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  1. Favorite team: Pats Week 1 pick: Chiefs I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  2. Okay what do these Pats players know about our QB situation that we don't
  3. Great deal for both teams considering the junk Seattle normally picks up in the 1st anyway.
  4. The Washington Memorials what the hell. What kinda morbid team name is that. I mean I suppose it kinda fits...
  5. Should have given us the benefit of the doubt, we've earned it surely.
  6. Arif Hasan does a consensus big board of the top media prospect rankings each year. More recently it's behind a paywall on The Athletic, but you can see 2017's for free here:- Deshaun Watson is the top rated QB at 22, Trubisky is at 23 and Mahomes is at 30. Mahomes was a very later 'riser' in that process if memory serves me. https://zonecoverage.com/2017/featured/the-2017-consensus-big-board-complete-300-player-rankings/
  7. Quite interesting looking at mock drafts from 2017 now. In Daniel Jeremiah's final version, he doesn't even have the Bears taking a QB at 3 - but Trubisky is the first thrower off the board at 12, Mahomes then at 13 and Watson goes at 27. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000802161/article/jeremiah-mock-draft-50-trubisky-mahomes-go-backtoback Lance Zierlein similarly doesn't have the Bears taking a QB at 3 - Trubisky is again matched the Browns at 12, Mahomes is at 25 and Watson at 32 http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000802628/article/zierlein-mock-draft-50-mahomes-taken-ahead-of-watson Bucky Brooks doesn't have the Bears taking a QB either and is the only person who has Watson coming off the board first to the Jets at 6, Mahomes at 13 and Trubisky at 17. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000799204/article/bucky-brooks-mock-draft-40-four-qbs-joe-mixon-in-round-1
  8. Ah okay. Well it's not that I don't like what the Saints did in the draft. It's just such a tiny class and this exercise for me is about ranking those in a way which is hard for them to fare well with that approach.
  9. Probably being dense, but I dont know who the 'our' here is referring to.
  10. 1. Denver Broncos This Class In One Sentence: What happened to Elway and why is he good at his job now? Pre-Draft Needs WR, OL, CB, DL Selections 1. 15. Jerry Jeudy | WR | Alabama 2. 46. K. J. Hamler | WR | Penn State 3. 77. Michael Ojemudia | CB | Iowa 3. 83. Lloyd Cushenberry | C | LSU 3. 95. McTelvin Agim | DT | Arkansas 4. 118. Albert Okwuegbunam | TE | Missouri 5. 178. Justin Strnad | LB | Wake Forest 6. 181. Netane Muti | G | Fresno State 7. 252. Tyrie Cleveland | WR | Florida 7. 254. Derrek Tuszka | DE | North Dakota State Picks Heading In 1. 15. 2. 46. 3. 77. 3. 83. 3. 95. 4. 118. 5. 178. 6. 181. 7. 252. 7. 254. Favorite Pick Netane Muti – I know he’s had a litany of non-connecting injuries at Fresno State, but getting him in the 6th is still fantastic value. He would have been a top-tier interior prospect in this class, if it wasn’t for a spate of unrelated injuries at Fresno. When he did hit the field, he played with rarely matched strength inside and bulldozed interior defenders for fun. Most Questionable Pick Some won’t like the Hamler pick at 46, but I really like it given the general theme Denver were going for. Overview What a difference a year makes. People were calling for Elway to lose his job not that long ago (which always felt unlikely), but some promising performances from their 2nd round quarterback last season followed by a very handsome looking free agent class and now a sparkling draft class, things are looking a lot rosier in the garden. GM of the Year could be on the cards for this turnaround. Obviously that's all if they can transform that re-built roster into on-field success and there’s good reason to think they are a credible threat in the AFC West again. Things got off to an explosive start with the Jeudy pick at 15. Denver had been linked closely to Ruggs throughout the process, but Jeudy is more than a decent compromise here and people seem to have forgotten just how good he is. He has rare quickness in out of breaks and phenomenal route speed. He’s devastating on quick slants with his ability to find space as a runner and prolific at finding the end-zone which is an underrated skill for a receiver. Hamler in the 2nd was slightly indulgent, but when your team needs explosive weapons to compete in the AFC West, then why not go all out. Hamler is only 20 years old and has some immediate growth to do, but he’s got ridiculous lateral agility and acceleration. He reaches top speed in no time at all and is a blur with the ball in his hands. His hands have been a concern and clearly that needs to improve, but he has the tools to change the way a defense operates. Denver were set-up well with the picks to have a good day two and they took advantage of that. Michael Ojemudia kicked things off at 78 and he was probably in a third tier of corner in this class. He ticks both size and speed boxes, but needs a little technique work. But he does have excellent ball-skills, which is too often overlooked. I really liked the Lloyd Cushenberry selection, who could have gone much earlier than at 83. Beloved at LSU, where he was a real leader of that offensive line. Competitive and powerful enough inside, he should find work early at center or guard. McTelvin Agim is a former five-star recruit and whilst he didn’t live up to that tag at Arkansas, he had a good week at the Senior Bowl where he showcased a bit of burst to go with good size and