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  1. The Colts D immediately got better when Blackmon came in for Hooker, IMO. Blackmon has better range, better instincts and is just tougher.
  2. I was traveling, so I was listening to the radio broadcast of the game and it seemed really ridiculous. It also sounded like the PI call on Ya-Sin at the end of the 1st half was a pretty touchy call as well.
  3. I didn't pay a lot of attention to how Campbell caught the ball but I was not surprised he was the leading receiver. Watching last year, when he played I saw a guy that was a good route running, fast out of his breaks and tracked the ball well. I plan on watching the Colts film on Gamepass to see what what happened to Pittman. I don't expect rookie WR to set the world on fire in their first game but I do expect more than 2 targets and 2 catches for 5 yards. Especially because the Colts had a few opportunities in the redzone on those 3rd and 4th down plays that TY dropped is the stuff Pittman should excel at.
  4. Obviously the game was disappointing but there were some good and bad things to take away. Good: Rivers. I will discuss his INTs later in the bad section but he did a lot of good things yesterday. Many of his passes were well placed, hit the WR in stride. Oline: Overall they played another excellent game. People will point to so and so getting beat on this play or that play. Yes, the oline is not infallible and the other team is filled with professionals that get paid as well. I don't expect all 5 olineman to win 100% of the time, but without going back and grading the oline, I would say each graded above 90% except maybe Smith who probably graded in the mid to high 80s. I need to watch Glow and his run blocking because I didn't pay much attention to that i the 2nd half. WRs Overall the group seemed to run good routes and were getting open. The two drops by Hilton at the end of the game were disappointing but it's not something I expect to continue. Run defense: After the first drive, the run defense settled down and did a pretty good job outside of one run in the 4th quarter. The bad: Defense: This applies to D line, LBers, DB, coordinators, position coaches, everyone. Now way in any universe should Mustache only throw one incomplete pass. That is no pressure from the front 4 combined with soft coverage from the back 7. Individually on the defense: Autry is as bad at DE as he was at DT. Most plays Autry was negated by one person, on that long run in the 4th quarter, Autry was taken out of the play by a TE single blocking him... pathetic. Buckner. Played the run well but didn't collapse the pocket much in the passing game. Lbers - Mediocre play from the entire group. With the quick, short passing game the Jags used the LBers have to be more active in covering their zones. I thought Ya Sin actually played pretty well but the soft coverage combined with the quick passing game helped lead to a lot of completions. But Rock was there to make the tackle when his guy caught the ball. Hooker: Another poor performance by him. Rivers: - The 2 INTs were all his fault and poor decisions and poor throws and it's the way Rivers his showing his age and that his arm is not as strong as it used to be. Rivers has made a career by making those throws when under pressure. He needs to learn himself and his limitations. I think Reich is the right coach for that, we will see if Rivers can adapt. The officials - Not just against the Colts, first half they let the guys play which was good but in the 2nd half they made some very questionable calls and very inopportune times. One was a defensive holding against Jax that extended the drive for the Colts. On the replay it looked like a pretty weak call. Then the crack back block against Doyle as the Colts were driving was a horrible call. Both Doyle and the guy he blocked were on the LOS when the ball was snapped, and no one else had the defender engaged which means that Doyle blocking low is perfectly legal. I believe that was a 5-6 yard run on 1st down, so instead of 2 and short in the redzone, it became 1-25. Running game in the 2nd half. I need to watch the game again to diagnose the problem but it was not very consistent in the 2nd half. For every 4 yard run, there would be a run stopped at the LOS. I don't know if it was scheme, predictability, run blocking or the running backs not hitting the correct hole. So-So. Yes missing a chip shot FG was bad but overall the rookie kicker did a good job. Punt game was good, coverage units were solid and KR and PR were unremarkable but mistake free. I'm not going to fault Reich for going for it on 4th down inside the 5. I like aggressive coaches and like Marv Levy used to say... if you try something and it doesn't work, you should have tried the other thing.
  5. Truly a sad day for football. My prayers to his family and loved ones.
  6. I understand teams always keep there eyes out to add talent, but this is one that doesn't make sense to me. The Colts already signed/traded for 2 DTs this offseason.
