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  1. Fire gase and ill give you my opinion. Only thing I can give him crap so far is not changing his crap plays
  2. I am only 32 so I never got to watch much 70-90s ball with much memory but that late 1990s and early 2000s 3 way slug fest way nuts. Every game looked like an 11 vs 11 mma fight. All 3 are still slug it out teams with different offensive identities but I will never miss a match between any of them if I can. Great times. Not that I can not enjoy a 45-48 shoot out but I rather see that knock down drag out fight I grew up with.
  3. The afc Central with the titans ravens and steelers still leave me feeling like they are the titans biggest rival. Those games were brutal.
  4. Even with his career length I surprised tom is on there. He has been getting away with like 5 grounding calls a game for over the last 10 years.
  5. I would agree yards per play is better than yards allowed. But points allowed is the key stone of defense. Edit: or points allowed per play or drive.
  6. Would you downgrade wilson because he throws 100 less passes a year compared to the prolific passers?
  7. Agreed. As a canes fan I would never mention the 2001 canes being possibly the best college team ever to try and talk about them now. God I miss how good they were 😞
  8. Not sure this counts but qb bulk stats vs efficiency stats annoy the crap out of me. Efficiency is far more important than bulk when looking at how good a player is.
  9. Exactly. I could named a few more guys who could have potentially made them better over allen. He is a middle of the pack qb and if you go on passing alone he is bottom 3rd.
  10. Ryan, tanny, murry, Rodgers, cousins, brees, dax.....
  11. 18th, 28th, 26th, 31st in points since he became a head coach.
  12. He also has to be in adam gase's crap offense.
  13. Dk over aj is so ridiculous that there are not words.
  14. I know I sound like a broken record at this point but the titans last year scoring over 30ppg and having sub 50% fg percentage. The titans actually scored as many fgs in one game about 15 years ago as they did all season (8).
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