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  1. There's not much in it with Chase and Smith, but if I need to convert a third down with the game on the line then I'm looking at Smith first. Seems like I'm higher in Oweh than most. The no sacks is significant, but it's not really what you see. Those traits are just wild, blows the door off every threshold which normally signifies success. Needs a patient landing spot.
  2. I think you draft Forsythe if you want a flat out pass protector. He's just so good at using his length advantage. Needs refinement as a run blocker, but that's where the athletic profile and scheme fit help with the Chiefs. I can see why they like him, absolutely can see him taken at the end of round 1 as he probably won't be there at the end of 2.
  3. And Pats have shown way more interest in Fields and Lance in terms of the delegation sent to their pro days.
  4. I genuinely think if the 49ers pass on Mac (which they should), whoever drafts him will do so after he landed in their laps rather than trading up for him.
  5. 100% should be a carry limit on college running backs - does not seem fair
  6. Yeah, he's a tough one because he's a descending talent in terms of his on-field product. A physical player for sure and he was good last year in the slot. But he got absolutely cooked by some decent receivers this last season, who all seemed to know he didn't transition well. His feet get jumbled, he struggles to balance. I did hear one theory that he was struggling with this turf toe injury for a while and that might have played into that. Hopefully. Sounds like a change to safety would be good for him.
  7. I've taken it out as I don't like player comps. I still think it's fine, people said Chubb wasn't a homerun runner when was coming out FWIW.
  8. Right move, but man he turned around a bust career into a very good one when that's nearly always impossible to do. Kudos to the dude, hope he can rest up easy.
  9. Oh teams could definitely talk themselves into Newsome playing a bunch of press man, he just wasn't doing it very much so would have to learn the techniques. He's more sticky than physical really.
  10. Gotta respect Casserly for sticking to his guns that Fields is gonna drop to the Steelers at 24.
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