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  1. Now, if the Colts could entice JJ Watt to come to Indy. There is the injury history with him but he is one of the few players where it's worth the risk. A front line of Watt, Buckner and Stewart would be the fear of offenses throughout the league.
  2. Yes, if he works out it was a reasonable trade, if he doesn't then it's this years 3rd and next years 2nd. His best season was when Reitz was the OC, so I'm holding out hope. But I'm not a fan of Wentz.
  3. 😃 I hate when that happens.
  4. Oh man, beat me to it. IMO, that is to high a price for Wentz... a 3rd rounder would have been fine. I'm guessing Eason will be starting by week 8 because of injury or incompetents.
  5. I hope the Eagles turn down that offer. I'm not a fan of Wentz.
  6. AFC South Rookie Grades Has a very nice JT highlight clip. Man, he really turned it on the 2nd half of the season. With JT, Pittman, Blackmon and Blankenship the Colts were a shoe-in (ha see what I did there) for the best rookie class in the AFC South. Nice to see other's see that as well.
  7. And in other shocking news... water is wet Well deserved, one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. If Manning were the QB of the 2019 and 2020 Colts there is a very good chance Indy would have be celebrating be displaying the Lombardi for SB 54 and 55.
  8. Ok, next one up. With Rivers retiring and Brissett not currently under contract the Colts definitely have a need at QB. According to some comments made by Irsay, it seems like the team is leaning towards signing/trading for a veteran QB but the price may be higher than what Ballard wants to pay. So, if the Colts draft a QB. Here is one that should be available for the Colts #21 and may be another candidate to trade down and pick up early in the 2nd. Right now I think most consider him a day 2 prospect because of his team and just over 1 year as a starter but I think he will be a riser wit
  9. Welcome to the board ColtV. THis is a great site, not as much activity as others, but good discussions. Bring your friends.
  10. Derek Carr looks good on paper but IMO, he has to be part of the reason why he has only been involved 1 winning season since he came into the league in 2014.
  11. This is interesting. Not all good players become good coaches But Mawae may be one of them. Would like to know the reason he only spent one year in Chicago at this position. I know he went to AZ or AZ State. Hopefully he is as good a coach as he was a player.
  12. Personally, I'm not a fan of Prescott. he puts up good numbers but when you look at three (IMO) critical numbers; 3rd down, trailing with (less than 4 and 2 minutes) and time in pocket. 3rd down, I have not checked all QBs, but I was assume all QBs numbers drop on 3rd down because they are more likely to take chances but Prescott's completion percentage drops significantly. When trailing at the end of the game, I looked at 2019, he was 50/85 (59%) 0 TDs and 4 INTs. Time in pocket. PFF did an article awhile ago about how a QBs stats drop significantly when they hold the ball m
  13. Thanks for posting. I look forward to learning more about him.
  14. I figured I'd start this and add to it as time permits. A few things about my thoughts on the draft. I will post players I like, not players I think the Colts will draft. IT would be cool if they aligned but I also realize that CB and the Colts are looking 5 years in the future not just 2021. I also realize, the Colts have about 10 times has much information to evaluate a player as I do, so I don't get upset if the Colts do not draft a player I think they should draft. I see the Colts biggest needs to address this offseason as OT, QB, DE. I think, based on some comments of Irsay that
  15. I was surprised to see that Stafford is only 32 or 33 years old. It seems like he has been in the league forever.
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