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  1. Just looking at our assumed starting defensive line-up vs. what we had last year is both astounding and bonerific.
  2. I sadly worry that u might be wrong.
  3. Browns family my man. Thank you for your service.
  4. This is why I love this site. I just casually assumed Mike was just ripping blunts on the daily and now after learning more about him, my respect is sky high. A vet with a tour company in Wyoming that is a browns fan. Actual 🐐
  5. Never been but definitely on the bucket list. Could see myself retiring out that way.
  6. Listen. I really enjoy your posts, your style reminds me of fumble's. Do think your ceilings for dpj and and Schwartz seem a tad overboard, that's all. How do you like Wyoming?
  7. And with his initials being JOK, I decided I'm just going to call him Joker.
  8. So much to unwrap here. Link please
  9. I can never prove this, but in my heart, I know Mmmtmike is fumblebluntz. It's the only logical explanation.
  10. Wade in the 4th sits fine by me. He couldn't have had a worse season imo. He destroyed his draft stock, but for a slot guy I think he's worth the flier in this round. Wouldn't rule our RB or even QB at some point today
  11. We need to have a serious discussion on something. We know one of their core beliefs is to keep investing in the QB position. Outside of Keenum, whom I doubt they are going to pay again after next year, we don't have another decent young qb. Sam Ehlinger is the only one on the guardrail list. That said, Baker absolutely LOATHES Sam Ehlinger lol. Could get fairly awkward tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I definitely would have rather had Ben Cleveland or Meinerz (sp) but it is what is is. Of course Ben want to Baltimore.
  13. Boom! Didn't even give up a pick, moved down 24 spots from 89 to 113.
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