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  1. Also looks like Bucs could be without Pierre-Paul.
  2. So I offered Ty’Son Williams to the Gus Edwards owner who’s now pretty desperate for RBs for Tee Higgins. I just lost Jeudy and don’t have much WR depth. He counters with Williams for Mike Evans lol. Guess he got frustrated with Evans after one game and didn’t he even start him week two. That trade was way too good to not accept. My only dilemma is I’m also a Godwin owner. I mean, they’re both capable of having big games in the same week but I’m thinking the move will be to eventually trade one.
  3. tiny Goff hands drops the ball.
  4. Dak and Herbert trading picks.
  5. I think that's a pass by Brady.
  6. Colts hopes now on Jacob Eason.
  7. Hopefully Henderson's okay. Interesting Funk came in before Michel.
  8. Not implying he is. Just saying it's another case where Tyrod is the opening day starter and gets injured and the rookie comes in.
  9. I'm convinced the Texans cursed Tyrod when they drafted Mills. It's Mayfield and Herbert all over again.
  10. There's the Jameis we know.
  11. hilarious grounding by Mac Jones
  12. Feels good to have Stafford. He was huge tonight. Defense, especially against the run, could've been better at times but still played a good game. I think a little regression in them will be inevitable given the loss of Staley and some other key contributors. Though any defense with Donald and Ramsey is gonna be a strong unit.
  13. Donald lucky Hollins finished that off, because that wasn't pretty.
  14. There's the Ogletree Rams fans know.
  15. How we were able to snag Matt Gay in the middle of the season last year is still a blessing.
  16. lol Dalton decided he rather go after Ramsey. Bold strategy.
  17. Van Jefferszn already under way.
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