length on the interior. He needs to work on his run defense to become a full-time contributor, but could really add something as a third-down interior rusher. Albert Okwuegbunam caught a lot of attention at the Combine with the fast forty time and whilst you don’t always see that speed on tape, you do see some impressive flashes of athleticism as a pass catcher. He’s still raw right now, but he’s a nice developmental project to work in. I also really liked the move to select Justin Strnad in the 5th round who really seemed to come on at the end of the season, doing his best work in space and he compliments the harder-edged skill set on the roster currently. Tyrie Cleveland is yet another athletic specimen whose production didn’t match the profile in Florida. He's returned kicks and was an ace gunner on special teams there and that might be his way onto the active roster in the first instance. The pass-rusher Derrek Tuszka was very productive at a lower competition level, but has a very transferable athletic profile for the NFL – so could be one to hang onto and see if he develops. I have a feeling there's something with him that's quite interesting.
  11. 2. Baltimore Ravens This Class In One Sentence: They are just boringly good at this Pre-Draft Needs LB, EDGE, OL, WR Selections 1. 28. Patrick Queen | LB | LSU 2. 55. J. K. Dobbins | RB | Ohio State 3. 71. Justin Madubuike | DT | Texas A&M 3. 92. Devin Duvernay | WR | Texas 3. 98. Malik Harrison | ILB | Ohio State 3. 106. Tyre Phillips | G | Mississippi State 4. 143. Ben Bredeson | G | Michigan 5. 170. Broderick Washington | DT | Texas Tech 6. 201. James Proche | WR | SMU 7. 219. Geno Stone | SS | Iowa Picks Heading In 1. 28. 2. 47. 2. 60. 3. 92. 3. 106. 4. 129. 4. 143. 5. 157. 7. 225. Favorite Pick Geno Stone – I know it’s extremely weird to pick a 7th round pick as a favorite in a class I really like, because not a lot of those guys get to hang around. But I saw Stone late on and I just think he’s a really good player. At 5’10, he’s obviously not the biggest or the most physically gifted, but he’s so physical and relentless it’s hard to not notice him back there. He’s really smart too and that high playing IQ covers up a lot of his deficiencies elsewhere. Most Questionable Pick The Ravens were expected to invest in edge help at some point in the draft with Judon coming back on the franchise tag and other options being maybes to break through. They do have a more explosive front this year and have added a couple of good second-level blitzers, so I wouldn't be too downhearted about their prospects in generating pressure with one of the best DCs in the biz. Overview It’s weird how over the years that the Patriots have got the reputation for hoovering up all the good players at the end of each round, when in fact the Ravens have been better at that for years now. They’ve done it again here, amassing another haul of talent and showing the league how you replenish a roster through the draft even though most of the league will pay absolutely no attention. That started at pick 28, with Patrick Queen at off-ball linebacker which was 100% not a focus or need of this football team according to Ravens fans. Queen has rare closing speed and explodes into gaps to shut down runners before plays can develop. He’s got easy movements in space which indicates he could match up regularly on tight ends if needed. JK Dobbins at 55 wasn’t the running back matched to the Ravens particularly often in the draft process. This pick feels like DeCosta trusting his scouting department's evaluations and at that spot he was the only one of the big five still left on the board and he's a decent fit for what Roman likes his backs to do. Dobbins is an easy accelerator and beats opponents to the edge with his burst. He runs with patience with vision and has good hands and can operate as a receiver. Justin Madubuike is definitely more of a Ravens pick and has an exciting blend of speed of power in his arsenal. His motor isn’t always on, but could be a rotational player in an exciting Ravens defensive line next year. Devin Duvernay and Malik Harrison rounded out a really intriguing day two where the Ravens had a number of selections. Duvernay does his best work as a vertical receiver from the slot, he’s kind of linear but will give the Ravens more options down the field and he’s an excellent ball tracker. Harrison is an old-school thumper at 6’3 and close to 250 pounds and generates a real pop on contact. I can imagine him being a nice compliment to the more finesse game of Queen’s. Tyre Phillips in the 3rd was okay and the Ravens don’t tend to make bad decisions with draft picks on offensive line picks. He’s an enormous guy at 330 pounds and over 35 inch arms and strong as an ox. He just lacks fundamental movement skills, which might show up more on other teams than in Baltimore. He does some versatility to play guard or tackle, which I suppose is something the team needed. Ben Bredeson I liked quite a bit, he's kind of the anti Tyre Phillips - doesn't have archetypal length, but he is smart and technical. I would not be surprised to see him starting soon. Broderick Washington was a little off my radar, I know he played in a weird alignment at Texas Tech – almost on the edge at over 300 pounds. He’s probably one to groom for the future. James Proche in the 6th just has exceptional ball skills, has so many highlight reel plays. A smaller receiver without wow measurables or athleticism, but he’s a technician who probably needs that to be that at an exceptional level to find a starting role in the NFL.
