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  1. Week 15 GDT

    Dear Santa, please can we have a linebacker who weighs less than 275 and can run a 40 under 5 seconds and isn't called Elandon Roberts.
  2. Week 15 GDT

    LMAO giving up 12 up the gut from their own endzone. This D is trash.
  3. Week 15 GDT

    This Pats and Steelers game should be an all-timer for points scored. Patriots are devoid of defensive talent and the Steelers ability to cover looks completely broken.
  4. Week 15 GDT

    He was right!
  5. Week 15 GDT

    It's a defense built for an entirely different era.
  6. Week 15 GDT

    The New England defense is trash. Can't stop the run or pass, any decent offense should fill their boots.
  7. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    The Leighton Vander Esch truthers aren't looking too smart right about now.
  8. Rams Jenga Piece

    Extremely hypothetical discussion, but who is the one key piece on the Rams they cannot afford to lose/let go.
  9. So, Who Has a Good Defense This Year?

    Suggestions welcome.
  10. Week 10 GDT

    That statline is the peak Derek Carr
  11. How much longer will the Patriots be the Patriots?

    You guys are all forgetting we drafted Danny Etling this year.
  12. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Raiders blowing up a decent roster to serve the vanity of a deluded Head Coach has been a sight to behold.
  13. Week 8 GDT

    Guys, I thought I should let everybody know this amazing fact that nobody else knows. Alex Collins once did some Irish dancing because he thought it would help develop his football skills. Thanks, GFW
  14. SNF: Chiefs at Patriots

    Calm down