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  1. Should be prepared coming off the bye. Steelers most likely will be without Conner again. Cooks already declared out. Falcons and Bengals are two of the bottom teams in the league but regardless, need to keep the momentum from those wins going.
  2. General Season Talk

    Wanted to make a thread just for general talk about the season. Just for the stuff that doesn't necessarily warrant its own thread but also doesn't really fit into an existing thread. Already posted in the Texans GDT about Zuerlein's current pace. Set to break Akers' kicking record of 166 points in a season and even LT's record of 186. GZ currently is at 99. I also missed this: He was playing really well in clean up duty. Bummer. I guess this opens the door for Lance Dunbar and/or Justin Davis to get a little PT.
  3. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    Was gone over the weekend and didn't get to watch the game. Crazy how things got so bad so quickly. Offensive line went from one the best to probably the worst, contracts to Goff and Gurley not looking good right now, lack of depth is about to show, and a complete disregard to draft picks. Not a cap space expert either but our situation can't be good. Plus Jalen Ramsey will want top CB money which won't help either.
  4. General Season Talk

  5. TNF: 49ers @ Cardinals

    Should've streamed Garoppolo
  6. The XFL

    Gonna support the Roughnecks since they got Cam Philliips.
  7. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    The 7th round pick the Dolphins gave us for 2022 lol
  8. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    Pick is a 7th
  9. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    Maybe I shouldn’t say bust but after only a season and a half both are gone. Talib was injured a lot of that time and Peters definitely had consistency issues. Just feels like there was supposed to be more in store for them.
  10. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    Now that they’re both gone is it safe to say the combination of Peters and Talib was kinda a bust?
  11. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    Saves 4.5M
  12. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    At least whatever round pick it is will be early in that round
  13. Zac Taylor vs Sean McVay Should be a dub before the bye
  14. Week 8 GDT

    and that was also a fumble
  15. Week 8 GDT

    Titans should've just kept their offense out
  16. Week 8 GDT

    Kupp coming after Flipper's record
  17. Week 8 GDT

    Perriman going in motion just destroyed his own runningback lol
  18. Week 8 GDT

    what a soft roughing on Brockers
  19. Week 8 GDT

    Cooper Kupp going for 200
  20. Week 8 GDT

    already his second this year
  21. Week 8 - Rams vs Bengals - London

    Possibly another concussion for Cooks. Not good for a guy who's had too many already.
  22. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Trying to decide a flex. McLaurin, Westbrook, or Ty Johnson I know the easy answer seems to be McLaurin but I don’t know if I’m buying he’s an automatic every week starter like a lot are saying.
  23. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Getting a win here and getting back on track is imperative. Falcons are 1-5. We need use this game to kick a start a run and build some confidence. Jalen Ramsey’s first test in a Rams uniform will be Julio Jones. Can’t wait.
  24. General Season Talk

    Marcus Peters up to his old tricks. Ravens fans gon learn.
  25. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Is that the third near miss to Everett? Goff needs to make that throw.