  12. I smell a thread coming, can't wait to hear more
  13. 3. Dallas Cowboys This Class In One Sentence: They should stick Jerry on a yacht more often Pre-Draft Needs CB, EDGE, S, C, WR Selections 17. CeeDee Lamb | WR | Oklahoma 51. Trevon Diggs | CB | Alabama 82. Neville Gallimore | DT | Oklahoma 123. Reggie Robinson | CB | Tulsa 146. Tyler Biadasz | C | Wisconsin 179. Bradlee Anae | DE | Utah 231. Ben DiNucci | QB | James Madison Picks Heading In 1. 17. 2. 51. 3. 82. 4. 123. 5. 164. 5. 179. 7. 231. Favorite Pick CeeDee Lamb – We were all wondering whether Dallas would fluff the moment, but did absolutely the right thing and took a top tier blue goose value pick when he landed their way. Lamb has incredible ball skills when airborne, he’s a natural receiver who wins at the catch point which is a transitional skill for the NFL. He isn’t a burner, but surprising and sudden in his movements and shakes off defenders at the top of routes. Most Questionable Pick If you’re going to be picky, perhaps the pick at edge could have come earlier - but they couldn’t have done much more to improve this team. Overview When the coverage started we were all laughing at Jerry alone on his yacht. We chuckled at the thought of him going rogue and making Jerry picks and now the only ones laughing are Cowboys fans at all of us. Perhaps they were showing him last year's draft on that boat and didn't actually have any idea what was happening. Still what a great draft, like a simulator gone wrong with selections on good players who kept falling into their laps. There aren’t going to be many depth charts at receiver that will look as good as Cooper, Lamb and Gallup will next year. It’s a bit same-same with the skill-set, but all three are excellent players and will be tough to stop. Diggs at 51, went about where I thought he should and therefore this feels like a good selection. The Cowboys need help at corner, he can give them that but he’s still growing into that position. He needs a good position coach at the next level, but the ceiling remains high with his size and potential to become dynamic turnover threat. Gallimore in the third round is a nice surprise too, he has some natural linear explosion out of his stance with some unexpected twitch for a guy his size. He’s a little deliberate and telegraphed in his movements (e.g. spin move), but he's a big-time effort player and gives it his all from snap to snap. Reggie Robinson from Tulsa was the next-tier sleeper corner I would mock for teams who needed help there. He’s lengthy and athletic, like Diggs and comes into the league with a decently high ceiling to grow into, like Diggs too. I like the move for Biadasz in the 4th round, if not for the injuries he would be a much higher selection. He has real power at the point of contact where he showcases some of that old-fashioned strength. He’s also a high IQ and high-effort player who plays with a relentlessness. Dallas might have to redshirt him for a year, but have other options to fill Frederick's center spot in 2020. It’s a good landing spot with him when you look at players who have gone to the Cowboys and blossomed after their serious injuries. That only leaves Bradley Anae and Ben DiNucci, who I did not know existed before the draft. Anae feels like good value in the 6th, even if he’s not an obvious scheme fit. He’s exceptional with his hands and showcased that at the Senior Bowl, but he lacks obvious explosive gifts. DiNucci was a Pitt transfer to James Maddison and put up good numbers there including a nation-leading completion percentage (70.6%), perhaps he can be a developmental project.
