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  1. I think they should just interview Watson for it.
  2. I didn't think Miami would have an issue filling this position. Draft capital, young QB. Perhaps I am just impatient.
  3. People keep mentioning red flags on Bienemy, the only things I find are roughly 20+ years old. if it’s that remote I wouldn’t be concerned.
  4. Love the hire of Campbell, I always thought Miami should have stuck with him after letting go of Philbin. I believe this guy is primed to instill a winning culture and attitude in Detroit. Much like the Browns I tend to pull for Detroit (when it doesn't affect my Dolphins). You guys are due for some success and I believe Swift is going to excel under him. Best of luck.
  5. The pick gave me flashbacks of Jamar Fletcher. The rookie year gave me flashbacks of Jamar Fletcher.
  6. Will be interesting to see what the Jets do. If they pass on Fields we very well may get trade offers for #3. Even if they go WR they cant take both Chase and Smith. I really like this #3 spot.
  7. I’m definitely no doctor, just seemed odd for a concussion... did not notice a violent head whip, And defender seemed to take the brunt of everything going to the ground. Just hope it’s a speedy recovery regardless.
  8. Grats KC fans, I have trouble believing that was a concussion. I’d be willing to bet it was more of a neck injury which can affect equilibrium. On replay he never really seems to hit his head but his neck appears to be strained. regardless I am hoping for a speedy recovery.
  9. Id rather draft an RB than pay FA prices for one.
  10. Does he weigh the same as a duck?
  11. Not exactly a group that impresses me at first read.
  12. Not sure of what we get in return but when I think potential trade partners, Detroit or Carolina are the 2 teams I potentially see attempting to move up to grab a QB before Atlanta potentially picks one. Lets just hope these QB prospects create tons of buzz and one of these teams decides its worth moving up for prior to Atlanta's pick. Realistically what I believe will happen is there won't be a trade offer that suits Miami and they will stay at 3 and select Wr. D. Smith. I'm okay with that too. (though I prefer Chase at this point)
  13. Read that article as well, Tua will either prove he belongs or doesn't but I do not believe there has been enough time to make that determination. Of course I don't know if any defensive player should talk about any player being a long term solution, the way the defense collapsed over the last few weeks. If anything Miami has shown a recent tendency to ship out those players who are not buying into the coaches plan for the future. The season is recently over for Miami some emotions are likely raw as well.
  14. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article248209500.html Found some of this interesting, some of it we knew or suspected already. Cliff notes- Tua needs to improve.
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