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  1. Not much, both are well placed to challenge again.
  2. Diggs over 100 yards Diggs anytime touchdown
  3. Someone who is rapidly improving, got better as the year progressed - plus size and length. Scheme specific though, wouldn't want him in an off-man heavy scheme.
  4. Yeah agreed on Parsons, I'm just struggling to place him higher atm.
  5. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson 2. New York Jets Zach Wilson QB, BYU 3. Miami Dolphins DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama 4. Atlanta Falcons Justin Fields QB, Ohio State 5. Cincinnati Bengals Penei Sewell OT, Oregon 6.
  6. I'd prefer the Pats to hit skill positions in FA and use the draft to build up options in the front seven (assuming we can't land a top QB).
  7. Yeah guys, he really sucks. We'll take him off your hands for nothing.
  8. Dobbins anytime TD Aaron Jones over 69 yards rushing Chris Godwin over 69 yards receiving Those are my big three this week.
  9. Kinda feels like we were waiting to hear this announcement from day one of his hiring.
  10. We got the NFL's version Smith and Waddle in Harry and Bird so I guess it makes sense.
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