  14. 4. Carolina Panthers This Class In One Sentence: Going all in on defense, I don’t know why re-building teams don’t do this more often Pre-Draft Needs CB, OL, DT, LB, S Selections 1. 7. Derrick Brown | DT | Auburn 2. 38. Yetur Gross-Matos | DE | Penn State 2. 64. Jeremy Chinn | S | Southern Illinois 4. 113. Troy Pride | CB | Notre Dame 5. 152. Kenny Robinson | S | West Virginia 6. 184. Bravvion Roy | DT | Baylor 7. 221. Stantley Thomas-Oliver | CB | Florida International Picks Heading In 1. 7. 2. 38. 3. 69. 4. 113. 5. 152. 6. 184. 7. 221. Favorite Pick Kenny Robinson - A ball-hawking safety who took an unconventional route to the NFL, he’s a rangy center fielder who has great size for the position. He’s not been a good tackler and does need to improve that side of things, but guys will his skill-set are harder to find than you think. Most Questionable Pick Very little to complain about, you can talk about offensive football if you want - but this step 1 of a ten-year plan Overview What a great start to the Matt Rhule era in Carolina. I absolutely love the strategy employed, get the best defensive prospect in each round who fits the bigger/faster/stronger profile Rhule wants his new Panthers team to embody. When you have a ten-year contract, it gives you a chance to think long-term and that means you can afford to focus on one side of the football at a time. And the strategy is one thing, but picking good players is another and they did that. The Derrick Brown selection kicks things off and fills a big need on the roster at defensive tackle. The Panthers had a direct choice between him and Isaiah Simmons and i'd imagine they might have thought the drop-off from Brown to the next interior defensive lineman was greater than Simmons to Jeremy Chinn who they got in the 2nd round. Brown was good enough to be a first-round pick last season, but returned and absolutely dominated in 2019 and regularly overpowered and overwhelmed interior blockers in his final season. Whilst the athletic testing hints at a possible lower ceiling as a pass-rusher, this was a middle of the fairway pick nonetheless. Yetur Gross-Matos was also very good value at 38, he hasn’t always played up to his physical potential and has looked both athletic and labored in his rush-plans. He needs a good defensive line coach to work with him in the NFL, but the ceiling is high and he gets to form a young edge duo with Brian Burns. Jeremy Chinn was more good value at the end of the 2nd round, especially with 1st round rumors circling pre-draft. He has extraordinary size and athletic potential and the tiny school makes him look like a man amongst boys on film. He had an excellent Senior Bowl week where he was one of the standout defensive players. I also like the Troy Pride pick in the 4th, another standout at the Senior Bowl but was notably detailed in his preparation for that event. He got out-muscled at times at Notre Dame, but excels in off-man coverage and tested very well at the combine. A strong day three continued after the Kenny Robinson pick-up, with old friend Bravvion Roy’s selection. He’s a weird build with his short arms, but was effective with it at Baylor and can provide more beef to the defensive line which needed a re-stock. Stantley Thomas-Oliver was well-worth a dart in the 7th round. He’s got good size and speed for the position, which is probably why Carolina was attracted to him. He’s a former wide receiver, which explains his movement skills – but he’s very much still learning the role and will need some time.
