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  1. So everyone just ignoring the real news of the day? Lamar Odom is going to fight Riddick Freaking Bowe
  2. So you’ve watched Cade play, presumably several times and came away with the opinion he’s a poor passer with low basketball IQ ?
  3. He’s good but he’s not really taking you anywhere like Cade has the potential too IMO.
  4. Who’s end? I’m a Pistons fan and I personally wouldn’t even consider that deal.
  5. It did fail. 2nd round exit. Kyrie taking time is on him. I certainly didn’t expect it to fail they cost me $. I put a sizable wager on them to win the East pre season and that’s pre Harden.
  6. Remind me again how many games they played together? I never liked Kyrie to be fair and KD is a bit of an entitled narcissistic baby but I didn’t have any problem with the Nets til the Harden fiasco. That was pure trash. I’m sure his injuries had NOTHING to do with his attitude and shape coming into the season. The reapt what the sowed
  7. Is it really though? Sure a lot of details will be lost to over time but not all. The second the Raptors title is ever mentioned everyone’s first though is still always the same. No one puts that team on any kind of championship pedestal. You think Raptors chip you think KD and klay injury’s not only first but it’s first, last and everything in between. It’s both perception and reality. I do think the Nets falling apart is a lot different as they are a bit of an illegitimate team in the first place. The way Harden got out of Houston is frankly one of the most disgraceful things
  8. He’s also moving off ball, banging and setting screens more than he’s accustomed. Probably moving more on the defense than normal as well
  9. You must have missed the game he single handedly beat Baylor, you know the dominant Baylor team that steam rolled to a national title. At this point your making a better argument for your own foolishness than anything involving Cade.
  10. I’d probably break my tv. There’s a large drop off between Cunningham and everyone else in this draft. Not a knock on anyone else he’s just that much better. This is all just pre draft hyperbole. Cade’s been the unquestioned top player in this class for several years now and everyone just doing the usual make an argument against/ pick another guy to try to sound deep. No one’s arguing the Rockets shouldn’t be trying to trade up, they just don’t want the next superstar playing in Detroit.
  11. A great indicator is which player did opposing teams focus there defensive game plans towards.
  12. I agree non of these guys scream top 5 must take quarterback and as important as the position is you can’t force it. If the right guy isn’t there he isn’t there and you move on. A lot of guys with 1st rd talent though and with another year of development anyone of them could blow up. I already like Corral better than Fields. He has such an effortlessly smooth and quick release. I see some Watson in him with the better release.
  13. This qb class is fascinating. There could easily be 6 guys with 1st round grades already and while I don’t think any of them have proven top 5 worthy just yet I can see some monster seasons on the horizon. Will be a very interesting college football season watching this group progress and see who rises. I have Rattler and Corral atop my list so far.
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