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  1. Are you assuming KD is a shell of his former self? If he’s back to his usual form they’re the best team in the east by a wide margin
  2. WCF- Warriors over Clippers in 7 ECF- Nets over Hawks in 5 Finals Nets over Warriors in 6 Wizards are a top 5 seed , Hawks top 3. Rockets, Suns, Pelicans and Jazz in a dog fight for the last 2 playoff spots in the West.
  3. This old world ideology that anyone “deserves “ - fill in the blank- amount of time should be eradicated from your beliefs. Everyone is under the microscope being judged at all times. There is no set amount of time required to make an evaluation. It’s not always easy, every circumstance is different. Every hire, signing, draft pick ect is the organization making an evaluation and taking a chance on someone. If you hire an employee who is clearly incompetent or brilliantly exceptional it does not take as long to make these evaluations. Every offseason the entirety of the entire franchise
  4. I really see it from both perspectives. The league does not exist to serve the players. At some point player freedom trumped the league as a whole. I’m not necessarily against but where a lot of problems arise is from this rope the league tries to straddle between socialism and free market. Is the league the corporation with a complete monopoly ( factually it’s not really a monopoly, competition does exist) or are the teams individual corporations competing within the NBA? If the league is the corporation and a player signs to play in the league they should have to play essentially wher
  5. It was obvious. You just continued making excuses. You proceeded all information threw a pro quinteicia scope. Grasping at straws like close loses to good teams. The wheels were coming off in 19 before the injury and most fans saw it. I wanted them to succeed but it was apparent they were never headed in that direction. Quinn has been one of if not the worst GM in the league during his tenure. Absolutely terrible talent evaluation
  6. Yeah the Pistons have been terrible no doubt. Just don’t have the inherent advantages of a franchise like the Lakers. The NBA is like college certain teams will always just have an advantage. Didn’t help that SVG was a terrible drafter and decided to go the chase the 8th seed route for far to long. Non the less still managed to end not one but two of your dynasty’s in extremely ugly and demoralizing fashions, temporarily crippling the franchise. 2-1 head to head series record in the finals 11-5 overall. Basically 1 atrocious call on the final play of game 7 bailing out Kareem away from it
  7. You won a tournament......inside a bubble, with no one there.
  8. This crew should be investigated. No way they make those holding calls if not for the in game circumstances. Blatantly extending the game
  9. How embarrassing for the officials . How many holding calls was that? What’s the point of playing 4 qters if the refs are going to completely interject themselves toward a preferred outcome
  10. Brad Wanamaker to the Warriors for 2.25
  11. Maybe this is Weaver’s smartest guy in the room strategy, hoard all the big bodies to sell off to desperate west conf teams at the deadline
  12. Pistons must be coming threw with a strong offer
  13. I think we must be going for the old mid 90’s threw Shaq era strategy were if you can’t get an elite big you just roster 3-5 stiffs to accumulate fouls
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