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  1. Think so. Maybe Lazard for his poor blocking on the MVS fumble.
  2. Thank you for that. And yes, I still call it a BS statement from a very frustrated fan, which shows in every post every week. No I don´t think that we are a SB team right now, mainly because of D#, ST, and a lot of mistakes from inexperienced players and coaches probably too. But I also think that we are the best team in the division, and when you look at the Bears, I don´t care about PPG from their defense, because you also need an O to win something and there I see nothing. If we beat them with we are 8-3 to 5-6 - how in the world have the Bears a better chance to win a SB without being in the playoffs? Do you really see the Bears overcoming us to win the division? Yes, their D# is better, but only that won´t get you anywhere, see the Steelers last year. As I said, I am not optimistic that we will win more than one PO game, but at least we will have a chance being in it. And we did overcome more in the past when #12 is playing at it best. Yesterday loss sucks, but at least it was very close against a good opponent on the road, where we lost because of mistakes, not because we were outplayed. Just try to enjoy a team which will be in the postseason, try to get excited even when there is not a big chance we will come through the NFC playoffs and don´t act like we are the 0-10 jets. Better for your health and for this forum.
  3. We are all frustrated because of yesterday and the other losses. But it doesn´t get better posting such BS statements.
  4. For me it´s Bucs and Cardinals - Murray running against a Pettine D#? Could be worse than Kaep against us.
  5. My biggest concern is a hot Hines right now, not Rivers or their receivers. He is the kind of RB which can destroy us. On the other side their LBs can destroy our run game. Don´t have a great feeling right now about that game. #12 needs to play big
  6. Mahomes got the edge this week in the MVP race without playing. Love to see Wilson & the Hawks struggle und turning the ball over. Please continue. Last team I want to see win the NFC among the realistic ones.
  7. 1st seed...stop the count!! And I know, that the D# & Pettine always get the most of the blame, and often rightly so, but yesterday, with the game on the line, the D# delivered, O# and ST didn´t so much. Gary showed up, Preston in the end as well, Clark played the best since week 1, and the back up corners were ok as well. It is still not a good D# and a worse coordinator, but yesterday our problems were the other two phases. D# gave up 13 points - in every game that should be by far good enough for our O# to get the job done without a doubt.
  8. Look at the drafts from the Patriots in the recent years..not good at all. I don´t know if this will work out just because he has lower draft picks now.
  9. Fire Shanahan. 3 passes to start the game against us.
  10. It will stand, no worries. Bad news: we will see our D# quite soon
  11. I don´t mind not trading for Fuller or another WR. I mind not adressing this D#. Either by adding talent or by changing the coach(es). At least I won´t get disappointed again because I know we won´t play in Tampa in February.
  12. No I haven´t, still I read some stupid things here, so I can´t always see what is meant seriously and what isn´t. Sorry about that.
  13. Because of Covid. But that´s quite a stupid post
  14. Ok, as apart from Adams nobody catches a ball anyway, which WR could play RB like Montgomery did for us? EQ? MVS?
  15. Ty Summers against whoever will run for SF? Ok, we are doomed
  16. I also want to forget the game against MIN, but we are 5-2 unfortunately
  17. Can someone from you please send this to everyone who has something to say in the organization? Please?
  18. What really makes me angry - everyone knew before the season, that the run D# is our biggest problem. In every loss last year that was the problem, and even in some wins, when the medioacre Lions Run Offense run all over us in the first half. We also knew, that this season we will face some really good run offenses (Min with Cook, Colts, Titans, etc.). And we adressed that problem not a bit. It´s frustrating.
  19. Our problem in the losses last year and the one this year was D# (mainly Run and also pass rush) and protecting #12, so I go in that direction. Aaron Donald and Quenton Nelson
  20. I know what you mean, but I find it understandable that some are frustrated. We had and have one of the best QBs and were one game away from the SB. Rodgers doesn´t have many years left and nobody knows if Love will going to be the answer after him. So we should have tried to do everything to get to a SB with Rodgers, even if we suck after him for some seasons. Just on SB with Rodgers seems just such a waste.
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