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  1. Our offensive line was non existent and our defense played terrible. I think tua was being pulled for his protection rather than his play though admittedly we looked better with fitz and he gave us a shot.
  2. He definitely was instrumental but it wasn't one of those shoot out performances 258 yards and 2 tds. He did great and did his part but defense and special teams also scored tds. Tua was definitely instrumental and played mistake free but it wasn't that put the team on his back and will them to victory ala Kyler Murray feel.
  3. If our defense and special teams show up, we "should" be okay, we haven't had to rely on Tua to win games for us yet, which I am perfectly happy with. With our offensive weaponry in flux, I am hoping those tests can come a little later.
  4. This weekend Miami will be sporting their throwback jerseys. There is an article on PFT talking about a push for this being a permanent replacement of the new uniforms. Despite having recently purchased a new jersey (2 weeks ago) I would completely support this move and likely purchase a new-new jersey.
  5. Tough game to call if it were in LA I would go Chargers, but at home with our defense I like Miami's chances.
  6. Great win by Miami. Tua looked good that is all you can ask at this point. I still flinch when he runs, but am starting to accept that he isn't made of glass, I still don't want it to be a regular thing. I am not as concerned about our defense from this outing, Kyler is electric and a heck of a talent and that is a great group of receivers they have. All in all a good showing on the road with a depleted RB and WR stable. The hustle by Jones to get back down field on the defensive Td and throw a block a deserves recognition.
  7. Really we just have to agree to disagree, while I do genuinely like Fitzpatrick, he is not the future of this team, and this team is as much a play off caliber team as whoever manages to eek out the top spot in the NFC east. Regardless, Fitz has never appeared in the post season, there are legitimate reasons for that, Fitz tragic is always the other side of the coin. Yes Miami does have 2 blow out wins they beat up on the Jets (and managed to do nothing in the second half of that game) and were 1 for 9 on 3rd downs. They blew up a depleted 49er team that rushed Jimmy G. back into the starting line up and Fitz smartly picked on their inexperienced corner the entire game. I am thrilled with the wins but I do keep it in context with against who, and how those victories came about. The scoring was great but the circumstances surrounding or underlying those scores are concerning and those same factors are a far better predictor of the remainder of the season. Miami's schedule isn't filled with "Jets" caliber teams, exploitable corner backs, and injured QB's nor is it filled with teams where we can convert one 3rd down and expect to win. The playoffs if we were to make it, definitely wouldn't be. If Tua is the future (which I hope) better to put him in now and start finding out. You can learn vital things about him this season, where he needs to improve, where his strengths are in the pro game. In all honesty he likely won't be a finished product at the start of next year but he will be that much closer.
  8. Don't mistake the question for advocacy either way, but for the L'eveon Bell flirtation I wouldn't have thought it a possibility I am not thrilled with the idea but I actually do trust this Staff and the decisions they are making. Despite the Seattle rumblings I still think Houston would be the one most likely to test the waters or as some talking heads have speculated a contender may try and sign him just to keep from having to face him. I think the pending sexual assault case (because I am too lazy to google it) is solely a civil case for the moment. There may never be any criminal charges, vastly different burdens of proof.
  9. The idea that the basketball finals correlates to the NFL and what may or may not occur is a fallacy. This team is not a Superbowl contender at the moment. Of course players want to win, who wouldn't, but they are also professionals. No free agent or veteran should realistically have felt that this was Miami's year. In the end they all know, or have reasonable notice that they are building towards something. While possibly some teammates are surprised by the timing of the move I do not believe this locker room will revolt over the move. Fitz absolutely has a right to feel disappointed in the move, at the same time these are all "professionals", regardless of who is behind center, do your job and you very well may still be on the team if/when they are a legitimate contender which starting Tua now as opposed to later gets them closer to that ultimate goal.
  10. I don't believe they did Fitz dirty, they are preparing for the future, Fitz has been great for the franchise but he was not the future of the franchise. No one believes that Miami is pushing for a super bowl appearance whether they win the division or not. Better to get some of those growing pains out the way now with Tua. The person(s) who did Fitz wrong was the person(s) who leaked the news before the team could be addressed.
