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  1. You're just angry because between our ownership and the players we have 6 NBA Championships to your 1 since the 90's. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚ I think that's how internet math works anyway......
  2. I know the Hornets aren't the most popular forum topic but I'm a fan and I'm sticking to it. This article is spot on for my feelings on the Hayward signing: Hornets free agency news: Making sense of the Gordon Hayward signing - At The Hive What I'm worried about now is the the rumblings of any sign and trade between the Hornets and Celtics and needing to involve a 3rd team as the Hornets look to convince a team to take Batum outright and avoid having to stretch him. I can get onboard (I guess I already have) with signing Hayward to a massive contract and stretching Batum as they'll still have plenty of cap space next year to bring in another Bogdanavic type player (because no better tier FA is signing in Charlotte w/o $30 mil per in hand) and they don't lose anything but cap space to do so. What I'll be upset about is signing Hayward and then offloading any type of asset they have -- picks, Zeller, Rozier to move Batum. My opinion will turn quickly if they compound their problems by losing assets like Rozier that could be moved at the deadline for a late 1st pick & player. Overpaying Hayward is bad enough, but overpaying Hayward AND giving up anything for the right to do so would be classic Hornets management
  3. I know this wonโ€™t move the needle but I like Hernangomez. Borrego Is a very difficult coach to play for, seems like no defined role for players game to game. Iโ€™d hate to play for him. Hernangomez flashed at times offensively ( not a good defender though) and I think he has some real potential if ever given a consistent playing oppty
  4. Or in Charlotte...now that we have all the pieces lol
  5. Celtics helped Hornets with SnT for Rozier. Hornets looking to return the favor. Interesting dynamic
  6. You would definitely have thought that if the interest was high enough for him to sign that kind of contract, Ainge could have managed to get something back. Hawks, Hornets, Knicks, Pacers were all in at some point and I'm not sure who else?
  7. With what we gave Hayward - wondering exactly how much more Harrell turned down from Charlotte? If we had signed him and Hayward we could have started an entire 6'7" unit.
  8. I get this as well, we've been in an unending purgatory with management consistently trying to compete for 7-8 seed. Hard to break out of for a small market until that moment you draft a Giannis. I'm under no illusions signing Hayward does anything but push them to compete 6-9 in the East again. I AM bullish on the potential of Bridges and Washington as two plus assets moving forward though - I think Washington's going to begin making a name for himself and if Bridges improves his off-ball defense he's going to surprise. I would have been fine with them totally tanking and aiming for another high lottery in a better draft next year but as so many teams have proven -- Philly top of the list - that's not a proven strategy either. The reality is for a team like Charlotte, if they have an opportunity to sign a player like Hayward they need to do it - cap be damned because there just aren't going to be many opportunities moving forward in the near future. Unlike Batum, health permitting (major caveat) Hayward is never going to be a 27M+ DNP coaches decision which is a complete embarrassment. I'm also optimistic on Kupchak's draft ability vs previous GM's and his ability to be the angel on Jordan's shoulder. (No you do not want to trade the roster for Westbrook Michael) Other than trading rights to SGA for Bridges (SGA didn't want to play in Charlotte though) his drafting has been spot on. On the downside he's too conservative and lacks inventiveness on the trade front
  9. I think the humorous part (most humorous part?) of the Hornets this year may be their small ball lineup. If LaMelo grows at all this season - our PG is going to be the tallest man in the lineup. LaMelo Ball 6'7" Rozier/Graham/Monk 6'1" - 6'3" Miles Bridges 6'7" Gordon Hayward 6'7" PJ Washington 6'7"
  10. People acting like Charlotte is going to attract a bigger free agent than Hayward sometime in the near future.๐Ÿ˜‚ He's a mid-upper tier free agent and that's the best they're going to sign and they simply HAVE to overpay to bring someone in. They tried to overpay Harrell and he turned them down to take less with the Lakers. What exactly do people expect them to sign the next couple years that would be better than Hayward? Giannis ain't comin'. I know the 3rd/4th year repercussions might be a drag but this year and next it's a big win for this team. This isn't like the NFL - cap space isn't rolling over to next year - so signing Hayward and stretching Batum has a net effect of -12M of their 19M cap space and they gave up -0- of their assets. If they don't move them this year, which I suspect they will, then Zeller and Rozier are another 34M coming off the books next year through expiration and trade. The Hornets cap space will be solid this year and next. If the team keeps Rozier, Graham and LaMelo for this season than Graham might be better off signing the 4 yr $54 max extension he could receive and that would be another big win for the Hornets. Rozier went 18 / 4.1 / 4.4 with 40.7% from 3 -- those are extremely solid #'s so there will be some market for him.
  11. Just popping in to mention that it looks like the Hornets are still a team in the NBA. Itโ€™s true, I just checked...
  12. He's still responsible for us sitting at 18-5 over the last two regular seasons on the field and creating multiple revenue streams for the Packers inside and outside of football operations, so I'm going to say no
  13. Thought so. Was just confused by that Gil Brandt quote above - how would the Pack expect to recoup a 3rd in 2021? If we lost Fuller in free agency we would receive any pick in 2022
  14. Am I right that any potential comp pick received by the Texans for Fuller wouldn't be received until 2022? A 4th round pick 2021 would be comparable to a 3rd round comp pick 2022 in that case. Looking at last year - Emmanual Sanders and a 5th were traded for 3rd and 4th round picks by the 49ers and Sanders was 32 at the time, Fuller is only 26. I definitely think it would take a couple of picks like a 2021 3rd and another conditional 4th-5th pick at a minimum to get Fuller
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