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  1. Just finished his season with 81 QB pressures - 3rd most in the NFL among edge rushers and a Pro-Bowl alternate. His pressures rank ahead of Watt, Garrett and Nick Bosa. He's not in Watt's stratosphere yet but look beyond the 9.5 sacks and he belongs on a top 10 list.
  2. 19 gms in sitting at 11-8 and the 5th seed. Most gms played in NBA and statistically toughest schedule so far and just started another stretch playing 15 of 21 gms on the road. Ball is borderline All-NBA and definite All-Star. Bridges is playing for the All-Star roster and at least heading MIP lists. Hayward is steady as they come. Rozier is just now rounding into form, bench players like Cody Martin have surprised with their improvement to JAG lvl and our centers are taking the world by storm…..just kidding….they’re a dumpster fire. Unique for a Hornets team to #1 l
  3. Zion might make top 10 in the professional eaters league w Joey Chestnut (be the new Badlands Booker) if he continues to pack on the lbs Reddish isn’t by most definitions exactly a “high-end” 3 n D but his numbers are up in fewer minutes. I read high-end to mean “serviceable up-and-coming bench guy” so nailed it Bulls can still get embarrassed in 1st rnd. I’m cheering for it
  4. It’s going to be long haul for the Pelicans to get out of the lottery and send #15 to the Hornets. C’mon Zion!
  5. Happy to report 19 games in and dead wrong on this one so far currently avg 19.8pts 8.1 reb 7.7 asts 2.1 stls for a team that is 11-8, has played the most games and toughest schedule in the NBA at this point —but maybe this prediction will yet be deemed true if he regresses from All-NBA level to mere mortal throughout the remainder of the season. I’m predicting he does not
  6. 770k is an absolute bargain for anything Smith can provide. I also heard all of the same negativity regarding Campbell just after his signing. People read a negative stat from PFF or read a cautious note about a perceived flaw and suddenly it's all people see and want to comment on. Then people start watching youtube clips with an already negative bias and it's all they see -- can't possibly see what he can provide as a recent ProBowl talent ILB. He's absolutely going to be an upgrade over Burks and Summer and with Campbell playing so well, Barnes getting healthy and Smith suddenly
  7. Just test drove the '22 Stinger GT2, '22 K5 GT-Line Premium, '22 Hyundai Sonata Limited, '21 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T. Listed in order I drove and I'd personally order them this way too. In the market for a nice sporty mid-range Sedan and just trying to stay clear of BMW, Audi, Mercedes - just not into the brands and frankly don't like the body styles as much as the KIA and Sonata. If someone thinks performance is substantially better and worth the $ I'm open to testing. Not trading anything in and little discernable cost difference between used and new these days has me just thinking I'
  8. Well after 1 game in WCQ I'm definitely ready to burn the whole thing down Us and the German National team should probably just disband now Soccer: Germany stunned by North Macedonia in rare World Cup qualifier home defeat (yahoo.com)
  9. Or Obama, Harris and Biden at the Proud Boys Klan meeting
  10. Actual Global household names with major Clubs. Not Lalas or Dempsey or McBride or Kirovsky or Reyna or Donovan or Bocanegra playing some minutes at fringe clubs like Celtic or Watford or Fulham but players playing and even excelling at the largest, most successful name-brand Clubs in the World -- Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus, Dortmund, Schalke, Valencia, Lille and still the clubs like your RB Leipzig, Newcastle or Norwich City. Not aging domestic superstars, but fringe global talents like those named above - but young 18-24 yr old dudes the younger generations can
  11. We've literally never had this many players overseas playing and contributing for the top Clubs in the world. Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus, Dortmund..............................Norwich You've never heard or seen that before. Fifa has now moved the USMNT to #10 in the rankings - 1 spot behind Mexico
  12. Fairly certain the Hornets SL guards would have been run out of the gym by a good AAU team tonight. I think we had more turnovers than made field goals for the entire first half, and second half was only marginally better. The entire team set the sport of basketball back by decades. 25 made field goals, 22 turnovers .... and it didn't feel like they played even that well The full stat line won't reflect it but Davion Mitchell looks the real deal for SAC. Very impressive at controlling the game. He absolutely harassed and manhandled Bouknight to the point that at times it looked
  13. 10 pts - 10 reb SL debut. All 10 points scored off dunks, including THIS one while I think all 3 of his 3 pt attempts were blocked. So much to work on but some moments like this to have me fantasizing what he could be in 2-3 years playing with Melo and Bouknight and adding some strength.
  14. Kai Jones just made some ESPN highlight shows. Damn.
  15. Watch it and don't try to deflect - nobody is buying it
  16. Suppose that was worth a like if you watch the movie and think "That Russell Crowe is really onto something, quick teenage daughter, go get that man's cellphone and tablet and lets make it a real daddy-daughter day"
  17. Not blowing up the stat line at halftime but Bouknight showing why he is going to challenge for ROY. He's shown off some extremely dynamic handles and could easily have several more assists (does have a couple hockey assists). He just looks like he has the confidence to do whatever he wants on the court. Halftime of first SL game so I'm not going overboard but he's selling me quickly on the long-term pairing of Ball and Bouknight. Kai Jones has looked as explosive as billed - Looking good as long as he's rebounding and dunking within 3 ft of the basket and trying to make hustle play
  18. Pelicans are ending up with the #15 pick this year.
  19. I’m thinking it’s worth people watching Russell Crowe’s movie “Unhinged”. You will not want to honk at someone or ask someone to give you some space at a Walmart ever again
  20. Right after “fans want him traded” should say “reminds oneself he’s not the Martin twins”
  21. This combined with the reported interest in signing Markannen to an offer sheet is going to make for a fun noontime tomorrow, even if it all fizzles out. Just the thought of replacing the Martin twins with a legitimate talent like Oubre is almost enough for me to get my keyboard pregnant. My hesitancy is his willingness to play behind Gordon (perhaps even Bridges at the 3) and be a team player vs hunting stats. He doesn't strike me as a man willing to sacrifice himself for the team or come off the bench - but maybe I'm off-base on that impression. Jalen McDaniels has a chance to devel
  22. Fans might want to learn how to use these things in case they need to jump into quick action on the floor
  23. Exactly. Couple more years on him the Lakers might bite
  24. Obviously Turner's recent performance doesn't leave much room to argue. I don't have a dog in the fight so if Turner can run with the job I'm good. I think Steffen would be the unquestioned top keeper in the MLS if he was playing domestically and not at one of the top clubs in the world (albeit as their #2). Really not a fan of Acosta with the exception of his Gold Cup finals performance. If it hadn't been that performance I'd be happy if he was relegated to injury call-up.
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