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  1. Was comparing both weeks don’t get me wrong I think Tua is a better prospect but Brisset looks less “rattled”? by the turnstile O line. I think it is due to his size advantage. At this rate we will ruin Tua like the Jets did with Darnold.
  2. Got to give the defense some credit, they made some plays (and gave up a few), Josh Allen didn’t look like a world beater but he didn’t need to either. 35 points is rough but held the bills to 14 at the half and could of easily been 14-10 going into the half. The offense though, dreadful. Went for it 3 times on 4th down one in easy fg range, turn over in the red zone, dropped td by Parker. I think they could of rushed 2 and got pressure.
  3. An awful game, Dropped passes, terrible o line play. In my opinion Brissett looked better than Tua, only because he is much bigger can see the field better and is harder to bring down behind that “offensive” line. I haven’t given up on Tua, guy didn’t get a chance to show much today. Las Vegas is playing lights out, next week could be just as ugly. Of course this Jeckyl and Hyde team will probably show up.
  4. Was pretty much my point, suspended week 1 (we knew when signing him) but that suspension didn't just randomly fall out of the sky, missed a lot of training camp, now out. I don't know the guys situation, I hope him and his family are okay as well. I am not holding it against him, but on a 1 year prove it deal I am not exactly giving him credit for it either. Yatil Green, for those of us old enough to remember, was supposed to be a game changing receiver, loads of potential and was never on the field. Hopefully all is well, he comes back soon and lights it up. Frustrating though, a game like t
  5. Basically has a 1 year prove it deal. So far not much proof. I don't know the guys situation, but the as the ole adage goes, your best ability is availability.
  6. I agree, I really like Flores as HC, I think on the OC front if memory serves we didn’t seem generate a lot of interest at the time and were left with tho options so underwhelming they couldn’t even choose one over the other.
  7. When you got talent, you get the extra chances. That's just life. If he has turned it around and still has ability great for him. As a Dolphins fan I wouldn't be thrilled about giving up a roster spot for him, but don't think the guy should be kept from trying to earn a living if some GM/Coach/Owner decides to take a chance on him.
  8. A lot of these guys have talent, I think part of the issue has to be coaching.
  9. At home, mid September, I expect Miami to be competitive in this game. I believe we will generate pressure on the defensive side and the Bills pass rush is less daunting than the Patriots. Win or lose, I say it is within 3 points.
  10. IDP- playing against Chandler Jones…
  11. The defense (X) definitely made a play… but the narrative shouldn’t be, but for the fumble, Miami was losing this game. If the Pats had scored either a TD or a FG Miami still likely would have had time on the clock. Miami showed they are capable of chunk plays. Was a good win, a tough win. X showed up, that’s what your superstars need to do.
  12. That pats o line is legit. Miami blitzed constantly, Mac Jones didn’t rattle. Great win for Miami to go on the road get the W while getting killed in time of possession. Aside from that one bobbled int Tua looked good considering how much pressure he was under.
  13. Our offensive line is a dumpster fire
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