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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup Group G & Group H

    Awful by that Tunisia defender to give up that corner the way he did
  2. What movie are you watching v1

    A supporting actor nom at the least
  3. What movie are you watching v1

    The Contender Not really into politics in real life but this was a very engaging movie with good performances
  4. Anyone guess Burgers? I wonder if this is permanent or just something they’re doing to market they have burgers now.
  5. Halloween

    So this is a sequel to the original ‘78 Halloween but they share the same title? Doesn’t make much sense to me but whatever.
  6. Halloween

  7. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Doesn’t Val Kilmer look a little rough these days?
  8. Halloween

    Trailer comes out tomorrow
  9. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    I’m intrigued
  10. Breakout Candidates?

    Who do you guys think could have a breakout season for us in 2018? Gerald Everett seems like the most likely choice. Another season under his belt and some more time to get acclimated to the NFL could be a big for him. With expanded roles likely coming this season maybe Ebukam or Cory Littleton too. Who you guys got?
  11. What movie are you watching v1

    The 15:17 to Paris - Thought the acting would be a lot worse than it actually was since the guys are playing themselves in the movie. Was really only interested in the events that took place on the train and that only makes up like five minutes of the movie's total run time. Red Sparrow - Honestly had a little trouble following and the movie was pretty long. Good role for Jennifer Lawrence though.
  12. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    Damian Lewis playing Steve McQueen
  13. I’m reminded every time I run into Wal-Mart. Sometimes it’s hard not to take a look.