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  1. 1-- No I;m the type of guy that recognizes sometimes experience and some form of logic can be better than listening to a computer data sheet that's possibly best suited for Fantasy Football. . 2-- Explain the individual analysis then? I'm arguing the blind following of a computer data sheet. Why take the risk? 3-- BB's been wrong. But you have too, right? So who am I going to believe? You? Or Him? IMO your argument doesn't make much sense because it just follows one path without considering the opponent and late game imo-- so I'm going with him over you. Quality of an opponent is k
  2. 1-- There's a reason why we call it a chippie, right? Sure there is risk but there is less with a chippie, isn't there? There is no way a 4th and 3 deep in other team's end vs a quality defensive opponent is near as risky as kicking a chippie fg. Okay you aren't changing your mind. Neither am I. 2-- Okay and I'll counter. Say McCarthy decides to kick a fg and ties it up. Why is it a lock to think Goff being aggressive is going to get the Rams a score? So by Goff being "aggressive" vs your defense, why is that so bad in a tie game? You shut them down after the 4th-down-play and you
  3. A-- Analytics in any form is only as good as your data and how you use that data. What if the data doesn't tell the full story? Anyhow, does every team without fail follow "the chart?" If they didn't (which they didn't) why assume the data is telling the full story vs experience? For example-- Bill Belichick has said he uses analytics less--than-one percent of the time to make his decisions. To a degree he is exaggerating but he didn't go for one 2 point conversion in 2019. SO tho greatest coach in NFL History has exceptions when to use Analytics, as well as other coaches yet we'r
  4. 1-- Three yards is NEVER "easy" to get down close in another team's territory vs a QUALITY OPPONENT. 2-- That's the problem with number 2. I don't believe for a second that vs a quality defense that analytics is showing what you're suggesting late in games unless that's "Tom Brady" at the other end or a lousy defense or a significant matchup? IMO there is probably supporting evidence showing that a mediocre QB vs a good defense is probably not going to lead them to victory on the next series. And by taking a bad gamble and going down by 3 vs an equally matched opponent with 4 minut
  5. No it'simply a bad call. How many times do WR's not go far enough during the regular season? It happens often. How many times have you seen it happen in your life watching football? So all of a sudden there is no risk on a 4th down a WR won't go far enough? The reason you give is part of many reasons why the 4th down play had a higher degree of failure vs kicking the chippie FG. We can all offer other excuses next time-- such as "he dropped the ball." "The QB made the wrong read." "The QB made an awful pass." "They missed the one key block." "They fumbled after getting the 1st down." Th
  6. And following this blindly without context is why teams lose. Taking 3 points off the board late in the game when you are down by three - vs a pretty good defensive team without much time left is a bad decision. These should be "guides" and not steadfast "rules." This absolutely was one cause why Cowboys lost the game.
  7. I am not a Cowboy fan at all. But watching the game and the circumstance I thought no way they should've gone for it either. I think analytics is behind some other sports. ANyone cna make an excuse why the play doesn't work such as "If only the receiver went a few yards further." Or "if only the offensive line blocked better." Or "If only they called for a rollout." Or if only "Dak read the play right," etc. You can dream up any excuse but that game showed little indication that Dallas could overwhelm and make the play or the defense was so lousy you can't trust. You don't take that risk.
  8. I just think the offense is going to struggle way too much beucase of a poor OL. And the defense just has too many changes without enough practice. If they go 6-10 or worse; fire Gettleman?
  9. Looking at a 5-11 or 6-10 season. Offensive line is new at the tackle spots. Their choice in rd 1,Thomas, was my 3rd choice. I think their center is bad and their LG is overrated. For receivers SS is one hit from calling it quits. Engram is is one windy day away from watching instead of playing games like he normally does, and Slayton is a huge question. Defensively there are questions across the board other than they should be able to stop the run. And if we do have to endure another terrible season - the good news would be that DG will be gone. I prefer he s
  10. Ohh crap I didn't see it! Damn!!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Just wondering. I loved loved loved the McKinney pick. I feel he and Peppers is an ok tandem at safety. Frankly, I think McKinney is stud. I feel Bradberry is a good CB. I feel that Baker can be a good #2 corner. Between Beal, Ballentine, Love, and new pick Darnay Holmes-- this might not be too bad of secondary, right? ,
  12. I've made a slight change of my prediction going into this season. We are a 4-7 win team. Won't get to 8. So expect imo 5-6 wins. If the odds were to go to 6.5 I would take the under.
  13. Okay we're at complete opposite ends here. I hope you are right. I'm rooting for your optimism. The OL is still not good. Therefore you're only going to see a running game vs rotten teams on occasion. IMO you are vastly overrating the OL. I heard it all last year and the year before. We get rid of Flowers and Omameh etc then "ofc" I have been told we'll be better. But getting bad replacement players overall doesn't help. Solder is a bad OT now. Hernandez is overrated. They have no legit center, Thomas is a rookie so he'll have his struggles, and Zeitler is not a run blocker. And Pea
  14. The draft didn't do enough. Not that it had much of a shot to anyways but imo this is around a 6-10 team (4 to 8 wins depending on other moves and opponents quality at game time etc) unless like what happened two years ago - we face opponents that have injuries at key positions. The OL still going to be a problem unless Fleming completely surprises. Thomas will need a year. And they won't be able to run the football inside. DG has made a major blunder in believing because he drafted an extremely talented RB that he thought he'd get a pretty good running game vs most of the league. Jones
  15. Not a bad pick. have Bradberry as the one dependable. Would like to think Baker takes a big leap. The rest are big questions.
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