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  1. Man I hope people on this board will be humble enough to admit how wrong they're about to be on Oweh.
  2. Man I cannot believe this Texans team are blowing anyone out.
  3. An utterly horrific waste of a 1st round pick.
  4. This will ruin one game this season, a last second TD overturned or something dumb and they'll immediately soften their stance.
  5. Man I'm gonna be so mad if he's as good as I thought
  6. Weird that Justin Fields is having a good training camp. I don't think anybody could have anticipated that development.
  7. I feel bad for you man, just catastrophic stupidity reigning there.
  8. I am absolutely addicted to this disaster Vikings camp.
  9. Most beautiful thing about this off season is finding out just how dumb some of these guys are.
  10. I know there has been plenty of feisty and unpleasant disagreement on this topic, but kudos to @ET80and the mods for keeping it flowing. It's been informative, eye opening and a big win for treating posters like adults. Without that, we wouldn't have got to read about of the personal stories here which were so beautifully expressed.
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