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  1. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Desmond Trufant is out for the Falcons. If our offense doesn’t have a field day I’m gonna be worried.
  2. General Season Talk

    trade Bortles to the Chiefs
  3. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    He has to be better than Demby
  4. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    Ramsey will wear 20 and Hill will wear 22
  5. Rams place S John Johnson on IR

    When Eric Weddle left the Panthers game it was Christian who filled in while Rapp’s role stayed the same. So that’s probably what will happen this time. Also, Scott is on the active roster. He’s been playing special teams.
  6. Rams place S John Johnson on IR

    Crazy that less than a week ago our secondary consisted of Peters, Talib, and Johnson and now none of those guys
  7. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Getting a win here and getting back on track is imperative. Falcons are 1-5. We need use this game to kick a start a run and build some confidence. Jalen Ramsey’s first test in a Rams uniform will be Julio Jones. Can’t wait.
  8. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    He’s probably tired of being traded
  9. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    apparently a deal has yet to be discussed
  10. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    So that’s Bortles, Fowler, and now Ramsey. Little Jaguars reunion going on here.
  11. Jalen Ramsey to Rams!

    Let’s get back to winning now. Can’t be giving them high first round picks now.
  12. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    McVay and Snead with first round draft picks
  13. Rams trade for OL Austin Corbett

    2021 day 3 pick.