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  1. Rams-Patriots. Yeah, Rams shouldn't have been there anyway but can't help but think how different it would have been if the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game.. We were robbed of a rematch of that crazy Monday night game. Thanks, Dee Ford.
  2. Glad to see this story take a turn for the best way possible
  3. Just watched him in Another Round!
  4. I'd be absolutely stoked if Humphrey falls to the Rams.
  5. I'll wait for more details but have to imagine Donald was provoked in some way.
  6. Some news today that Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be starring alongside Ford and John Williams will be back for the score. James Mangold directing. An Indiana Jones movie set around 1970 just sounds so weird.
  7. That's my main issue. It's just gonna be so weird and hard to get used to. Like it's fine in college we're used to it there. Hoping it doesn't pass.
  8. Can't picture a scenario McVay gets fired after this season. We'd probably have to go winless.
  9. That would be out of the second round.
  10. Wonder how Robby Anderson is feeling being back with Darnold.
  11. LeBron here doesn't look good either. Not like either are anything spectacular given they're athletes first, not professionally trained actors.
  12. I'm gonna be disappointed if there's no Kobe homage.
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