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  1. Geez we might get a Giants team without Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley next week.
  2. Jakobi Meyers was so close to his first TD
  3. Is that guy's last name not pronounced like Par-um? I notice they always say Par-ham.
  4. We always lose to Van's dad.
  5. feels like forever since the offense has been on the field
  6. Drafting him made no sense whatever. They know they'll be picking at the top of the 2022 draft possibly for a QB so draft for another position at the top of the third round.
  7. Brian Allen feels like he could be the next Troy Hill. A player fans hated seeing on the field, even a liability, that develops into a solid contributer.
  8. Let’s see if McVay can extend his win streak vs the Cardinals. Both teams are 3-0. also another Hopkins vs Ramsey matchup. Should be fun.
  9. Kenny Young was pretty solid in this game and to think some people thought he'd be a cap casualty.
  10. Sad we never got to see a Sam Darnold to Dan Arnold TD.
  11. Didn’t realize until just now Hollins left the game with a pec injury. Hopefully its not torn. That would put him out for the year.
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