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  1. Patrick Mahomes exits game with knee injury

    Man theres no way a dislocated knee is a three week deal
  2. Giants waive RB Jon Hilliman; sign RB Buck Allen

    RIP to one of the greats
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

  4. Jay Gruden fired; Bill Calahan to be named interim HC

    Yeah it was sarcasm dude...
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    Sure - Wilson is playing well, but what CMC is doing now is unprecedented.
  6. Jay Gruden fired; Bill Calahan to be named interim HC

    To be fair, they looked real good with McCoy
  7. Notable Stats and Observations

    Yes, minus Russell Wilson
  8. Quarter season awards

    MVP - Pat Mahomes OPOY - Dalvin Cook DPOY - Sack Barrett DROY - Darnell Savage OROY - Gardner Minshew COTY - Sean McDermott
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

  10. Raiders LB Vontaze Burfiict suspended for season

    Who could have foreseen this could happen? You gotta feel sorry for the Raiders front office, guy has been a picture of virtue his whole career and in no way are they to blame for inviting this possibility.
  11. Week 4 GDT

  12. Because that move doesn't just tell us how high they were on Trubisky, but how low they must have been on the alternatives.
  13. The weird thing being the move up for Trubisky meant that Chicago not only rated him far above Mahomes and Watson, they thought there was no scenario they would be willing to compromise with the other two. That's astonishing.
  14. I remember people on this board being adamant that Watson didn’t have an NFL arm and benefited too much from playing on a good Clemson team. Mahomes was viewed as a raw project out of a system which had seen very little success transitioning to the league. Trubisky, was therefore seen as the lesser risk, even though he only had one year as a starter at NC. I really didn’t see anything special in him at all. Regardless, this is going to continue to look worse and worse for Chicago. If all three continue on their current trajectories – this will be seen as one of the worst picks of all time.