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  1. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    I'm wanting just a simple avatar that has Goff on it with 16 below it, like what I already have, but just cleaner and fits better within the avatar space. I'd also think it would look cool if it was one of those that blends in with the background, if you know what I mean. Thank you.
  2. TNF Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    I don't know why everyone is complaining about this matchup. I mean sure, it's not some potential playoff matchup of two powerhouses, but TNF games rarely are. This game might not be as bad as you think either. I think Carlos Hyde will have a huge game for the 49ers and this Rams offense is clearly better than last year's who could only manage about 10 points per game.
  3. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Webster, Everett, Malcolm Brown all questionable
  4. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Safe to assume we'll probably without Kayvon Webster for at least one more game.
  5. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Terminator franchise just needs to be left alone. Genisys was already a mess. Also, this new trend of doing direct sequels to one movie in the franchise and basically retconning the others is only going to confuse people. Appears that's what Halloween is doing with Jamie Lee Curtis.
  6. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    So Pryor called out Cody Davis on a low hit
  7. Almost game day once again, so I'll post another game day thread. If anybody else wants to post them or maybe do something creative with them then go ahead. Hopefully, we're motivated from our loss against the Redskins and can take home a win from a very winnable game. Get ready for the mustard uniforms again
  8. Poll o' the DAY! Breakfast!

    I rarely ever give myself time to eat a real breakfast, so most mornings end up being a bottle of water or something like a granola/cereal bar while I'm leaving for work.
  9. What movie are you watching v1

    Not a big Tim Burton fan but I just finished Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and it wasn't bad.
  10. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Didn't know that. It would never happen anyway. He retired for a reason.
  11. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Looked like the Rams offense last year, always throwing short of the sticks on 3rd and 4th downs
  12. I'm expecting a big game from Hyde for you guys. He's seemed to start off the season pretty hot. We got gashed big time by Washington on the ground from the combination Kelley, Thompson, and Perine. Plus, Hyde always seems to play well against us. Let's hope for a good injury free game Thursday night.
  13. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Maybe we should see if Chris Borland wants to come out of retirement.
  14. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Okay. Nobody said we beat a good team but it is regular season win and the game absolutely matters. i don't get why you're so against us having a little optimism. Do you do this in every team's forum?
  15. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    To say we hired someone based on their age and nothing else is pretty idiotic. How do you not realize that? In what way did the Colts game mean nothing? I'm curious to know.