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  1. SMH...If he doesnt turn the corner and we release him next year. I WILL BE THE ONE taking a shot of that 1942
  2. Yeah ive noticed it alot. Like I used to follow him on social media and really liked how he talks about a "clear eye view" and him over coming his injury and a lot with gods plan. But it just doesnt translate to his game. He wants to be in on every celebration, wants to be in front of camera like a look at me mentality. Kinda annoying. If he played like a bad a$$ like he is suppose to be i wouldnt be mad about it.
  3. Personally, I was really hoping for one win the rest of the year. I wanted it on thanksgiving. Still wanting it. My dad always told me if we beat the Eagles, Giants, (football team) Washington, or the 49ers. It was considered a successful season. But thanksgiving games just hit differently, no matter the record getting blown out on that day just sucks. Anyways my GB/JS GB: Jerry's little lamb, Wilson, LVE --(both wilson and LVE played some hard nosed football yesterday, and it was fun to watch) HM: Oline - played pretty decent, Mccgovern played well and happy to see him get reps. Martin just an absolute beast JS: Jaylon - missed tackles, getting stiff armed, one thing I've noticed is he kinda has an ego imo. I didnt like how he pretty much snatched the fumble from dlaw. I mean sure he gained yards and all that but instead of maybe getting a block, he just focused on ripping the ball away so he could retrun it. Kinda torn on that, like I said we got yards, but same time it was kinda like a "i love me some me" moment.
  4. I think Poe is a free agent, maybe we should kick the tires on him? 😆
  5. and Romo 😊 (injury prone but wins games with collapsed lungs and broken backs)
  6. Would he still be a bust if he wasnt on the Jets? Probably a tough question... I just have one play by him in my mind that makes me go WOW. That play where he was rolling out of pocket, threw the ball across body (maybe sidearm) and it was a perfect dart between a defender for a TD
  7. Keep dak, sign him... I dont care. He is who I want leading this team. Trade down in draft to an actual QB needing team and I think we go for Surtain - have two alabama corners and maybe try and keep Chido if you can. Lewis is probably gone but wouldnt mind him as a backup
  8. Lets say Jets get 1st overall pick. Draft TL. What happens to Darnold? Am I the only person to think that he hasnt shown us what he has and has been in a corrupt organization? Or does he just go MIA like Rosen did. What do you guys think his value is?
  9. Hats off to fassel and the special teams unit yesterday. We made plays! They were the only reason we were in that game if you think about it. The 2 huge returns, Field goals, extra point blocked. Happy to take the L but it was a fun game to watch actually
  10. Just think what rapeburger will do to this defense. If he isnt going to hell from previous situations in his life, he sure will have his spot solidified after sunday lol
  11. Was it a ploy?? All week we heard about little Ben zipping the ball around. We came out with so many gadget plays.. which I liked. However I didnt see how his "amazing" practices rolled into that game. Could it of been the wind? Maybe.. I just feel like every play he wanted to escape the pocket. I mean Id be scared too with that Oline. Just my thoughts. Happy we lost tho, but it was kinda fun game to watch, well I mean it was fun watching the defense. Glad they actually came to play for once
  12. I would trade Aldon, we wont resign him. Could actually get something for him. Not a lot but something
  13. GB: To ME!! I accomplished so many chores around the house yesterday while the game was on HM: The organization for helping out in next years draft JS: The organization
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