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  1. No Supplemental Draft this year

    Not really. What would they do try and explain why suddenly 80% of college players are getting doctoral degrees? They would still have the same setup just ths kids would make some cash.
  2. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    I love that a large fry is a whole bag and is enough for like 4-6 people lol
  3. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    5 guys is where it's at.
  4. Would just get more people infected and we would end up with lockout/strike ball if it was even needed.
  5. Which QB would you want?

    Trevor and burrow look like some of the best prospects in years but going for unknown talent is always hard 2 do and as bad as wentz has been with injuries he is better than dax or murray at this point.
  6. What would you trade for Adams?

    You are both right and I was joking about the situation and what the other guy said. This is football fan stuff and we pick fun at whoever is a rival or in the bottom 3rd of the league (in our own views) and as a titans fan I had to live with that not long ago. Sorry again but try and have some fun if you can since it will be around for a bit (jags more than jets) it looks like.
  7. What would you trade for Adams?

    That would be funny. Two guya who just want out and want to go to a contender being swaped by **** teams who didn't want to pay big contracts to the guys.
  8. Allegiant Stadium Thread (Home of the Las Vegas Raiders)

    That is almost as hard to look at as the dolphins stadium with the crazy shadows from the over hangs.
  9. Notable Stats

    Trubisky needs a trophy.
  10. Which team will win their first Super Bowl next?

    That is how the chiefs beat my titans. Till that pre halftime score we were in control. Then they got back in it and we saw the ball once in the next 15min. Was game over from there.
  11. I tried saying this. They ignored it.
  12. Hayneworth joke I think.
  13. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Jones no, jordan idk again. I watch every titans game and what i get a chance 2 see. I am not watching every game so I do not know for every guy. Which again is why I said I may be wrong about garret.
  14. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Like I said from the start it has nothing to do with his pass rush ability. The fact 1/3 of his tackles are sacks is why I am hesitant to call him more than good. Sayhe plays 70% of snaps (I am just spit balling here). With an average of 60 plays a game. That is about 670 plays. You then drop that down to 42ish snaps a game. And then to 1.3 tackles and or sacks a game. I get not getting the tackle but forcing a player into a tackle is almost as if not sometimes more important but it looks bad. Is 2 or less tackles/sacks a game great?