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  1. Currently listening to Biggs' interview from about 7am this morning and he seemed skeptical that Pace would return. 1 winning season over 6 years, never solving the QB, etc. Everyone here knows the failures.
  2. I can't even fathom what they'd take. I'd hate to mortgage our draft future. If we offered Mack and Eddie, what additional draft capital would have to be included? I know trades like this don't actually happen often in the NFL.
  3. Bakhtiari tore his ACL in practice today. Glimmer of hope.
  4. If that happens, it would indicate that the team hasn't quit and the coaching staff had them ready to compete effectively. I think most would be pleasantly surprised if that happened, but we aren't holding our breath. I'd be interested in folks' answers to the following: Matt Nagy does ______ better than his average peer.
  5. Is Louis Riddick a legitimate GM candidate? I've always appreciated his commentary, but don't want to be a meatball. He seems very in tune on the personnel side as well as what's happening on the field.
  6. This would never happen, but if you could trade draft picks to swap entire coaching staffs with another team, which team's staff would you target and how much draft compensation would you be willing to part with?
  7. New ESPN projections: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29196114/2020-nfl-season-projections-chances-make-super-bowl-win-division-land-top-draft-spot-more 13. Vikings, projected 8.6 wins, chance to reach playoffs 54% 15. Packers, projected 8.1 wins, chance to reach playoffs 43% 21. Bears, projected 8.0 wins, chance to reach playoffs 41% 28. Lions, projected 6.6 wins, chance to reach playoffs 17% They note the Bears have the third easiest projected schedule, so that may be why theyre ranked 21 but essentially have the same projections as the Packers. Overall I f
  8. What's everyone's preference on Devonta Freeman, Carlos Hyde, Lesean McCoy, and Lamar Miller as RB2? Feels like it can't be Cohen going into week 1.
  9. Would be great if Warford's availability encourages ARob's extension to make more cap room. I really want him to finish his career here.
  10. The mere fact Warford spent time with the Saints means there is a chance Pace signs him. Then again he also overpays. Hopefully he's gettable at an affordable level.
  11. It seems in the mid-2000s that the requirement to differentiate in the NFL was scrapped. So I expect they'll both just wear Gipson. That said there are some old NFL references that have full names on teammates.
  12. If Mack gets back to his top form this year, then we won the trade. If not... let's not go down that road.
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