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  1. I don’t see Sewell getting past the Lions. I also don’t think the drop from Sewell to Slater is all that much. The upside gives Sewell the edge but Slater is a phenomenal prospect that just checks so many boxes. As close to a can’t miss as you’ll find imo.
  2. Going in circles but you seem to have little concept of what the word “no” actually means. Is it a massive disaster? NO Is there downside? Yes , this isn’t debatable. The Lions will have less cap room in future years than they otherwise would due to this move. That is not favorable anyway you try to spin it.
  3. No downside? Other than the fact that his cap hit is now higher in future years , years that actually matter ( this one does not) . That’s a pretty big downside. Keeping him, trading him or cutting him, all options became worse with that move. It’s not hard to understand. You don’t kick the can down the road in year 1 of a rebuild
  4. This is next offseason. We should have a lot of cap room next year on top of that 38 mil a lot of Bob Quinn’s terrible contracts like Big V, Flowers and Collins become more favorable to cut
  5. Interesting 🤔 Now tell me again why we needed to push more of Goff’s cap hit into future years? Thought it was a dumb move then and looks worse now.
  6. Jonathan Adams jr , nice pick up. High ceiling if he can clean up the drops. He’s a beast when the balls in the air
  7. I could see Atlanta trading back with Dallas and taking Najee. Arthur Smith is probably salivating over what he could do with him in that offense. He’s being underrated IMO, I’m not personally a fan of going rb that early but he compares favorably with the elite prospects that have gone top 10 imo
  8. I think people are really miscategorizing Toney with the boom/bust speedster label, I’d apply that more to a guy like Tutu atwell. Toney shows phenomenal short area quickness on underneath routes. I think he can be a slot demon that not only can go deep on the fade but is nearly impossible to stay with when changing directions on short routes. I get the concerns with Moore’s injury history but it’s misguided to think it’s due to his size, kids built like a tank. If anything maybe his nasty rb esc running style could lead to more injuries.
  9. Getting Chase at 7 would be great. Really i think the best we can hope for is one of Chase, Sewell or Pitts to slip to us. Im not a huge fan of Marshal think he’s a bit overrated I’d rather get Toney, Bateman or Moore there they did in fact double down. Williams could go higher but a few of those guys seem to fall every year. I remember thinking Grady Jarret wouldn’t make it out of the 2nd and he slipt to the 5th. Think your over paying for Marcus Williams. I don’t think he’s an elite FS so I can’t see paying him 14 per. Bringing in Lattimore to play with Okudah for the rest
  10. Great job guys that’s a really solid draft. A little hard to keep the whole Okudah fiasco in perspective. Assets were gained so the “draft” looks better on paper but that’s a huge loss that’s really only one mans fault. Non the less you guys did a great job deep scouting and putting together a great draft overall. Sorry I didn’t contribute more a) I’ve been pretty busy which is why I didn’t try to sign up for the GM spot b) I couldn’t get access to the google spread sheet which kind of made me lose interest. Glad to see the Lions forum still held it down with a repeat of the best overall
  11. Is this a make believe contact? Didn’t think that was aloud ?
  12. Luckily pff is an extremely unreliable source for measuring talent or quality of play. I think pretty much any of the names/numbers you guys brought up would be good value at the position in the 3rd. 59 and 62 in particular
  13. Draft picks are for adding talent not filling holes. The biggest need is always more talent.
  14. My votes for 41 ( think he’s far superior to 55). 13 would be my next choice
  15. 62 would be a great pick. 90 is someone to look at as well.
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