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  1. I think after the top twelve ( burrow, young, Tua, Thomas, Simmons, wirfs, jeudy, lamb, wills, epenesa, okudah and brown) there is precipitous drop off. If teams reach ala raiders>Ferrell last year or if a few of the QBs (love, Eason, Herbert) get pushed up then we have a shot at one of those guys. As far as WR goes, I'm with the majority in that I'd rather wait, especially if it's between that and ruggs. I don't dislike him, and totally understand the intrigue with his speed, I just think you can find something similar at better value. If they're hellbent on wr at 15, I'd prefer Tee Higgins anyway. Doubt his timed speed is as fast but he seemed to have plenty enough speed to get behind defenses and averaged 20 ypc.
  2. I am guessing you skipped the last two drafts altogether, where there have been not one, but two RBs drafted in the top 5. You can cite NFL.com as a source, or just watch them. Guice is a good back, but it is a pretty large margin between the two. As far as athletically, I have very few doubts that Barkley will test much better as well, he is already pretty famous for being the strongest guy in the weight room at penn state, in a locker room with many 300+ pounders. fwiw, i would take darnold number 1, but the best player in this draft is more than likely barkley.
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