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  1. One can hope. Overall this was an excellent trade. Joe D gets a lot of credit with a situation that was starting to turn very nasty with how Adams was speaking out with little leverage with trade suitors to get this type of haul. Also now don't need Davis to be an every down safety his first year tho Maye and the safety from Seattle have similar strength from all reports. Now that our linebacking core is deep and healthy tho having excellent coverage safeties can't hurt.
  2. It has been several years since I have posted in this forum (was the pre updated one). Curious what you guys would grade the draft as a whole (not taking into account UFA's). Take into account trades and whatever else. If you can do a breakdown on thoughts of each pick I'd be all for it. More detail the better. Nice to have collective thoughts in one thread rather than trying to read all the separate ones. In terms of the poll pick the player you thought was the best selection (taking into account value of the pick etc). Not just who you guys think is the best prospect which would be obvious. I'll make a separate post with my thoughts in a little bit. Great to be back
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