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  1. Warriors haven’t exactly had the best luck. For one I don’t really consider having to play the best teams on the road to winning a title to be bad luck. Your seeding should make it easier but at end of day your probably going to have to beat the best teams to win a title. For one not to many teams have the bad luck of having 2 stars go down in a year they were all but guaranteed a championship if healthy. A lot of teams have to live with the yeah but what if scenarios but there’s little doubt they were going to run away with again if healthy. You could argue it equals out from the kyrie/love injuries and it’s a wash but I still think gsw win that series without the injuries and Lebron probably doesn’t go off in the same manner. At best it’s a coin flip. The 19 warriors was a sure thing. Heck Steph almost got them to a game 7 without Durant and klay playing injured half the series and out of the lineup the other half. The K-Y Jelly injury was obvious a disappointment and the hot start has given the fringe lunatics something to stand on thinking they could win but it wasn’t going to happen. They also had a 1st rd series without Curry before Durant and survived. That’s bad luck they overcame Then you get to the ultimate bad luck, better known as league interference in what’s supposed to be a free and open championship series. I’m of course referring to the year the lost to the Cavs. The Green suspension seemed somewhat iffy and was mostly initiated by Lebron but sometimes u reap what you sow and if this suspension stood alone I’d say ok whatever. However, the manner in which Curry was completely taken out of game 6 was the biggest hose job I’ve sense the refs practically fouled out Boogie in the 1st half hour of an ncaa tourney game agains WV. Not only did Curry foul out but they came early and often forcing him on the bench most of the game and several of the fouls on replay were clearer him being the one getting fouled. They blew what I thought was a very fair officiated game 7 but no one will ever convince me it gets to 7 with proper officiating
  2. Anyone have a news on Fournier? He always seemed like the perfect scenario for the dubs trade exception. His 17 mil next season is just under what gsw can do and has a player option for it. He could basically tell Orlando I’ll pick up the option if you trade me or I’m just gonna leave. Magic could at least get a few 2nd rders and maybe a Jordan Poole or something
  3. I wasn’t really making any honest accusations the two of you just amuse me with your ability to make excuses for this franchise. It’s all in good fun
  4. You wouldn’t be the first, anyone else old enough to remember Bucky? He got caught doing that. Hopefully enough time has passed but I remember the Mods would ban you for even mentioning his name after that.
  5. On the surface it doesn’t make a ton sense but Sacramento’s kind of in a state of purgatory right now. There a little to good to be in full rebuild still but there never really going to be competitors either ( I’ve seen this with the Pistons). There likely to be fighting with a half dozen other teams for the 7-8s for the next couple of years. Right now best guess is them and PHX will continuously be the odd teams out with Pels, Grizz and Blazers fighting to get in. Buddy apparently isn’t going to be a long term part of there plans and this move probably makes them more competitive in the now. By the time Horford and Harris’s contracts are ending Fox and Bagley should be in the midst of there primes. They’ll have a much better idea of what they have in those 2 and also have a bunch of cap space freeing up
  6. I’m starting to think your TL’s more technological son
  7. Indy’s roster was way more talented than people want to give it credit for, frankly they were loaded all over the field. Everything about the team however was specifically built for Manning and furthermore it was designed to be complex, because Manning could handle it, they weren’t interested in a back up plan it was super bowl or bust every year. If u throw some dolt behind a super computer and he can’t figure out how to use it, that doesn’t mean the computer doesn’t work.
  8. He’s not playing at a high level now, highly doubtful he’s playing at a high level in 8-10 years. Theres is absolutely nothing to build on with this team right now, talent is completely non existent. What would make anyone think this team would be better a year or 2 from now just by staying the course? Development? Bad players are bad players. Only thing they’ve got is bad contracts on aging players who were never worth there contracts in the 1st place. 18+ mil a year on de that doesn’t create pressure, 50 mil contract for a backup tackle that can’t block, 30 mil on an aging linebacker who was benched last year and even in his prime was the Pats 3rd best backer. Tear it all down. Rebuilding isn’t this “option” people seem to be debating it to be. They suck just as bad as if they were rebuilding and it’s only gonna get worse. There gonna be terrible the next few years regardless
  9. Yup Embid was big time coming out and injury also caused concerns im just confident had he played he would have been every bit as impressive if not more so by seasons end. His perimeter potential is slept on he can put the ball on the floor and the way the games going if you’ve got competent handles and quickness you can bull rush your way to the rim. Good passer, uses his height to see over defense and makes hard to defend passes. His speed up and down the floor is really obscene. For Avidja , I see him more as a point foward that can really push the ball up the floor in a hurry and make plays. I actually think he’l get a lot of calls in nba he’s aggressive, has an array of layups and clutches/ adjusts in air well to finish in traffic
  10. I can respect that opinion just disagree in regards to historical context. I think every sports leagues outcomes this season will remembered in a bit of a bubble ( no pun intended) . It happened, those teams won playing under the same circumstances as everyone else, but it’s just not the same. One look at the 2021 futures odds tells you the sharps agree with me strongly here. No one believes the Nuggets are better than the Clippers in a normal season. No one expects the Heat who are expected to IMPROVE there roster to be back. and no this doesn’t happen every year , in fact a 5th or lower seeded team hasn’t made the finals in over 20 years which not coincidentally happened in a strike shortened year. The 2018 Cavs were actually the only non 1/2 seed to make the finals in the past 7 years. For the record I actually won $ on the Lakers win. Caught Vegas at the right time pre covid when both LA teams were at +300 , put a unit on both as basically a 2 unit bet of LA vs the field. Outside of Giannis just going nuts in the playoffs I viewed this as a near lock
  11. Lol are you trying to make my point? Sounds like the B squad took center stage. When you win a chip going threw the gauntlet of 8th seed Blazers, 4th seed Rockets, 3rd seed Nuggets and a 5th seeded Heat team it’s safe to assume there was a pandemic in place.
  12. What does that have to do with anything? That’s just in the moment emotions and feelings that are completely irrelevant. Pretty sure Kobe’s rings will always be more revered by Lakers fans than Lebron’s. The league threw things together and the played for our entertainment ( lol ), made it work. That’s great and all but the product was sloppy and felt like a pre season exhibition more than the nba playoffs.
  13. Will always be a big fat * in nba history. It is what it is. Not a Lakers thing same goes for the Lightning and who ever wins the World Series. Find me a Laker fan over 30, five years from now who will value this championship over any of there other’s.....it will always be the * step child. I suppose if they run in back the * will largely be forgotten but if they got knocked off next year and Miami falls back to earth it will always just be the shoulder shrug “ it was 2020, covid , strange things happened yadayadayada”
  14. 2 ? Lol come on 1/2 of 1 real championship at best. There’s not a legit nba fan in the world that would have rather won this little bubble tournament over winning the 2021 finals. Nice for entertainment purposes and all but that’s about it
  15. Now that the covid-19 bubble tournament has finally concluded hopefully we can get back to crowning a NBA champion in 2021., this was cute though.
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