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  1. 2020 Draft Pick #201 - James Proche

    Interesting to read that Proche is already good friends with Zach Orr. That will no doubt be a huge help in getting him up to speed with what will be expected of him. https://pressboxonline.com/2020/05/04/ravens-wr-james-proche-looking-forward-to-reconnecting-with-big-brother-zach-orr/
  2. 2020 Rookie Talk.

    Is there any one from this year's class that jumps out in the same way?
  3. 2020 Draft Pick #106 - Tyre Phillips

    Interesting that when EDC was asked about this pick on the "lounge" podcast he basically said Tyre is Harbaugh's guy. EDC said that John really campaigned for him ever since they watched him at the senior bowl and so he was happy to be able to get the coach his guy.
  4. 2020 Rookie Talk.

    Basically JK provides a terrific outside run threat with a great jump cut. He won't be running up the middle much with his smaller stature but will provide a great compliment to Ingram's bruising I'll knock you down and out of my way style. JK was also able to capitalise on Fields (limited) running abilty threat which is obviously something he will be able to benefit and exploit more given he'll have Lamar drawing a lot more attention from defenders. We'll need to develop his receiving skills more if Roman wants to engineer ways to create opportunities for him in open space. JKs speed and agility are his best assets so giving him as many chances working against defenders one on one in space should be a great weapon for our offense. Lamar will also benefit from JKs addition. With JK giving defenders a lot to worry about on the edges that will only create more lanes for Lamar to run through on the inside. Also notes that JK needs to work on his pass protection so he can be trusted on the field in any given situation. The article obviously went in to greater details with tape and examples and lots of X and Os talk but that's the gist of it.
  5. Ravens sign DJ Fluker

  6. Baltimore Ravens 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Definitely looks like a natural catching the ball. Haven't seen much comment on his blocking ability.
  7. 2020 Draft Pick #219 - Geno Stone

    My favourite pick of the draft. Just looks like he has great instincts and makes plays all day. A great way to cap of this draft class.
  8. 2020 Ravens Forum Draft Game - Three Rounds

    I got Josh Uche at pick 60...he just wasn't picked by us!
  9. 2020 Ravens Forum Draft Game - 20 Prospects

    I also had Malik Harrison in my first list but swapped him for Brooks the day before the draft. Oh well
  10. New Forum Help & Transition Thread

    How can I upload a screen shot from my phone? I was going to put Queens PFF profile in his thread but can't work out how to upload the image ?
  11. 2020 Draft Pick #28 - Patrick Queen

    Most of it is Hollywood basically reacting to Queens highlights and Lamar telling him to shut up because the broadcast he was watching hadn't even announced the pick yet
  12. 2020 Draft Pick #28 - Patrick Queen

    It's great that he's come into a team where there isn't pressure on him to wear the green dot and he can just focus on his development and making plays.
  13. Baltimore Ravens 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Please someone else take queen!
  14. Baltimore Ravens 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I would wait until tomorrow for a WR now. Hoping the Chaisson fall continues.