  15. 5. Jacksonville Jaguars This Class In One Sentence: The Dave Caldwell is back from the dead draft Pre-Draft Needs CB, OL, EDGE, LB, WR Selections 1. 9. C. J. Henderson | CB | Florida 1. 20. K'Lavon Chaisson | EDGE | LSU 2. 42. Laviska Shenault | WR | Colorado 3. 73. DaVon Hamilton | DT | Ohio State 4. 116. Ben Bartch | OT | St. John's (MN) 4. 137. Josiah Scott | CB | Michigan State 4. 140. Shaquille Quarterman | LB | Miami (FL) 5. 157. Daniel Thomas | S | Auburn 5. 165. Collin Johnson | WR | Texas 6. 189. Jake Luton | QB | Oregon State 6. 206. Tyler Davis | TE | Georgia Tech 7. 223. Chris Claybrooks | CB | Memphis Picks Heading In 1. 9. 1. 20. 2. 42. 3. 73. 4. 116. 4. 118. 4. 137. 4. 140. 5. 165. 5. 170. 6. 189. 6. 206. 7. 223. Favorite Pick K'Lavon Chaisson - I was surprised to see him there at 20 to be honest, this is a huge get for the Jaguars and real position of need too. He’s still only 20 years old and just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. Chaisson is an explosive athlete who refined his pass-rushing techniques as the college football season progressed. He also looks natural dropping into coverage and moves well in space. Most Questionable Pick I don’t think there’s particularly much to question. I suppose some may have been hoping for an offensive tackle who can start now with doubts around Cam Robinson's ability to hold up, which might not be Ben Bartch. Overview Wow, kudos to Caldwell who somehow emerged from the debacle of the last year with seemingly more power than he did previously. It's amazing he still has a job quite frankly, but he's a survivor who has the ear of that front office. It was impressive to see them building up draft capital prior to this draft and I really feel like the selections made could turn around the fortunes of a team that has lost key players. Probably the biggest winner is Gardner Minshew who emerges as the clear starter at QB and gets a real shot to make that his own. If he fails and the Jaguars are picking low again next year, then at least they have some good players and a new QB to look forward to. I like the Henderson pick at 9, that seemed to be the most likely pick as the process wore on. He’s got rare easy movements and silky smooth in his back pedal and effortless when match and mirroring. Has the requisite size to man-up on bigger receivers and he's a rare athlete too, who tested off the charts at the combine. Hopefully his tackling will pick-up. I also really like the Shenault pick at 42, I think that injury effected forty time did too much to hurt his stock. He was a one-man offense at times in Colorado where the quarterback play was so sub-par, his versatility was the only thing keeping it moving at times. His route-running needs work, but his underneath skill set should be a nice compliment to the vertical strengths of DJ Chark. Davon Hamilton in the 3rd and Ben Bartch in the 4th give the team some depth in the trenches where it was needed. Hamilton offers a little as a pass-rusher, but is hugely powerful and collapsed pockets for fun at Ohio State which is something Jacksonville needed. Bartch comes out of a tiny school and is a little short-limbed, but should offer some flexibility at guard or tackle when he's ready. Josiah Scott is a talented slot corner the media seemed to catch up to as the process went on. He’s got good speed and instincts and looks ready to play some snaps early on. There were six more selections made on day three, making this a really large haul for Jacksonville. Shaquille Quarterman is a physical two down MIKE with some concerns in space. Daniel Thomas is a squatty safety who works well in and around the box and probably has some special teams upside. Collin Johnson was a frustrating watch because he’s so big and decently quick for his size, but he just doesn’t seem to know that he's bigger than the guy facing him at times. There is physical potential for him to grow is there. Jake Luton gives them some prototypical tools at back-up QB, he had a few admirers in the draft process. The last two picks were just off my radar, I suspect both will be competing for special teams spots.
  16. 6. Cincinnati Bengals This Class In One Sentence: Joe Burrow and fellas, we might have some linebackers in Cincinnati Pre-Draft Needs QB, OL, LB, TE Selections 1. 1. Joe Burrow 2. 33. Tee Higgins 3. 65. Logan Wilson 4. 107. Akeem Davis-Gaither 5. 147. Khalid Kareem 6. 180. Hakeem Adeniji 7. 215. Markus Bailey Picks Heading In 1. 1. 2. 33. 3. 65. 4. 107. 5. 147. 6. 180. 7. 215. Favorite Pick Khalid Kareem – I’m not going to give the Bengals too much credit for selecting Joe Burrow, but Kareem might be the best value pick at a spot that has been a traditional strength for Cincinnati. He was injured throughout the draft process which probably deflated his stock somewhat, but he’s a big long dude and more of an edge-setter which complimented the twitchier Okwara on the other side. More suited to play in an even front, fantastic against the run and could be a nice player to add to the rotation which has become less of a strength than in previous years. Most Questionable Pick Offensive Line – The Bengals got good value with most of their picks, but I’m looking at that right tackle spot right now and wondering how that did not get an upgrade in the off-season. Even though the Bengals got a decent developmental lineman later in the draft, passing on Josh Jones for a second time at the top of the 3rd round was quite a statement. Overview Obviously selecting Joe Burrow is the big story in this draft and one that was expected from the moment the process began, despite the silly rumors about him refusing to play in Cinci. It’s a good draft outside of him, getting a potential new go-to receiver and a trio linebackers to help fix what has been a long saga at linebacker. It was also a very Bengals draft, with absolutely no movement up and down the board. Burrow himself put together possibly the greatest single college football season of any quarterback in living memory. There are legitimate questions around his arm strength and one year of production. But he