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  1. WTFWFT do as well. Good pick, hope he works out for us.
  2. Hate this pick, not a fan of drafting guys that are injury prone as hell in the first 2 rounds. After the great first pick, seems like we're back to the Eagles ways. Could have JOK or Asante. F
  3. I am so impressed, Eagles FINALLY played the draft perfectly. Traded back from the 6th pick because they knew Chase would be gone and picked up a first rounder. Trade up from 12th to 10th because they knew the Giants would take Smith at 11th spot. So smart. Love the pick, Smith is a dawg. No injuries concerns for me since our entire team is always injured anyways, just happy we drafted a baller this year. Hes got a bit of Calvin Ridley in him and I love Calvin Ridley. He also takes his game after Keenan Allen - what a smart kid. Love WRs that come out of col
  4. Great thread, definitely a 40+ pages one and an absolutely necessary for our team.
  5. Solid hire, this team is missing Frank Reich so much. Hopefully he hires good coaches.
  6. So funny seeing people get triggered over the Sudfield starting thing lol. I’m glad we gift wrapped the division to WTF. Fitting end.
  7. Im really down with starting sudfield. Whats the point in winning here? Lol
  8. Reagor injured again. We badly need a WR again. It’s pathetic howie is still with the team.
  9. Main difference I see between Hurts and Wentz is Hurts actually tends to throw to the receivers than Wentz. Wentz loved to throw to tight ends but makes sense (Ertz, God & Rodgers)
  10. This division is pathetic lol. We’ll be fighting the Giants next year for the crown next year.
  11. TD # 2. Im convinced. Cut wentz, I’ll burn his jersey off
  12. I am 1 touchdown away from the Hurts the bandwagon and burning Wentz jersey
  13. Jefferson would have caught that regardless of penalty
  14. What should I do with my Wentz jersey? hurts just threw a pick....
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