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  1. Most beautiful thing about this off season is finding out just how dumb some of these guys are.
  2. I know there has been plenty of feisty and unpleasant disagreement on this topic, but kudos to @ET80and the mods for keeping it flowing. It's been informative, eye opening and a big win for treating posters like adults. Without that, we wouldn't have got to read about of the personal stories here which were so beautifully expressed.
  3. One of the most unifying forces in the entire world is people's combined dislike of him.
  4. The 'spectacle' isn't for your benefit. It has no impact on your life. One of the reason Nassib decided to come out was to raise awareness of a charity that deals with suicide prevention for young gay people. He donated 100k himself. Seeing tolerance and acceptance of his decision to come out has a demonstrable filtering down impact on gay people in society. They feel more accepted and tolerated. Not everything in life is for your benefit or entertainment.
  5. Exactly. Before you say 'you don't care' or 'this shouldn't matter' just take one second to ponder whether you have any skin in the game. 1 guy coming out will have a demonstrable filtering down impact on young gay kids. It matters, them seeing acceptance at this level matters to them.
  6. Because 'I don't care about this' is a bad faith substitution for 'this makes me feel uncomfortable, I want this to stop.'
  7. Man, if you really don't care then stop spending all of your time telling everybody that.
  8. I don't think there's any gap between people who claim they don't understand why this is big news and people who just don't want to hear about it.
  9. To be fair, how else would you judge a trade? Moving up 9 spots to take a play who might well be a (good) guard at the next level, in a class that was deep at offensive lineman, didn't look great before the Vikings selected anyone. It looked like Spielman made a better calculation. Plus, it doesn't really matter who the Vikings took at all. It's only interesting because it's two teams fishing in the same pond, so it's easy to draw a direct comparison after the event. Just out of interest, why would Wyatt Davis be a fit for the Vikings and not the Jets? The Jets are looking to play more z
  10. Look, I get you're happy with getting AVT (you should be) - but the only way to evaluate whether the trade is a good one is by comparing one team with one good prospect at offensive line and the other team who with two good players at offensive line (and a quarterback). I don't know what else to say. And yes, you're right - any weak link on the OL hurts the offense. So it's better to have more, not less?
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