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  1. If I am Atlanta, I am hard pressed to pass up that deal.
  2. Depending on the terms of the deal seems like a solid move.
  3. Most people when accused with sexual misconduct, even when caught red handed, go down swinging. Of course I’m sure when the initial demand letter showed up Watson had no idea it would balloon like it did. Hindsight being 20/20 in retrospect I’d bet he would settle quietly with no admission of wrong doing, if the other side signed a NDA.
  4. Vinatieri is getting in, NFL records for most career points, field goals made, and attempts among other records. Still a 3X Superbowl champ (if you subtract the one). Great longevity in the league.
  5. No sense in reinventing the wheel, you hit the nail on the head for me. He is still young enough to prove me wrong though.
  6. Unless there is evidence they beat him down at AD's instruction AD "should" be fine.
  7. Hopefully his exoneration is done with the same fervor as the allegation.
  8. I'm going Burrow but it is a coin flip in my mind. Coming off the injury is concerning, for me a lot depends on the draft. If/when they choose to address his protection along the O-line plays a big part, which I am assuming they will early.
  9. 1- Fields- you have Jimmy G let Fields develop. 2- Keep the rookie on the bench year 1 barring injury. 3- a 3rd 4- If that defense returns to form, they’d have a chance to win it even with me at QB. 5- see 4 6- I think they are on the hot seat year 4 if starting a rookie from day 1. 7- myself no, I’d have waited to see how the draft progresses versus my board, plus with that defense you don’t need Jimmy G to be Patrick Mahomes, Trent Dilfer ala 2000 Ravens is good enough. That said, I am glad they did.
  10. Assuming they are in their prime and from any era. QB Peyton Manning WR Antonio Brown WR Calvin Johnson WR Larry Fitzgerald TE Tony Gonzalez RB Bo Jackson
  11. Your points are valid, what captured my imagination about this topic (that I didn't start) is that I had the same gut reaction as everyone, but then you start thinking about the actual differences in their careers and what it means to be satisfied with your career by whatever criteria you use, Edelman's was preferable to me. My frustration with this topic is that some view it as, there is no room for debate or discussion, there is but one answer. Socrates said- the unexamined life is not worth living, that quote seems appropriate to me. I do not claim money is an invalid reason or a wors
  12. There are some fair points there. The line is young could be great but hasn’t proven it. Center is extremely important and I fear that is the weak link and worth an early pick if the value is there. I’m all for weapons I’ve been banging the Pitts/chase drum a while. I definitely think a RB would be a great idea. They don’t have to be early picks to be valuable though, just have to be the right picks. Lots of RB depth in the draft, but if they draft one of the big 3 RBs early, I’m not going be upset. They added Fuller in the off season, will likely draft a wr( or TE) at 6. plus a RB at some po
  13. Many pedestrian RBs have career years behind great O lines. Great O lines keep the pocket clean and minimize the risk to the QB. We do not have a “great” O line. If one of those picks leads to a great O line I’m fine with it. Unless that pick is O line over Pitts/Chase. I am with you though in that I view center as more of a concern than guard.
  14. For all the reasons previously stated makes the argument valid. Simply because YOU cannot seem to grasp either the premise or the concepts that lead to the conclusion does not render the reasoning invalid. The Earth being round is scientifically provable. Your hard line opinion as to which career everyone should choose is not. You obviously have nothing nuanced to offer on this topic why bother commenting at all?
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