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  1. ALSO can the Jock Smith award just be the Jaylon Smith award going forward? JS... "J"ust "S"aying ...
  2. GB: Our three stud receivers had a great game. Randy FREAKING Gregory - Why hello there!! Never thought I would say that but the offensive play calling Moore or MM nice jobs especially where the did underneath and then CD burnt them by going up field ALSO NEVER EVER would I say this but Mike Nolan? our team is garage with mobile QB's and the Read Option. They adjusted after getting torched and I watched a lot where the safety came up and did some spy plays. Really helped change the game. JS: Jaylon Smith. Until he can prove me wrong. Too many smiles
  3. Also for how this season has gone, and with the luck that we have. Make playoffs with a crappy record, horrible season. Get bounced first round. And boom thats 2020 for you. So much for a tank..
  4. Ok so I hate to even start this and maybe I help with the jinx.. But we obviously play Eagles this week. And we have a good possibility of winning (smh). Giants play Ravens - Raves SHOULD easily win that one you would think. Redskins vs Panthers. I mean you never know. With that said is it as simple as Redskins losing out and us winning out to make the playoffs? It would be so embarrassing to make the playoffs with this team. But its any given sunday. You never know...god im too positive...Flash forward a few months we are debating between Dalton and Dak after Dalton pulls off a Nick Foles and
  6. For how crappy this season is and should be. I must say one positive thing about our offense.. Dalton Schultz is looking really good! Glad to see him getting experience
  7. Didnt get to watch the game. Saw a couple highlights. First of all Galimore's stuff at the goal line... very nice! Read that Chido, Wilson, and Lewis all played really well. I was curious how Diggs looked back from injury?
  9. we release crawford after this season correct? not much of a penalty this offseason if we let him go? and it would free up a bit too ... ?
  10. Jaylon Smith of the Dallas Cowboys has been nominated for Walter Payton Player of the Year For all the times he has been nice on the field to opposing players, the handshakes, the smiles, the laughs. All the over 20+ yard plays and he celebrates with teammates. All the 8 yard tackles that he finishes off with his bowling celebration. The penalties that have helped the other teams. The list goes on. We are proud to have Jaylon Smith nominated for this award! I can think of no one else that deserves to be nominated on our team.
  11. Another HM: Joe Buck with the nastiest jinx of all time. That was hilarious.
  12. maybe they have been right this whole time, running backs have a shelf life of 4-5 years. Same reason we never resigned DeMarco. Maybe we see something different next year and I can only hope. Or this may be the start of the decline for Zeke.
  13. Actual GB: Jordan Lewis had a hell of a game, he had great defense and superior tackles. Hats off to him. HM: Noah Brown - nice catches and got up the field nicely JS: Defense lol. You know they are going to run the ball. Maybe try to stop it. Last night made me realize that the Ravens aren't that scary. If you can contain run and spy Lamar, and make Lamar throw the ball they can be defeated. But you have to take away the run game or you can't beat them Jaylon Smith award goes to... Jaylon Smith: Did you guys notice the kick return where Joe Thomas tackled the returner. The
  14. My bold prediction: We Lose However: Zeke runs for 150+ against Baltimore. Probably shouldn't of smoked my lunch but hey I see it happening
  15. https://insidethestar.com/5-players-cowboys-should-consider-shutting-down-until-next-season/ Not sure if this is even worthy of a new topic, however here is an article of players to possibly shut down. What do you guys think? Obviously that would mean full "tank" is in order. I cant see Jerry doing it tho, especially it costing him revenue until next season. That would mean less purchases of tickets, tv ratings blah blah blah I would agree LVE should sit out. Amari yeah.. Jaylon nah, he needs all the experience he can get haha. Id almost feel bad about Sean Lee being in there for me
  16. "tanking" and all.. why does he not get more reps? Im puzzled
  17. SMH...If he doesnt turn the corner and we release him next year. I WILL BE THE ONE taking a shot of that 1942
  18. Yeah ive noticed it alot. Like I used to follow him on social media and really liked how he talks about a "clear eye view" and him over coming his injury and a lot with gods plan. But it just doesnt translate to his game. He wants to be in on every celebration, wants to be in front of camera like a look at me mentality. Kinda annoying. If he played like a bad a$$ like he is suppose to be i wouldnt be mad about it.
  19. Personally, I was really hoping for one win the rest of the year. I wanted it on thanksgiving. Still wanting it. My dad always told me if we beat the Eagles, Giants, (football team) Washington, or the 49ers. It was considered a successful season. But thanksgiving games just hit differently, no matter the record getting blown out on that day just sucks. Anyways my GB/JS GB: Jerry's little lamb, Wilson, LVE --(both wilson and LVE played some hard nosed football yesterday, and it was fun to watch) HM: Oline - played pretty decent, Mccgovern played well and happy to see him get reps
  20. I think Poe is a free agent, maybe we should kick the tires on him? 😆
  21. and Romo 😊 (injury prone but wins games with collapsed lungs and broken backs)
  22. Would he still be a bust if he wasnt on the Jets? Probably a tough question... I just have one play by him in my mind that makes me go WOW. That play where he was rolling out of pocket, threw the ball across body (maybe sidearm) and it was a perfect dart between a defender for a TD
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