throws with anticipation and has an uncanny feel for pressure. He also has mobility within and outside the pocket and makes tough throws under duress. There’s a lot to get excited about for the Bengals. I thought the Higgins selection was good, he definitely has his admirers and I was probably a little lower on him that the consensus. He certainly does have a huge catching radius and deceptive vertical speed. But he’s not an early separator and will have to make a living making contested catches, but having a QB who isn’t afraid to fit it in will help him hugely. Logan Wilson and Akeem Davis-Gaither were next off the board and both were good value at their spots against slightly higher pre-draft projections. Wilson is a longer linebacker who plays smart and takes good angles to the ball. He’s rarely out of position and rarely caught over pursuing. Akeem-Davis is a weakside backer who is a silky mover in coverage and played running backs and tight ends alike in college. I liked the two remaining darts thrown at Hakeem Adeniji, who started over 50 games at Kansas. Adeniji moves really well, but probably doesn’t have the length to hang at tackle and needs to get functionally stronger to start in the NFL – but there’s a lot of physical potential for him to grow in the NFL. The Bengals clearly really wanted to nail the linebacker spot down by taking Markus Bailey late. He would have gone much higher if not for the knee injury, which was his second serious one. If he does fully recover, he’s a very good downhill thumper who wasn’t completely lacking in space when fully healthy.
  17. 7. Minnesota Vikings This Class In One Sentence: It's huge, it's massive, there are so many players Pre-Draft Needs CB, IOL, OT, WR, DL Selections 1. 22. Justin Jefferson | WR | LSU 1. 31. Jeff Gladney | CB | TCU 2. 58. Ezra Cleveland | OT | Boise State 3. 89. Cameron Dantzler | CB | Mississippi State 4. 117. D. J. Wonnum | DE | South Carolina 4. 130. James Lynch | DT | Baylor 4. 132. Troy Dye | LB | Oregon 5. 169. Harrison Hand | CB | Temple 5. 176. K. J. Osborn | WR | Miami (FL) 6. 203. Blake Brandel | OT | Oregon State 6. 205. Josh Metellus | S | Michigan 7. 225. Kenny Willekes | DE | Michigan State 7. 244. Nate Stanley | QB | Iowa 7. 249. Brian Cole | OLB | Mississippi State 7. 253. Kyle Hinton | C | Washburn Picks Heading In 1. 22. 1. 25. 2. 58. 3. 89. 3. 105. 4. 132. 5. 167. 6. 201. 6. 205. 7. 219. 7. 239. 7. 249. 7. 253. Favorite Pick Justin Jefferson – I love the Jefferson pick here, the Vikings desperately needed a receiver who can come in and play from day one and he gives them that. He separates easily in short areas and vertically from the slot. He has ball-skills for days, a large catch radius and can adjust in the air. He was the man on 3rd down for LSU. Most Questionable Pick D. J. Wonnum/KJ Osborn – This is picky because Woonum is a 4th round pick and Osborn was selected in the 5th, but I just didn’t really like either on film. With Khalid Kareem and Alton Robinson going some 30 picks later I thought that represented much better than what the Vikings were able to get here with Wonnum who is a decent run defender, but just not a particularly dynamic athlete. Osborn is decent as a return man, but there were still better receivers on the board at the point with Peoples-Jones, Quez Watkins, James Proche and Isaiah Hodgins all selected later. Overview The Vikings headed into the draft with 13 picks and ended up making an almost unprecedented 15 selections with 11 of those coming on day three. If you don’t mind, I’ll have to do a whistle-stop review through some of those because it writing up this class is hard. With one of the best GMs in the business, Spielman has yet again replenished the roster and put his coaching staff in a strong position to make some noise. There are some questionable selections in that mix, perhaps they could have done more to address the interior offensive line earlier – but generally there are few complaints and what they did in the first round was fantastic. I loved the trade back in the 1st and still landing Jeff Gladney who was my favorite cornerback prospect outside of Jeff Okudah. A vocal leader of the TCU defense, feisty and competitive and just does not take a step back. His play speed is very fast and was rarely caught out of position. Ezra Cleveland was a polarizing prospect because the tape doesn’t match the eye-popping work out, but his high-end athleticism finds itself a suitable home here. He’s not dissimilar to Brian O’Neil as a prospect who came good on the right-hand side. The Vikings went back to the corner position and took Cameron Dantzler who was getting some first round hype before running a slow forty time at the combine. With Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes out of town and Mike Hughes recovering from a serious neck injury, there’s been a lot of turnover at that spot and a second early run at that position, for someone who is a good scheme fit made sense. I liked what Minnesota did with their next three picks. James Lynch was some versatility to shuffle in as a large end, or as an inside lineman who can rush there on third down. Troy Dye is a decent coverage linebacker taken two picks later and was good value for what was a coveted position in this draft. Harrison Hand is yet another prototypical toolsy press corner, clearly they aren’t leaving that position to chance and he's got appealing physical traits. Of the next six picks made in round 6th and 7th, I liked the Willikes and Cole picks best. Willikes was a little overhyped coming into the draft, but he’s hard working enough to find himself in a rotational role at some point and you would imagine would be a natural on special teams. Cole is an uber aggressive strong safety, or dimebacker who should flourish as a core special teamer in the first instance. I like the Nat Stanley pick-up late, I thought he could have gone earlier as a developmental quarterback prospect worth keeping around. Kyle Hinton is worth a mention too as a former track star who is small school raw, but has a very intriguing athletic profile at center.
