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  1. Our problem in the losses last year and the one this year was D# (mainly Run and also pass rush) and protecting #12, so I go in that direction. Aaron Donald and Quenton Nelson
  2. I know what you mean, but I find it understandable that some are frustrated. We had and have one of the best QBs and were one game away from the SB. Rodgers doesn´t have many years left and nobody knows if Love will going to be the answer after him. So we should have tried to do everything to get to a SB with Rodgers, even if we suck after him for some seasons. Just on SB with Rodgers seems just such a waste.
  3. I am looking forward to our bye so the Team can get healthy.. ..oh ****
  4. In 2012, week 5, we lost to a Bruce Arians coached Colts, after a lead. #12 (Luck) and #87 (Wayne) were the main reason for their comeback. The week after we played the Texans Easy win
  5. Well, after it will be 35-10, at least I am getting in bed earlier.
  6. Interesting how the AFC in total got above the NFC in a short time..it shows how fast things change in the NFL. Last year you had the Chiefs and Ravens and that was it, and in the NFC there was SF, NO, Seahawks, GB, Vikes, and even non Playoff Teams like Cowboys or Rams which looked quite good after the first weeks. This year I would rank 6 AFC teams in the top 8 of the whole league (KC, BAL, TEN, BUF, PIT, NE, GB, SEA).
  7. Very weird to prefer a win for the bears but the Bucs will be more dangerous for the top seed..
  8. We are 5-0 without Adams under MLF. It will be a high scoring game, but with the right scheme which we saw over the first weeks we can control the clock against this D#. I am still quite confident, 36-27 GB. But it is too late in Austria to watch the game on a weekday unfortunately for me must resist looking up the score until tomorrow evening and watch relive. Wish me luck.
  9. I know our D# doesn't look how we would like it to be, but just look up the scores all around the league. This weird offseason killed the defenses as it seems, and in the big moments they still stepped up, providing game changing plays, getting some key stops. Maybe early bye helps us in this season more than a late would. R-E-L-A-X
  10. Nervous already for Sunday. Could have big playoff implications at the end.
  11. The problem wasn't skipping a WR in the draft. The problem will more likely be not adressing the ILB position. When I see how Queen is playing already in Baltimore and then see how a mediocre Offense is marching Down the field against our weak run D# I get a little sick.
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