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  1. Not sure about this. Didn't we hate him when he was here? Maybe a veteran prescence with some playoff experience will be good though.
  2. Was leaning Hopkins anyway, just figured Michel would see a lot of volume but I could see the game script not favoring Michel and the run being abandoned.
  3. Real quick - do I start DeAndre Hopkins or Michel?
  4. I'm about to go on a little rant. I'm over this. Maybe I'm overreacting or just a little bit heated after this loss. I'm gonna leave the Jalen Ramsey trade out of this. He was in his prime at the time of the trade and still is now and arguably the best CB in the league. I'm mainly gonna discuss the Stafford and Von Miller trades. Hated the Stafford trade when it happened. Way too much to give up for a 33 year old QB on the back end of his career. Guess they expect him to play at a high level until he's 40 but not everybody can be Tom Brady or even Drew Brees. Probably even had
  5. Gotta love the comment from Aaron Donald saying "who?" when a reporter asked him about Deebo Samuel. I used to hate Deebo Samuel over his beef with Donald but the 49ers and Samuel own us. Serves Donald right. Maybe show your opponent a little more respect.
  6. Wonder if Hollins lets Miller have 58.
  7. Two day two draft picks. So maybe two third round picks? We’ll have an extra from Brad Holmes.
  8. Eagles getting potentially a 5th round pick for Flacco and we get a swap of late round picks for Young.
  9. I bet he wasn’t very happy about this. UCLA guy playing for a Super Bowl contender and now shipped to the Broncos. He was basically our main return for Marcus Peters.
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