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  1. Cowboys sign K Greg Zuerlein

    I wish it was “then”
  2. Free Agency

    Rodrigo Blankenship? 👀
  3. Free Agency

    Jets are not signing Christian. Wonder if we’re interested in bringing him back like Brockers.
  4. Free Agency

    Zuerlein to Dallas official. Thought when they resigned Forbath, Zuerlein would be off the table.
  5. What movie are you watching?

    Just watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids the other day, a few days before his death. RIP.
  6. Free Agency

    Not against it on a cheap year one deal. We could use a veteran.
  7. New logo/colors unveiled Monday

    So the leak was real
  8. Free Agency

    With Gordon to Denver, do they have plans to ship out Lindsay or Freeman. Wonder if we'd be interested in a trade. How are the Broncos on WRs? Would Cooks for one of their RBs make seense?
  9. UPDATE - Todd Gurley released

    Feels like this is going down today
  10. Free Agency

    Cowboys are resigning Kai Forbath. That should put to bed the Zuerlein to Cowboys rumors.
  11. There’s our Fowler replacement