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  1. After the game on Saturday McVay said “Goff’s our quarterback, right now.” Not exactly a glowing endorsement. Now a new report says Goff’s and McVay’s relationship with needs “marriage counseling.” It seemed after his thumb injury there was almost an eagerness from him for Wolford to play. Like he had an excuse not to play him and would’ve been the starter the rest of the season had he not got injured. So with the off-season now upon us what do y’all think we do? Bring in someone who can push him, ride it out with him, even make the blockbuster trade for Watson though that’s unl
  2. Wonder if Staley takes anyone with him. Jourdan Rodrigue mentioned him possibly taking O’Connell as his OC.
  3. I’m jealous of the Chiefs and how every year Bienemy never gets hired and we can’t keep Staley longer than one season.
  4. If teams could stop hiring off the Rams staff that would be nice
  5. Hopefully they go with Daboll
  6. If Higgins doesn’t start tumbling after the catch that doesn’t happen
  7. Pretty harmless score prediction. God forbid thinking we could win.
  8. Fuller also seemed to have a rough game. Numerous instances where he went for big hits and didn’t wrap up.
  9. Derrick Henry does that and everybody loses their minds
  10. We refer to it as the wildcam
  11. Risky going for two but it paid off
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