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  1. Will be our toughest test yet. Josh Allen has been lights out but we should provide more of a challenge for him than his first two games. Looks like the Bills will get back a couple linebackers, Milano and Edmunds. Just saw Moss and Knox are out for them. How we feeling?
  2. Speaking of RBs, maybe we would have been better off drafting a different position at 52. Henderson and Brown more than capable.
  3. Love to see Higbee’s run from late last season carry over. Tbh maybe three TEs I’d rather have than him.
  4. lol Gallup pointing to his elbow when it was his butt that was inbounds not his elbow
  5. Hot hand last week was Brown, this week Henderson
  6. Super Bowl loser curse is real. 49ers already dealing with injuries to Kittle and Bosa and lost week 1.
  7. Offense looks super sharp. Love to see it.
  8. Browns gave Kareem Hunt a new contract to play him three snaps
  9. There’s been talks about this happening soon. I’ll update the thread when/if it happens.
  10. Looks like Sanders and Johnson back on track to play
  11. I love all the references to real brands, Vought+, the VCU, Voughtify.
  12. Good opportunity to get to 2-0. Eagles lost to Washington last week and gave up 8 sacks. Aaron Donald and the boys should be able to get after them.
  13. Second season opener in a row Malcolm Brown scores two TDs
  14. Watch this game end on a Zuerlein game winning FG
  15. Kupp deal may be imminent
  16. Hopefully Cooper Kupp is next. John Johnson is gone after this season. Terrell Burgess is his replacement.
  17. Bummed out I have to work for the first Sunday of the season but got lucky the Rams play Sunday night. I'm sure the Cowboys are the favorite but I think it will be a tight game. Our linebackers make me nervous though. Hopefully a better result than that game last year.
  18. Practice Squad so far Christian Rozeboom Bryce Perkins Donte Deayon Derrick Moncrief
  19. RamRod

    Rams cuts

    To the Panthers
  20. RamRod

    Rams cuts

    Sounds like Clay’s gone
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