  7. https://www.nfl.com/news/opt-out-deadline-likely-thursday-later-choices-will-be-available One thing I found interesting though has nothing to do with Covid-19. In the new CBA (not the modified one but the one that was agreed to earlier this year), players can no longer be suspended for positive drug tests, they will just be fined.
  8. Does anyone know how we fans will get updates from training camp? Are they going to allow reporters only, so it will be a series of tweets only?
  9. Oh my word, I hope that never happens. Except then, I could probably watch all games on Amazon Prime Video.
  10. It all depends on how good Tampa's video equipment is and how sneaky their video staff is.
  11. I know he was hurt when my Colts went to Arrowhead and beat them. My wife is a Chiefs fan so it was a like a double victory. Outside of that, I'd have to look.
  12. Depend on the schedule? I mean teams can only play who they are scheduled, but it was directed to the comment that they depend on HFA more than any other team and that was not true last year. People can try to justify however they want. And yes all teams depend on HFA. Again, that is why they call it an advantage and that is why teams try to get HFA throughout the playoffs.
  13. All teams rely on home field advantage... that is why they call it an advantage. But the Chiefs were 7-1 on the road and 5-3 at home last year. Seems like they didn't rely on HFA all that much.
  14. I don't know if you can quantify it fully but to me a team losing 3 or more games than the previous season, without a reason. Would be a collapse. What I mean by the reason, I can only explain in examples. If the Patriots lose 3 more games in 2020 than they did in 2019, I would not count that as a collapse because they let their future HOF QB walk. However, if the Ravens lose 3 or more games in 2020, that would be a collapse because all indicators are they should be better in 2020.
  15. I think the Titans will be a team that collapses, for a couple of reasons. Like many have stated, I don't think Tannehill can duplicate his 2019 season. Maybe he can, maybe it was a matter of things just, finally, clicking for him, but I think it was more, he had no pressure last season, he was a backup trying to save the team, not the starter trying to will the team to victory. The 2nd reason is the curse when a running back rushes for more than 300 carries in a season, Henry had 321 touches in the regular season and another 88 in the playoffs. The curse of 400 touches is even worse than the curse of 300. The other team I think will end up below .500 is the Eagles. Wentz just did not look that good last year and I think they were the product of a weak division, I can see the Giants making a push to win that division this year and the other teams will be battling it out for 2nd place.
  16. Thanks, I was talking about the short/medium/long numbers, mid 70s is not bad for a rookie in Madden. It's been years since I played but that is a stat that goes up pretty quickly. Have they released Isiah Rodgers numbers? I would like to see what his speed is.
  17. Wow the game has him with pretty descent speed and accuracy. Watching his college tape on you tube, I made comments that he is more athletic than most were giving him credit. He's not Alex Smith or Tannehil athletic (just trying to think of some athletic QBs that are not runners) but he is more athletic than guys like Manning, Brady, Rivers, etc.
  18. I hope you are not correct, but I am sure you are.
  19. I understand doing it for this year but I hope it doesn't become permanent. I think the coaches and players 45-90 need those games. I know the coaches base a lot of their decisions on what they see in practice, but seeing how those guys implement what they are taught in an actual game has to be helpful as well.
  20. TBH with you Boltstrikes, I am having a hard time with Rivers as the Colts QB. Rivers and the Bolts knocked the Colts out of the playoffs too many times for me to be a fan. I hope he does well for the Colts.
  21. I am probably one of the few that, even if Luck were to come out of retirement, I would not want him on the Colts. Great talent, great football player but I consider what he did quitting on the team and there is no reason to put the team through the wondering if they can trust him or will he quit again if things get too rough? That said, I do agree with @Wyld Stallyns, I don't think he will come back in the NFL. I could, however, if the XFL comes back next year, working in the XFL in some capacity to help out his Daddy's league. I'm not sure if it would be as a player or a coach but he would be a big draw for the league.
  22. I hope you guys are right and that he turns into a stud. I worry about his head and ability to process when the bodies are flying, hopefully that is more a case of being a 2 year starter and not because he has a Jeff George head.
  23. The rookie scale really helps getting everyone signed quickly. On Blackmon, I think the combination of Covid and the fact he is still recovering from an ACL tear, I'm not too worried about him not being signed yet. Well, I started typing this before I saw the post above saying Blackmon is now signed.
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