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  1. No complaints with this move... If he's great, perfect. If he sucks, cut him. Sure, having Dunbar here on his one year deal at roughly the same $ would be better (talent-wise), but he made it abundantly clear he was gonna continue to annoy management with his demands. At least Darby wants to be here, otherwise he wouldn't have signed. Hopefully he stays healthy and can get enough reps to develop into what he could potentially be
  2. I agree with Pro Bowls (and the HOF to a lesser degree) being a popularity contest. Ray was an Oscar-worthy hype man in the huddle, and he had his trademark entrance dance like a WWE wrestler. The idea of Ray Lewis was bigger than Ray Lewis the player. I definitely think London is HOF-worthy. The man just showed up to work and did his job for 15 seasons. He was essentially the Frank Gore of MLBs. No flash, no dances, etc. Just production. I just think it's foolish to compare two players based on 3 stats and say they're equal lol
  3. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    I actually clicked on this link with Parkinson being my first thought. He could provide Haskins with some Jimmy Graham-esque size over the middle
  4. Superbowls: Lewis 2 - 1 Fletcher SB MVPs: Lewis 1 - 0 Fletcher Pro Bowls: Lewis 13 - 4 Fletcher 1st Team All-Pro: Lewis 7 - 0 Fletcher DPOY: Lewis 2 - 0 Fletcher
  5. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Watson for Williams & Haskins Edit: semi-serious
  6. Q Dunbar Gifted to the Seahawks

    Brutal... So we basically swapped Dunbar for Allen And traded down in the 5th to do it
  7. O-Line Situation

    With Scherff back and Flowers & Trent gone, how does our O-Line look going into next year? LT - Christian LG - Martin C - Roullier RG - Scherff RT - Moses Depth: T - Lucas / Adams / Parris G - Schweitzer / Pierschbacher C - none? Martin filled in well at RG when Scherff was out, but can he play LG just as well? If he killed it at RG, I think we should experiment with Scherff at different positions. Either at RT (and swing Moses to the LT spot) or at LT. Have we ever played Scherff at the tackle spot? It just seems like a waste of his talents to keep him at RG his whole career. We have a massive hole at LT and he should be able to fill it
  8. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Unfortunately not. Wish I could say yes, as he's a talented WR when healthy. I just wanna avoid the heartbreak of another Reed situation. I held my breath every time Reed caught a pass, and I don't wanna go through that again
  9. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    If Clowney can be had for a bargain, I'd be all for it. However, I'd still draft Young and just trade Kerrigan. A Clowney/Young combo with Sweat rotating in would be a nightmare. Clowney isn't the elite pass rusher he wants us to think, but he's definitely worth at least 14M/year
  10. 6'8" 330lbs, 28 years old 53 games, 16 starts Depth tackle. No complaints, especially since we only have Moses and Christian pretty much
  11. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Definitely. The guy is one of the faces of the entire NFL imo
  12. I wouldn't be so confident in analyzing his character, but I doubt a 35 year old coming off the IR still legitimately views himself as a starter, especially after being replaced by rookie QBs the past 2 seasons. The guy brings a tonne of experience, and already lived in Maryland for a decade when he was playing in Baltimore. I could definitely see mutual interest in him signing a short term deal to be our new Keenum.
  13. Wouldn't mind signing Flacco to a 2-year deal to be Dwayne's backup. Flacco's maturity and chill attitude could help Dwayne avoid public meltdowns like the one he had with his O-Line.
  14. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Brutal lmao
  15. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Bulaga is exclusively a RT from what I understand. They could still be in on the Trent "sweepstakes"