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  1. I legit think we can lose this game if Fields starts. Our defensive growing pains are bad right now. I'd assume Landry is out, maybe we get OBJ back but that feels optimistic.
  2. Agree with many points here. Not just the lack of press, but the soft zone and the huge space we give receivers when playing off the line. Outside of Cooks, that team has no WR of real worth. You have 3 solid CB's, man them up and lets go. Pass rush was also a huge disappointment yesterday. Myles gets doubled all the time, so tough to get down on him.
  3. I agree it's a must win. However, this is the NFL. Any given Sunday.... I won't be shocked if it's somewhat close. We aren't a perfect team and our Defense is playing their second game together. I'm not going to lose my mind if we only win by single digits.
  4. I am definitely nervous about Hudson having to start at LT. We should normally destroy Houston, but we don't need a 4th round rookie starting at LT this week to potentially slow us down or get Baker hurt.
  5. As a browns fan I have every reason to hope the ravens were dirty. That said, that queen video seems way overblown to me. Combo of incidental contact and the wr seeming to go down easy. The rest are more questionable
  6. You would think that of ANY franchise In this league, people would almost unanimously love the the best QB we've had in 30 years. Just wait till we pay him, then the morons will expand to whining about his salary.
  7. Unless you have an agenda, i don't see how anyone couldn't come away impressed from Sunday. The pick while hit was the only bad thing i can think of. He was pinpoint the rest of the day. Offense was in complete control and we looked like we have been running this offense for 5 years. Baker is THE dude. Pay him
  8. I have a feeling the coverage will be much tighter against Tyrod and the little sister of the poor than It did against the best offense on earth. I actually am more confident in our team after yesterday than before the game. Win or lose, we saw we can still dominate on offense. Our pass rush actually got a ton of pressure, but Mahomes is just godly.
  9. Obviously Mad we lost but I take solace in knowing we can beat them. Fumble, dropped punt and Baker pick while hit, vs. No turnovers, and we still almost won. Give the defense the time they need to gel before January and we are going to be dangerous. Also, pay Baker.
  10. I can't understand ranking someone that has never played a down in the league, over baker. I think Baker and Herbert are about tied for 10th. Otherwise good list.
  11. With Hodge due 2+mil, they may be betting no one claims him at that price. Maybe he goes PS for us pr even takes Dunn or Phillips spot when they get IRd. We Essentially have 2 spots to fill when they go to IR.
  12. Thanks for the info. Sadly it's a 14 team league and the qb scoring is crazy. Thus each owner is only allowed to roster 2 qbs. Guess I'll hold off for now. Thanks for the info and good luck this year!
  13. It was a fantasy question:) I actually am in a 2qb league. I was hoping Lance would start. He's not on my roster yet but I'm thinking for later this season. Shanny really doing a 2 qb system??
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