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  1. Asking just as a topic of conversation. Stats His TD to int. rate is good. His yards and yards per attempt are a little low, but his yards per completion is good. He is a bit of an enigma, I can't really think of some great plays that he made where after the game I thought, wow Wentz won the game for the Colts. And it seems like he has one or two bone headed plays per game but then, like in the Tenn game, the bone headed play actually helped the Colts. If Wentz takes a sack and a safety the Colts kick to Tenn and it's game over. By throwing the pick 6 he gave the Colts a cha
  2. It took a few games but the defense is finally coming together and playing like what most people expected at the beginning of the season. And the Colts have some really good depth along the oline. They did okay when Q was out, but him coming back moved them up another level and Fisher even looked good next to Q. When Smith comes back it will be a top Oline in the NFL. Wentz is improving I'm still not 100% sold on him he still does a couple/three things a game that leave you saying, "What was he thinking?" But he seems to be getting more comfortable behind the oline and is getti
  3. Haven't been on in a while the Colts should have had this game. The CBs getting hurt should not have made much of a difference because all they had to do was force Jackson to throw outside the hash marks. But after the back up to backups CBs came in 'flus kept the safeties back to help with the CBs gettting beat deep and it opened up the 8-12 pass between the hashes and Jackson picked the Colts apart. Flus should have been willing to give up the big pass play rather than letting them go on those long drives that wear out a defense.
  4. The good news is, the defense is starting to come around. They had a solid game against the Rams and then played well (75% of the time) against the Titans. But the offense is anemic. I'm willing to be patient because it was the 5th or 6th game last year when Rivers finally hit his stride and started producing, especially in the red zone.
  5. Yeah Harrison was always one of my favorite Colts. When he did something great, he mostly acted like it wasn't a big deal because he expected himself to do great things. And we he did show emotion it was hilarious. I remember one time I think it was during the probowl Manning's contract was coming up, a reporter asked him about it and Manning gave his typical type answer. Harrison who was sitting next to him spoke up and said something to the effect of, you better sign the contract, I took a paycut to clear up money for you.
  6. Did anyone on this forum know that Marvin Harrison's son is a freshman at Ohio State? He is listed at 6'3" 205. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/roster/marvin-harrison-jr/ I can't stand Ohio State (Wolverine fan) but I may have to watch some of their games.
  7. I liked the way LeMay ran the ball. Not that I expected him to make the 53 with JT, Mack, Hines and Wilkins. Hopefully he gets picked up by a team or signed to the practice squad.
  8. I liked both Chubb and Smith as well. Can you imagine if they had taken Smith in the 1st and Leonard in the 2nd. The Colts would have the best LB duo in the NFL, bar none. In that scenario, Smith would have taken over as MIKE and Leonard would still be the WILL.
  9. Welcome BritishBubb. Always good to see a Colts fan from across the pond. I look forward to discussing Colts football with you.
  10. All true. For a backup that may only be needed for a game or two, I think I would pick the guy with the weak arm over the guy with a weak head. LOL, I don't really think Eason has a weak head but yes, I don't know if he has the head for the NFL. After the first game I was about to change my mind on that because he looked so good in his decision making. We will see what happens in the last game.
  11. I remember discussing with some people on another forum. They didn't think guard was worthy of a 6th pick. I had have to admit I was fooled by CB's talk, I didn't think the Colts would draft Nelson but my argument was that when it comes to a generational talent you draft them, no matter the draft position. I'm glad the Colts pulled the trigger and drafted him. I always like watching the lineman anyways and he is a lot of fun to watch.
  12. I won't go into a complete breakdown of each on this one. I will say this. I was impressed with the way Ehlinger responded after the INT. He could have got frustrated but he didn't, he came back after the INT and lead the colts on a long drive that ended in a FG. I was disappointed in Eason in the 2nd quarter. He seemed to not scan the field just threw it as hard as he good to a receiver between the hash marks. Based on the Minnesota game if Went cannnot go, I think Ehlinger has the upper hand to be the starter.
  13. Kind of surprised there is not already a thread about this. Quite frankly, I went into the came expecting to be disappointed by both. Instead both impressed me. Eason 15/21 183 yards 0 TDs 0 INTs 1 fumble lost 3 sacks for 28 yards lost 1 carry for 2 yards Stat break down 15/21 for 183 yards is respectable. That is 12.2 yards per completion (anything over 11.5 is good) and 8.71 yards per attempt (anything of 7.75 is considered good) the lost fumble and 3 sacks are discussed in the "kind of bad" section The really bad. The sack on 4th down was really bad. As a QB
  14. Daurice Fountain and Austin Blythe are both on the Chiefs. Much like with the Colts, Fountain has been a practice champ for the Chiefs. Blythe is a backup center.
  15. It's a good idea, especially if they are going to add an extra game to the season. Hopefully they keep the rules about bringing up a player from the practice squad as well.
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