  11. I think this is a, playing the long game move. We are not KC, Balt, Pitt.. those teams are ready now. Fitz has shown us that this group can and will compete. We start Tua now, with additions and growth next off season we "might" be a play off team next year, but for that to happen, Tua needs experience and this is the time to get it with a core that can and will compete. You are right we could keep Fitz playing but to what end? He will not be the starter next year, and I am not going to start with the premise we belong in the discussion with the top echelon of the AFC. We are a middle of the pack team but trending the right way. I'd rather get some of Tua's growing pains out of the way this season.
  12. Aaron Donald is indeed trial by fire or the best way to potentially test that hip. Looking to the future it needs to happen but I hate that it happened to Fitz. They are not legitimate contenders this year and letting Tua get experience now will potentially pay dividends next year.
  13. Have no dog in this fight but it seems premature to judge Dalton based on this team implosion. Zeke's fumbles, dropped passes, an int where the receiver was tackled but no PI, mangled O line (which has been an issue all year). This team was not hitting on any cylinders. Time will tell if it is an anomaly or if the team has given up which is a coaching issue not a Dalton issue at this point.
  14. Carr reminds me of Tannehill, you put him in the right system with the right supporting cast he has the ability to excel. He isn't one of those elite QB's who will elevate the play of those around him, Rodgers, Russell Wilson, vintage Brady. etc etc. Mayock and Gruden appear to be putting the pieces and system in place for Carr to be at the helm of a dynamic offense. No knock on Tannehill either, I am happy for the guys career revival, he has the tools to be a Superbowl winning QB.
  15. I was reading he is eligible to return in 2 weeks. I wouldn't think the Dolphins would be interested but given that apparently Miami made a play for Bell, do you think the front office attempts to bring AB in for a visit?
  16. Was pretty much what conventional wisdom thought it would be as a game. The Jets are just bad right now. Was nice to see Fitz cheering for Tua as well. You can just tell there is a chemistry on this team that we haven't seen in years. Flores has me believing. Would have liked to see us convert a 3rd down. Was Tua's last minute play the only 3rd down that the Dolphins converted?
  17. I believe they will be within the top 10. even if it is at the end of the 1st round the trade was worth it in my opinion not a knock on Tunsil, Houston was willing to make us an offer we couldn't refuse. Before the HC firing I had hoped they would be in Trevor Lawrence position and we might rake in a kings ransom for the pick. Pipe dreams right? Jets are so much worse.
  18. I don't ever discount divisional rivalries, akin to how we have somehow managed to be thorn in the Patriots side at least one game a year, the Jets easily perform that same function with the Dolphins. With that caveat in mind, I loved what I saw against, an admittedly depleted, 49er team and on paper it would seem that should be the same result this week. Flores has me believing and I bet he will have his players focused on this game.
  19. I agree on WR and also a RB have to be high on our priorities. I don't want to over pay in free agency for a RB, man I was so wrong on Jordan Howard. for the first time in a long time, I love the direction our O line is headed.
  20. Hey Cardinals fans, I am a life long Dolphins fan and have followed Kenyan Drake's career. I saw flashes of what he was able to do in Miami, and thought he would thrive in Arizona and was appearing to at the end of last season. What has happened to him? is it a Kenyan Drake problem? scheme? line?. The guy has talent and I thought he would basically be your Kamara (I know blasphemy to some) he seems to do his best when utilized in the passing game which it doesn't appear to be happening. Any thoughts or feedback?
  21. I vote that the city you move from gets to choose your new name and mascot. 😈
  22. Seahawks D isn't that good, but they don't need to be. They should overwhelm us with offense. We should score I just don't see us keeping up if it comes to a true arms race. That said "any given Sunday" and all and Seattle is having to travel across country we do have a chance, things just have to go very right for us and/or very wrong for Seattle.
  23. I have not watched much of the Eagles this year but is it not at least attributable, in part, to the supporting cast around him? Or is he the problem that keeps the others from thriving?
  24. In my opinion the verdict is in on Trubisky (time to move on), with Mayfield the jury is still out, as it is the early part of his 3rd season.
  25. I agree on Igbinoghene, we are rebuilding and I like the CB getting trial by fire (Diggs etc), at this stage what better way to develop, than to be exposed to/by the best and hopefully learn from/coached up on mistakes. I also hoped to see some Tua with the game in hand, and like you I agree, theoretically, the game could of been well in hand long before that point if Miami hadn't gone so conservative. Regardless, watching Miami win sure beats having to look for the silver lining when they lose.
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