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  1. Rams pre-season thread

    Nevermind. Allen is back out there. Good that he’s okay.
  2. Rams pre-season thread

    That didn’t look good for Brandon Allen. I’d imagine we’ll see Perez for the rest of the game.
  3. What movie are you watching v1

    The Pledge This has Jack Nicholson and was directed by Sean Penn but it feels so under the radar.
  4. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    People are still salty over Suicide Squad winning an Oscar? Is it a good movie? No. Did it deserve to win over Star Trek? Probably not. But I also don’t think it really hurts the Oscars credibility much. No one is saying because it has won more Oscars it’s better than those movies. Norbit has more Oscar nominations than thousands of better movies better than it and so do some of the Transformers movies. Does that make those movies better than all the others? Absolutely not. The Oscars don’t always get it right and you could go on forever about how this should have won over that or this should’ve been nominated over that. The fact that Suicide Squad won an Oscar doesn’t take away or lessen the significance of a movie or actor winning. Nobody is like “oh Suicide Squad won an Oscar? I guess that means Tom Hanks’ Oscars are meaningless now.” If you want to believe the simple fact that Suicide Squad won an Oscar completely illegitimizes the whole thing then so be it but I think everybody is overreacting about it and I still think the Oscar remains a pretty prestigious award.
  5. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Why not? I know hating the Oscars is the cool thing to do nowadays but I still think it's prestigious (even after this) and it's probably the highest honor you can get in the entertainment industry.
  6. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    This is basically the the Oscars: But seriously, I’m a huge Oscars nut. The day they announce the nominations and the day of the show are honestly two of my favorite days of the year. This new category is so stupid though. It’s obvious this move is a desperate attempt to try and improve ratings and to appeal to a wider audience. But who cares if the ratings aren’t great? The Oscar is an award, not a TV show. They shouldn’t be trying to change what they are just so more people will watch. And how is introducing this one category suddenly going to make more people watch? New category feels like something from the MTV Movie awards or the People’s Choice Awards. The prestige of the Oscars just took a massive hit after this.
  7. Rams pre-season thread

    That run by Kelly was pretty impressive
  8. Rams pre-season thread

    We can keep all discussion of preseason games in this thread First game against the Ravens doesn't look so hot. Not watching but I've heard Mannion is struggling.
  9. Rams Training Camp

    So what’s Crabtree vs Talib looked like in the joint practices?
  10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    First look at Robbie as Sharon Tate
  11. What movie are you watching v1

    Lost Highway for sure. Wild at Heart is pretty dope though.
  12. What movie are you watching v1

    The only David Lynch film I've seen is Blue Velvet. Watched Lost Highway and Wild at Heart and I'll probably watch Mulholland Drive tomorrow.