  18. How much lower would you put them? I'm not a huge fan of every pick, but they got the second-best quarterback (with a big drop-off after) in this class without giving up anything to get him - it's hard to just dismiss that.
  19. 8. Miami Dolphins This Class In One Sentence: Landing a franchise QB and building up the trenches Pre-Draft Needs QB, T, RB, EDGE, G, S Selections 1. 5. Tua Tagovailoa | QB | Alabama 1. 18. Austin Jackson | OT | USC 1. 30. Noah Igbinoghene | CB | Auburn 2. 39. Robert Hunt | G | Louisiana 2. 56. Raekwon Davis | DT | Alabama 3. 70. Brandon Jones | S | Texas 4. 111. Solomon Kindley | G | Georgia 5. 154. Jason Strowbridge | DE | North Carolina 5. 164. Curtis Weaver | DE | Boise State 6. 185. Blake Ferguson | LS | LSU 7. 246. Malcolm Perry | RB | Navy Picks Heading In 1. 5. 1. 18. 1. 26. 2. 39. 2. 56. 3. 70. 4. 141. 5. 154. 5. 173. 6. 185. 7. 227. 7. 246. 7. 251. Favorite Pick Tua – Kinda dull to pick Tua and obviously he comes with serious durability concerns which should not be downplayed too easily. But on the plus side, he’s a twitchy thrower who can make plays inside and out of structure. He has surprising arm talent too and can make throws with touch and placement. Plus he’s shown he can handle a load in a pass-heavy attack when required. Most Questionable Pick Austin Jackson – I think the best things about Jackson are his age, size and his easy movements. He should also get stronger the further he gets away from the bone marrow transplant which impacted him last year. There were obvious balancing and technique issues holding him back enough to think of him more of a developmental tackle, which isn’t something you would normally look for in an offensive tackle at pick 18. But the NFL seemed to buy into his physical potential here. Overview It’s getting incredibly hard to separate some of these teams at the top of the draft. Clearly Miami were well set-up to make a noise in this year's draft and things could not have gone better for the them at the start of the draft as Grier and co stared everyone down and took their man without trading up. It was a baller move after a flood of rumors, presumably floating out of that building, from the start of the process had fooled enough people to think they were going elsewhere. Clearly they needed offensive line help after the Tua pick and, personally, I was left wondering what it would have taken to go up to get Wirfs given they had plenty of capital. After the trade back to 30 from 26, Noah Igbinoghene wouldn’t have been the name most would have come up with there mainly because if there was one place the Dolphins looked reasonably well-stocked, it was at corner. Igbinoghene has come a long way in a short time, showcasing an ability to play the ball in the air. He's got loose and fluid hips, he’s an easy-mover at the back end and could push for a role in the slot early. I really liked the Robert Hunt selection at 39, with offensive linemen flying off the board at that point. Enormous at 6’5 and 330 pounds, he was bad dude on the right-ride of Louisiana’s offensive line where his tape showed someone playing in a whole other tier of power to his opponents. He might be better suited inside in the NFL, but might get looks on the right side in Miami. Raekwon Davis at 56 would have sounded ridiculous a year ago, but he really hasn’t fulfilled on that early promise. Even if his pass-rush has gone backwards, he’s still great at two-gapping which fits well with this defense and he should find a role early if he wants it. Brandon Jones was a bit of a forgotten man in the process being injured through most of it, with the safety class having some real depth to it. He’s an energetic and physical downhill strong safety, isn’t particularly rangy and doesn’t appear to have the ball-skills to be a turnover threat. But he does embody the toughness this draft is trying to inject into the Dolphins. Kindley, Strowbridge and Weaver were the next three off the board. I like the value of the Weaver pick most, he was a highly productive pass-rusher at Boise and didn’t win with plus athleticism, but with nous, intelligence and effort. Kindley is a bruising interior lineman, he’s got some balance issues – but has also some natural power. Strowbridge I don’t really know what to do with his edge dimensions, yet doing his best work on the interior – there’s a real mix of size and skill sets on that defensive line so there might be a role for him in mind. The long snapper was next and I can confirm that his snaps were long. Malcolm Perry is a kick-return specialist with some natural open-field running ability and that’s where he’ll compete for a spot.
