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  1. Fortunately, or unfortunately my wife is a Chiefs fan, so I have watched a lot of Chiefs games over the past several years. And I like Fisher as a LT. I will even go so far as to say, if Fisher had not been injured, the Chiefs would have had a good chance on wining back to back Superbowls. The Chiefs line was devastated before the SB but the loss of Fisher was the worst. I think he will be a good filler for a year (or two if they re-sign) while they look for the long term answer at LT.
  2. https://www.nfl.com/news/colts-to-sign-pro-bowl-lt-eric-fisher-to-one-year-9-4m-deal 1 year 9.4 million. Not a bad signing if he's recovered from his injury.
  3. I just read the Colts gave Duke RB Deon Jackson a $45,000 signing bonus.. He must have received a few calls after the draft ended.
  4. I don't usually get too wanged if the Colts draft someone else when I player I really liked was on the board. I think Paye will suprise a lot of people, especially as the season goes on. I don't think his impact will be like Freeney, but I this his season will be like Freeney's rookie season... meaning, I think each week he will see more an more snaps, start making some impact plays around week 4 and take over the starting job by week 8 or 9. He is a guy with a high football IQ and he loves the game, loves all the preparation, loves putting in the work to make himself better. I think if th
  5. As a Wolverine fan, I'm always happy when the Colts drafts someone from Big Blue. I do wish Houston were still on the team though, I see Houston and Paye having very similar playing styles, strengths and weaknesses and I think paye could learn a lot from Houston. Oh well, I like the draft pick and hopefully Colts can now land Rudnz or Eichenberg in the 2nd.
  6. I was not a fan of Jordan Love last year when a lot of Colts fans wanted the Colts to move up (yes move up in the first round) to draft him. So I think, if someone offered GB a 4th round pick, they should jump on it.
  7. For me, it's when a QB, on 3rd down throws short of the first down hoping his running back or receiver can make a play for a first down... for the third time in a game. Of course, with that criteria, there are several franchise QBs that I do not think are franchise QBs.
  8. Not sure why the double post, so Mods if you could delete one. Thanks
  9. From NFL.com I always like Alex Smith and thought he got a raw deal in SF. At the end of his career going from almost losing a leg to comeback player of the year... Lot's a respect and good luck to A. Smith in the future.
  10. From NFL.com I always like Alex Smith and thought he got a raw deal in SF. At the end of his career going from almost losing a leg to comeback player of the year... Lot's a respect and good luck to A. Smith in the future.
  11. From Walter Football Ramaud Bowman, Wide Receiver, Northwestern (VIR) Larnel Coleman, Offensive Tackle, Massachusetts (VIR) Frank Darby, Wide Receiver, Arizona State (VIR) Carson Green, Offensive Guard, Texas A&M (VIR) Teven Jenkins, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State (VIR) Deommodore Lenoir, Cornerback, Oregon (VIR) Rondale Moore, Wide Receiver, Purdue (VIR) Jordyn Peters, Safety, Auburn (VIR) Asante Samuel Jr., Cornerback, Florida State (VIR) Anthony Schwartz, Wide Receiver, Auburn (VIR) Tommy Tremble, TE, Notre Dame
  12. I thought Carrie played well in limited snaps last year. it seemed like every time he was in the game, he was making plays.
  13. I think a lot of people misunderstood my post. I agree that Ballard is one of the best drafting GMs in the league. The article mentioned his worst draft pick as being Quincy Wilson and I think his worst draft pick was Hooker only because Hooker was a top 15 pick. I don't expect a GM to hit on 100% of their picks. I think if a GM hits on greater than 50% of their picks they are doing very well. And Ballard does two things I like in a GM. When he hits, he seems to really hit well. When he misses, he doesn't hold on trying to prove his pick was correct... he moves on quickly.
  14. From NFL.com Personally I think Hooker was his worst pick because Hooker was a top 15 pick and never panned out, even before his injury last year.
  15. That is not surprising Muhammed does not offer much in the way of a pass rusher. But he is stout against the run.
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