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  1. Man, I've been lurking this thread the last few months and so glad I stumbled onto this. Opened my first pack last night and got some random Zion moment (wasn't anything special, just a "jump shot") that was one of 10,000, so not particularly rare. Saw it was listed on the market anywhere from $400-200k and listed it for $750. It sold in less than an hour and now I'm wondering if I could have squeezed more outta it. Regardless, really cool feeling and I totally see how this can become addicting (both as a collector and investor). Thanks my dude!
  2. Sure, you can line him up with his hand in the ground but I think he's just a matchup nightmare. Line him up out wide or in the slot, Hock at TE, Golladay out wide... That can be pretty lethal.
  3. If Paton is true to his word then there's a very good chance he'd take one of the big 4 WR (Smith, Chase, waddle, Pitts) as at least one will assuredly be there at 9 and will be BPA barring something like Sewell dropping. That said, I can't imagine picking another weapon in the passing game. We're loaded there and as has been stated, a luxury pick if I've ever seen one.
  4. Talent wise, probably late first. Major medical red flags though.
  5. Waddle isn't as refined as Jeudy but he's so much more dynamic as an athlete. He's probably only slightly slower than Ruggs but a better route runner and much better with the ball in his hands. Outside of maybe Tyreek Hill, he'll be the scariest guy in the open field the second he steroid steps into the NFL and the best returner I've ever seen. It's easy to forget that he was the go to guy in Alabama's offense pre injury, even ahead of Smith. Again, I really like both Jeudy and Waddle as prospects and it probably depends what you're looking for. Rather have a technician ala Davante Adams
  6. I really really liked both ceedee and Jeudy coming out last year and thought they were both top ten talents, but I think the top 4 (Chase, Smith, Waddle and Pitts) this year are all a tick better tbh.
  7. Yeah, I'd try super hard to hold on to Jeudy. I think his value right now is probably a 2022 frp so if it could save that I'd consider it. He got davanta Adams potential, just needs to clean up the drops. Sutton, is probably more valuable to the team (coming off ACL, 1 year remaining etc) so I don't think that's a move but who knows. As for Fant, it would hurt to lose him but I'm pretty bullish on Albert O. Small sample size (and coming off an ACL, so likely not 100% next season) but he looked every bit the athlete of Fant and even more fluid tbh. Needs to clean up a lot of things but lo
  8. You'll get differing opinions of course, but one of the typical offers floating around is 2021, 2022 frp and 2nds, Bradley Chubb and one of KJ Hamler/Noah Fant/possibly Jeudy. You can play with picks, maybe throw in some 2023 picks (really, really prefer not to throw in that frp but assuming Watson is what you think he'll be, that's a pick in the late twenties anyway).
  9. I think this is all very well put, the only thing I'd like to mention is that, while, yeah, he really broke out this year, he showed a lot as a true freshman as well. Smaller sample size but he had some really good games as a 19 y/o starting quarterback. He was dealing with injuries that really hampered his ability to throw as a sophomore so I take that season with a grain of salt. I had Fields and Wilson virtually neck and neck but the more I watch, the more I gravitate towards Wilson. Watching them both back to back really shows the contrast in their delivery. Wilson has that su
  10. To argue whether or not Watson is worth giving up multiple first rounders/young players is worth it in the end, I can see an argument either way, but to paint a picture as though he's some spoiled QB who can't win... well we'll just agree to disagree there. Looking at everything at surface level, I don't really care about the stats or win/loss. Put Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Rodgers whoever on that team and I still don't see them making the playoffs. They've been hemorrhaging talent since the BoB took the reigns and it all came to a head last season. To make matters worse, the fr
  11. Not particularly. Najee is already great both as a pass blocker/pass catcher. May seem strange to say now but Najee also is way more physical of a runner as well. I like prospect Najee more than prospect Henry, but I'm not sure that Najee will ever be as valuable as King Henry has been the last two years, if that makes sense.
  12. If the top two corners are gone I'd lean Paye as well. Barmore is solid too but maybe a little soon imo, and I think I'd prefer Nixon based on potential. I'd also lean JOK over Collins who I'm personally offended by the AJ comparison.
  13. I mentioned it in the Bronco forum but I don't see the Sutton/Fant swap adding value. Sutton, coming off an ACL tear and only one year left on his contract vs. Fant who has 3 more years (including the 5th year option).
  14. This... is something I could get behind. Fant is awesome but, in the limited time that Albert O had last year, I thought he was just as dynamic, just had drop issues. Chubb is a solid Robin but certainly not an elite pass rusher and probably valued at about a 2nd right now straight up. The third first round pick stings a little but a top 5, 25 year old franchise QB is worth it imo. As for swapping Courtland with Fant, I think that only hurts our cause seeing as 1)He's coming off an ACL tear after (with only one year of good production) and 2) He's only got one more year left on his contra
  15. A little relieved tbh. I've always been on team "draft a qb" with 1.9 but, unless one of fields/wilson drop (not happening...) then it's probably not as valuable as Stafford straight up. Lance is a project that, while he could become a special QB, more than likely busts. And while 5 cheap years of a Parsons/Farley/Surtain wouldn't hurt, it definitely wouldn't translate as much as Stafford in the win column.
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