  20. 9. The New York Jets This Class In One Sentence: A pinch too boom or bust to be in fully in love, but still an impressive haul Pre-Draft Needs WR, OL , EDGE, CB Selections 1. 11. Mekhi Becton | OT | Louisville 2. 59. Denzel Mims | WR | Baylor 3. 68. Ashtyn Davis | S | California 3. 79. Jabari Zuniga | DE | Florida 4. 120. La'Mical Perine | RB | Florida 4. 125. James Morgan | QB | Florida International 4. 129. Cameron Clark | OT | Charlotte 5. 158. Bryce Hall | CB | Virginia 6. 191. Braden Mann | P | Texas A&M Picks Heading In 1. 11. 2. 48. 3. 68. 3. 79. 4. 120. 5. 158. 6. 191. 6. 211. Favorite Pick Denzel Mims – With the caveat that I think he might he might have been better off going to a team who won’t expect immediate returns. Still, Mims was one of my favourite players in the draft and you just can’t ignore that rare combination of size and speed. He was productive in a limited role at Baylor and showed a more rounded skill-set at the Senior Bowl where he was completely dominant. Most Questionable Pick I really like both players, so this is not an overt criticism – but the combination of Mekhi Becton in round 1 and Denzel Mims in round 2 adds an element of boom or bust to the top of a draft where the Jets really needed to hit on players. Becton needs to be ready to pass block out of the gate and Mims needs to be ready to put up numbers from day one. Elsewhere, they might have considered another foray into the receiver class with targets needed. Overview It was one of those drafts where the Jets happened to take a lot of the players I really liked and managed to plug some long lingering holes on the roster with talent in the process. I liked the move for an offensive tackle in round 1, I think it was the right decision to prioritise protecting your main asset. Joe Douglas deserves credit for resisting the temptation to grab one of the big receivers when all four were on the board. The Jets have got by at offensive tackle for too long and whilst Becton has some inexperience in true pass-sets, players that enormous are not supposed to move as well as he does. Plus he’s mean as hell with it and should be an instant hit in the run game. I really liked both of the players picked in round 3, with Ashtyn Davis and Jabari Zuniga the selections there. Davis could be a value pick, with the Jets fairly well set at safety already – but he could give them a floating free safety in their dime packages early on. He’s a real turnover threat with excellent ball-skills and has covered both tight ends and slot-receivers in man. Zuniga is a twitchy pass-rusher with the length and athletic ceiling to be a disruptive edge-rusher in the NFL if he can learn to get off the snap in time. I liked his upside more than Greenard on the other side at Florida and the Jets have needed a quality pass-rusher forever. La'Mical Perine is fine in the 4th round as a moderately juicy contact balance runner and offers a little in the passing game. Drafting James Morgan to be the back-up QB also in the 4th to join him, why not? He’s a big dude with a nice arm, kind of the perfect developmental prospect to have there. Cameron Clark joining them in the same round is fine, an experienced tackle from Charlotte who looks primed to move inside – but give the Jets a flexible option at either. Bryce Hall was a big catch in the 5th round, assuming his slide had something to do with the nasty injury he suffered last season. He’s a long and physical corner with excellent ball-skills who could vastly outperform his draft position if he can make it all the way back from that ankle injury - it might take time.
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