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  1. The worst thing is that the Bucs didn't even play that well. They had drops, 3 INT, problems in the secondary etc. If the chiefs beat us in the SB because they are better thats fine. But today should have been the better team. #12 basically missed 4 TD (Adams in the RZ, Lazard in the RZ, Adams on the free play and the one he could ran in). Jones fumbled twice, didn't do that all season. King had his worst game as a pro. MLF had a mental breakdown when he didn't go for it at the end. And so on.
  2. MVS and Run D# are the only things today not to be blamed for that loss. Who would have thought. I hate this sport.
  3. 10+ Comeback against Brady? Forget it. Get ready for two weeks of Brady is getting back to the SB coverage. I will skip that. See you next season
  4. I am fine with taking the points. Now D# has to do something
  5. Pettine doesn't do much wrong in my opinion. Our players are just getting beat
  6. I am freaking out since Monday morning. And tomorrow I have to wait 6 more hours than you guys because of time difference. At least I got more confident during the week. We are the better team and we are at home. Just show that on the field
  7. I like bringing Tramon in as a veteran for the locker room, but don´t play him too much. Don´t have positive memories about his play last year.
  8. It is still just Tuesday. This week moves slower than Brady.
  9. I know playoffs are different and it´s not so much about the loss in week 6, that is long time ago. And it is not like the 49ers last year, they just were the better team - and I think we are the best NFC team this year. But still it is about matchups and I just don´t like that. - Their fast ILBs - with our System every ILB will be off in the pass game, even better ones than TB have - but they can catch up, tipp some ball in the air for their secondary to pick up, and force fumbles. - Their Edge Rushers and blitzing scheme - we had big problems with them even with #69 in the line-u
  10. Anyone else immediately worried about our STs after reading this?
  11. I am no expert and I don´t really know Campbell but with Bieniemy still out there I don´t understand this hire.
  12. I really hate this matchup. I am a mess already and its just Monday.
  13. NFCCG against a team which beat us really bad in the regular season. I have a very bad feeling for next sunday right now.
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