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  1. We still don't have audio from the Garrett/ Rudolph incident. Don't hold your breath.
  2. The reality is that many people would be upset if we brought in Watson, but would absolutely Root for this team when he's on the field winning us games.
  3. I mean it kinda seems thay way based on your comment.
  4. Some rumblings on Twitter that AVP might want to go to CFB. That's interesting
  5. Hmmm. I would thought because of opponent and weapons around them, that Lance would have more upside.
  6. Not to mention our WR group is arguably the worst in the league, and even in the teens, thanks to this year's being elite, we will still get a blue chip guy.
  7. Thanks all for the responses. Sadly it's a 14 team league and with this gane being Sunday night, I won't have better options. It's either hope that Gibson goes or pick one of the other two. Luckily my team is out to a nice lead this week, but every point matters. Seems like this one may be a tossup?
  8. Hey guys. Sorry, i wasn't sure where else to put this. I have Gibson in my championship this week. Seems like a gametime decision if he can't go, am I better off with Williams or Patterson as a pinch replacement. Thanks in advance and good luck tonight!
  9. Pay him what u need. It'll look like a discount in a few hours after the TV deal. I know he misses some games, but he's damn good.
  10. Huntley better than Lamar after 1.5 games, both of which were losses? Guys........
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