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  1. Moore would be a very Dolphins thing to do...
  2. The more I read about him the more I like McDaniel. Plus if the reports are correct (which I doubt) that the head coach has no say in his defensive assistants I think it is something he would be okay with. So between Daboll, Moore, and McDaniel put me down in the McDaniel column.
  3. I'm still not convinced Harbaugh's tires aren't being kicked unofficially. Right now I believe Daboll is the front runner. I too am surprised they didn't reach out to Peterson as well. Mike McDaniel is a wild card as was Sean McVay when he was hired for the Rams, so the move is not unprecedented, if he gets the job I can't say I would be either angry or excited. I guess I would find the move interesting... Of those listed, Kellen Moore is the one I really don't want for many of the same reasons you list.
  4. Given their cap situation I do not think the Saints are a "premier" job. Kamara is an absolute stud and that defense is pretty good, but there are going to be some tough choices ahead. I think they promote from within.
  5. My main concern about trying to sign OTs or Linemen in general in FA is that the Bengals have plenty of cap space as well and likely will be a better draw for the top Oline men. Perhaps even San Diego as well. I don't want to pay top dollar for 3rd or 4th choice or injury prone.
  6. My gut tells me it will be Daboll, Leftwich or Bieniemy. Which of those would you prefer?
  7. Leftwich did fine before Brady, If memory serves his Qb threw as many tds as ints. The offensive scheme worked though. I wouldn’t be angry if he gets the nod.
  8. Dolphins reportedly requested an interview with Rams running backs coach Thomas Brown.... https://www.thephinsider.com/2022/1/14/22884007/miami-dolphins-request-interview-with-los-angeles-rams-running-backs-coach-thomas-brown This is exactly the kind of thing that scares me.
  9. I definitely buy into the reports that Flores didn't want him. He seemed to assemble an offensive line intent on getting Tua assassinated.
  10. With the initial shock of Flores firing like most Fins fans I was angered. With the reports of the situation, if true, it is evident changes probably needed to be made. Not saying Flores should have been the one to go over Grier or vice versa, keeping either presents its own set of concerns with what we have seen. I am still optimistic but now for different reasons. There was obviously a blind spot on the offensive side of the ball. Revolving door of Coordinators and O line coaches and an inability to hire talent in those positions due to, from what I am gathering Flores, either his lac
  11. I predict Nick Saban is coming back. .
  12. If true, he did learn from Belichick, Belichick love it or hate it, kind of has that license though, through years of success. Maybe he adjusts his style some.
  13. Ross pretty much said the QB situation will be up to the coach. I can't imagine Grier signing off on someone who isn't at least going to give Tua a shot though. I myself am glad he is getting a shot and if the situation had become such that it was a choice between Tua or Flores. I am taking Tua at this point. The offense has been awful especially the line. Ultimately I think Flores is a good coach I just think he needs help on the offensive side of things. From what I am gathering Tua was definitely not Flores's guy which likely caused a bit of a rift in the locker room with some of the offen
  14. Dolphins fans are pretty polarized with him right now. I myself think he is worth giving a 3rd or 4th year to. His inaccuracy later in the season on mid range throws is very concerning and appeared to be a point of regression. I think he is strong enough to play QB at the nfl level. Hard to say what he is capable of until he has a line to block long enough and players that are a threat to take the top off the defense. I believe the scheme this year, quick passes, was due to a line that was wretched and, before Duke Johnson showed up, RBs that were unable to run the ball. He definitely needs to
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