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  1. I think it's fair to say Teddy has far exceeded our expectations. The competition hasn't been the greatest but he's looked so comfortable, it's a breath of fresh air after what we've seen at QB the last several years. I've always been a Teddy B fan, ever since coming out of Louisville. That said, calling him a potential "franchise" QB et al... should probably temper expectations. A lot of fans and media were praising him early last season in Carolina for solid play as well but he really crashed down to earth the end of the season. He was downright BAD the last 6ish weeks, albeit with a l
  2. Somehow I missed the play live where he got chipped by the TE then ran THROUGH the tackle (Nate Solder I believe). Like, completely flattened the dude. Von at 80% of his physical peak is still one of the crazier athletes on the planet.
  3. Early east coast game aside, I'm not worried about this one at all. Thought hiring Urban Meyer was a pretty big mistake, Lawrence has flashed but is gonna be prone to mistakes, their defense isn't very good either and I think Von/Chubb (if he's a go) will live in the backfield. They have some solid WR but that's our strength, even with Darby going to IR. I'll definitely be looking at PS2, he didn't look great in his only target last week (TD to Shepard) but that was a tough cover with no help over the top. Josh Allen is talented but that's why we paid Bolles. Healthy dose of the ru
  4. I didn't really key on it a ton but I thought the opposite. At least one play Cush was embarrassed by one of the interior defenders and Glasgow had a few really ugly plays as well. Risner I remember having a rough time on a couple of pass plays but not quite as awful as the 2 former. Now, that could be a product of the competition, Leonard Williams and Dexter Lawrence are pretty damn good. I was pretty firmly in the "start Lock over Teddy" camp but that game is a lot closer with Lock trying to deal with the interior pressure as opposed to the vet. @lomaxgrUKDo you plan on doing the
  5. Eh, really difficult to judge. We'd often play the majority of our starters for all of/most of the first half while the Vikings/Seahawks/Rams all played basically their 2nd team sparsely and primarily practice squad guys. I keyed on Muti for the most part. He still gets beat with speed/quickness inside and just has a lot to cleanup technique wise. The QBs generally got the ball out quickly also so tough to judge. Decent pressure from the inside but I don't think that side of the ball is particularly deep. Losing one of Harris or Jones would set us back a bit imo.
  6. Mid deployment but luckily got to watch this one live. I'm still in the "we should have taken Fields" camp but super stoked to have PS2 and he looked like a vet already. Granted, not like he was going against Justin Jefferson or Adam Thielen but he still looked smooth out there. No secret that Javonte was my favorite player in the draft and showed why in his limited touches. Dude is a hoss. Should have had a TD where he shrugged off a couple of DBs like flies. I expect him to get the lion's share of carries by the end of October, if not sooner. Caden Sterns flashed a bit too. A
  7. You could remove the jerseys/numbers from him and still be able to tell Champ from any other corner. The way he moved was just different
  8. A week later to kinda let everything settle in, my opinions. 1.9- PS2- Disregarding the fact that Justin Fields was on the board, I love the pick. I've been a big fan of Surtain throughout and he was my preferred CB. He has the size, technique and athleticism to excel at both man or zone. He's my favorite CB prospect since Marshon Lattimore. He was clearly better than Horn to me and while the ceiling of Farley was tantalizing (pre back injury), I'd have taken the sure thing in Surtain 10/10 times. Not sure exactly where he fits in his rookie year however. Barring injury, you gotta
  9. I've never seen someone so reluctant to upgrade at QB lol. As has been said, GB will eat a good chunk of today so we'd be paying around 25mil aav for a QB coming off an MVP season. Not to mention the cascade effect bringing him in would do on regards up bringing in talented FA at a possible discount ala tampa bay with Brady/Peyton manning in Denver. Comparing him to zombie Peyton, who dropped off a cliff his last year here, is apples and oranges. Peyton was never a physical freak by any means and that was exacerbated by his neck injury which pmuch sucked any juice he had left in his
  10. Feel like we're usually spoiled picking up a couple of the better udfa at least but man, not super optimistic with any of these guys. Laufenberg, Beyer and Mintze I'm familiar with but dunno much about the rest tbh.
  11. Eh, Teddy was basically a game manager on a stacked NO team when he went 5-0. Not a slight against him but that's who he is. Learning a new offense and losing your franchise RB for most of the season isn't ideal but Teddy was jettisoned (from a reasonable contract as far as starting QB are concerned) for a reason. He wasn't good. Only real weapon? Robby Anderson, DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel were one of the better receiving trios you'll find. He had weapons, he was simply average/below average most of the year. Why would Carolina be willing to trade for one of the worst statistical quarterb
  12. Slept through 3rd day of the draft (living in Japan) but would periodically wake up and check my phone. Big fan of both the safety picks. Don't have much depth there and I liked both of them as players. Solid value and both dudes I mentioned earlier in the thread that I'd be interested in. Seth Williams always showed up when watching Auburn. Schwartz got all the buzz for his speed but Williams is the better WR. Depth/special teams. Vincent is going to compete with Bassey for the backup slot role and play special teams, fine with more competition in the DB room. Cooper and
  13. Other guys to target on day 3... Edge rushers: Quincy Roche-not the biggest but can come in and rush the passer, Chris Rumph-also small but twitchy and has been great the past two seasons at Duke, Elerson Smith-small school guy but athletic freak, Janarius Robinson-insane size/length. DT: Already mentioned Nixon enough, Wilson above as well, rest are mostly run stuffers in Shelvin/Togai/Tufele. Darius Stills has a little upside. ILB: Still value to be had, McGrone as mentioned as well as Cox, Dylan Moses had a pretty mediocre year coming back from injury but has the tools, Nick
  14. Daviyon Nixon fits the bill. I wouldn't have been too upset to take him at 2.40. Was getting talked up into the top half of the first round around january but cooled off. Negatives are he wasn't originally academically eligible to play at Iowa so had to go the JUCO route first and only really showed out this season but the talent is clearly there. Marvin Wilson doesn't have the athleticism of Nixon but he looked really good last year at FSU. Didn't look like the same guy this year at all though, but that team really wasn't very good in general. Worth at shot in the 5th+ potentially.
  15. 3.105 I'm gonna roll the dice on Baron over Cox so stick with the original pick.
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