred to as a dime a dozen. Love the RB combo. Dillon to be the feature. Josh to be receiving target. Jalen richard as the blocking back. That's how you put together a backfield. This starts as a run game. Control the clock. Play good defense. It turns into an offensive juggernaut once you get the QB. And, you still got the best defense in the league.

    This is absolutely right. Gruden and Mayock refer to building blocks. Yes. You need blocks to build a house. There is not a QB in this class so you get as many blocks as possible. Teams that rush rebuilds generally fail. No, wait. They always do.

    Jason Witten is irrelevant. Foster Moreau can only block. Derek Carrier is a cut. Darren Waller is good. Not great. One would think a dynamic tight end would be good. In the west coast offense. But what do I know?

    1.12 - K'lavon Chaisson LB LSU 1.19 - Yetur Gross-Matos DE PENN ST 2.40 (via LA) - Albert O TE MIZZOU 3.80 - AJ Dillon RB BC 3.81 - Khalil Davis DT NEBRASKA 3.91 - Logan Wilson LB WYOMING 4.119 - Reggie Robinson CB TULSA 5-159 - Omar Bayless WR ARKANSAS ST UDFA - MYLES BRYANT, STEPHEN GUIDRY *DEREK CARR AND KOLTON MILLER TO LA CHARGERS FOR 2ND RD PICK AND 2021 4TH
  12. Delete

    Todd Gurley?
  13. SPLASH HERE...

    You need a splash move as you move to Las Vegas.... 1) Calvin Johnson 5 years, $125m • $60m signing bonus • Rolling bonus structure. $7m roster bonus in July. $8m roster bonus in March that becomes guaranteed after playing in 10 games. $8.5m roster bonus in July 2021. Roster bonus in March 2022 $8.5m becomes guaranteed after playing 10 games in 2021. Roster bonus July 2022 of $8m • $5m performance bonus (SB) • $1m annual workout bonus salaries: 1.95/2.5/3.25/3.75/4.5 Cap hit: $21.9m • Trade conditional 2021 6th rd pick and cash $32m for Calvin Johnson 2) Javon Hargrave 4 years, $60m $7m cap hit. 3) Sean Lee 3 years, $11.8m $3.4m cap hit. Trade: Reshad Jones and PIT 1st for Kolton Miller and Derek Carr Extension: Reshad Jones 5 years, $56m ($32m guaranteed) $16m signing bonus. $3.75m roster bonus march 2021. $4m roster bonus march 2022. Year One and Year Two salary guaranteed. Salaries: 4.25/5/6.5/8/8.5 cap hit: $7.45m year two massage: convert $3.75m roster bonus + 4.25 salary. $8m/4 + 0.75 + 3.2 year two cap hit: $5.95m DRAFT 1st, 12th overall - CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma 1st, 18th overall - K'lavon Chaisson LB LSU TRADE INDIANAPOLIS 1st, 19th overall - Jacob Eason QB Washington * IND Colts trade 34th and 43rd for this pick 2nd, 34th overall - Zack Baun LB Wisconsin 2nd, 43rd overall - Josh Jones OT Houston 3rd, 80th - AJ Dillon RB Boston College 3rd, 81st - Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois 3rd, 91st - Kevin Dotson G Louisiana-Lafayette 4th, 118 - Reggie Robinson CB Tulsa 5th, 159 - Khalil Davis DT Nebraska 7th, 226 - Omar Bayless WR Arkansas St
  14. Javon Hargrave Contract

    COMPENSATION. For performance of Player's services and all other promises of Player. Club will pay player a yearly salary as follows: $875,000 for the 2020 season $950,000 for the 2021 season $1,250,000 for the 2022 season $1,500,000 for the 2023 season $1,950,000 for the 2024 season $2,500,000 for the 2025 season OPTION. $3,250,000 for the 2026 season SPECIAL PROVISIONS. For the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 seasons. Player will receive $50,000 for each of the following achieved by player, to a yearly maximum of $500,000 per season 1) Player plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, team improves in points, and ranks top 25 in total defense 2) Player records 40 tackles or more in a season 3) Players plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, team improves in net yards, and ranks top 25 in total defense 4) Players plays in 45% of defensive snaps, team improves in wins total, and ranks top 25 in total defense 5) Player averages 4.5 tackles per game 6) Player records 40 tackles, plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, and team makes playoffs 7) Player records 12 sacks in a season 8) Player is a 1st ballot Pro Bowl and achieves 2nd incentive* 9) Team allows 250 points or less 10) Player records 15 TFL 11) 1st or 2nd team All-Pro and 2nd incentive* 12) Player records 40 tackles, plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, and team wins a wildcard game 13) Player records 40 tackles, plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, and team wins divisional game 14) 1st team All-Conference and 2nd incentive* 15) Player records 40 tackles, plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, and team wins Conference Championship 16) Team averages 250 yards per game 17) Player records 40 tackles, plays in 45% of the defensive snaps, and team wins Super Bowl 18) Player wins Defensive Player of the Year 19) Super Bowl MVP and 2nd incentive* 20) NFL MVP and 2nd incentive* 2nd Incentive met by • 4.5 tackles per game OR • 12 sacks in a season OR • 15 TFL OR • Team improves in wins and ranks top 25 OR • Team allows 250 pts or less OR • 80 pressures in a season OR • 25 QB hits ESCALATOR #1. For the 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 seasons. Player's salary will increase by the corresponding amounts for the following achievements in the preceding year regular season • 1,000,000 if player records 12 sacks • $1,500,000 if player records 15 sacks • $2,000,000 if player records 18 sacks • $2,500,000 if player records 20 sacks • $3,000,000 if player breaks sack record ESCALATOR #2. If, at the conclusion of the fourth season of this contract (Year 2023). Player has accomplished three of the following four achievements: • 52 sacks • 195 tackles • 13 FF • 77 TFL A $30m option bonus is activated. Play like Aaron Donald bonus. ROSTER BONUS. Player receives a $12m roster bonus March 17, 2021 if he is on the roster on the 3rd day of the league year. Player receives a $8m roster bonus on March 17, 2022 if he is on the roster on the 3rd day of the league year. SIGNING BONUS. $10m Total guarantees at signing: $31.75m. Signing bonus. Roster bonus. Roster bonus. Year 1 salary. Year 2 salary. Year One cap hit: ($10m/5) + 0.875 + LTBE incentive $500k Year one cap hit: $3.375m Player's contract becomes void if he fails to play like Donald and becomes UFA after year four. Total max value: 7 years, $87.75m
  15. Jameis Winston (4 years, $68m)

    Steelers trade Roethlisberger, Pouncey, and JuJu for Devin White and 2nd rd pick