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  1. Who's the MJ of Football?

    I agree that it is hard to compare but in the interest of participating at the moment I would say Patrick Mahomes is setting himself up nicely.
  2. 2020 Schedule Announced

    I'm thinking we will end up around 8-8 give or take a game. Hard to fathom but right now I would say Fitzpatrick is the best Qb in the afc east.
  3. RIP Coach!!!

    Truly one of the greats.
  4. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    Love this move by Dallas, I do think Dak is better but not by leaps and bounds. Dalton had AJ Green but never this assortment of talent on the offensive side. If Dak holds out (which I don't see him turning down the franchise tag) this could be an amazing opportunity for Dalton.
  5. at the time, Indianapolis was in the AFC east and as a Dolphins fan I was hoping they did not end up with Leaf. I thought that guy was next Marino.
  6. What Grade Do You Give the Dolphins Draft???

    While I'm not a fan of grading drafts this early, I will say this one inspires more hope than previous drafts, not only did they pick up a QB with at least the appearance of being a franchise QB (time will tell) they are laying a foundation in the trenches.
  7. 49ers trade RB Brieda to Dolphins

    He won't get more money at this point, the guy has potential but hasn't really proven he is worth a contract beyond this year. He needs to prove he can hold onto the ball and stay healthy. He ought to be motivated.
  8. 2020 Pick Tracker

    All in all I'm happy with this draft, like the posters above thrilled with the emphasis on the "trenches". Glad they went with Tua over Herbert, we passed on Aaron Rodgers in 2005 (drafting Ronnie Brown) we passed on Brees in 2006 over injury concerns. How many other good/great QB's over the years have we had the opportunity to, and then failed to draft? Hopefully they sit him this year with a little playing time here and there.
  9. 2020 Pick Tracker

    I was curious if they were truly interested in Dobbins or any RB early, I think they are satisfied with Howard for the most part at the moment, a solid back who can/will pass block, which is paramount. I was pulling for them to draft another O lineman (Jones).
  10. Dolphins Pick at 18

    This one surprised me, needs some time to develop but I think they are looking at him for punt and kick returns as well which will have an immediate impact. I figured they were going safety.
  11. Tua at 5

    agreed, if they didn't "tank" last year don't look for it to happen this year. Regardless of the talent level Coach Flores has these guys playing to win. Which I think is a good thing you aren't going to build a culture of winning otherwise.
  12. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    The only change I would lobby for is Louis Oliver and Brock Marion in the safety positions.
  13. Tua at 5

    I am with you on this, stay at 5. I have gone back and forth on Tua vs Herbert so many times. I just take solace in the fact that my job does not hinge upon them getting this call right. If they go with either of them I suspect we won't truly know until year 3 or 4 whether the right call was made.
  14. Tua at 5

    Not saying he should or should not be the pick but rather with no team, to my knowledge, being able to conduct their own medical evaluations do we see anyone realistically trading up to take a chance on him? I keep reading mock drafts (we know what those are worth) that have Miami or someone trading to 3 in order to take him but this lack of medical evaluation by team physicians keeps jumping out at me, am I missing something?
  15. Time travel: Stopping your team