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  1. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Because if there is anyone I trust to keep their word, its Jimmy.
  2. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Pathetic cowards? Lol. You're here to stir the pot for your own amusement because you have nothing better going. That's the real pathetic part.
  3. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    The thing that muddies this a bit is that there are so many conflicting reports even from the mother and the police about what was abuse and self defense. Should urban keep a guy on the staff if he knew and the accusations are legit? No, I wouldn't. That said, outside of reporting it, hes not obligated to remove him from the staff because of it. Only obligated to report what he knew.
  4. There r some things u can see regardless of the defense or offensive teammates. Looked uber comfortable in the pocket. Moves well in the pocket while keeping eyes downfield. Goes through progressions and doesn't panic Doesn't look to run unless necessary Has a strong arm Has good accuracy Those are very good signed for the future. How will he hold up against a gap pressure? How does anyone hold up against it? Pressure up the middle is the toughest thing to beat, I doubt its something he will be ready for right away. I just like how good he's looked in things that are tough to learn. He looks naturally good and comfortable. Darnold is also going to be a beast which is why I was good with either.
  5. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Come on now. No one is saying we want people to keep their jobs if they are guilty of these accusations. - If Zach did this, he should remain fired and face prison time. - If Urban did not report like he is contractually and should be morally obligated too, he should be fired - Of course OSU fans want this to not be true because we don't want to lose an Elite coach, but if he did it, it's time to go - I believe most of us just want to see all the information come out and be investigated before being crucified due to public opinion - This whole series of events is jacked up as hell. People keep posting things from the other side of the story because it isn't coming from someone sitting in their basement. The guy reporting about Herman actually has a background with the team and a long history in college football. Her mother is consistently going against McMurphy's story and contradicting things. Whether or not she's telling the truth, we don't know, but it's crazy that she is doing this and is causing some sort of doubt in the original reports. My guess is that Smith stays fired because whether his wife is crazy or not, he appears to have committed some crimes here and should pay for it. Someone else will probably be fired. If Urban reported it to Gene Smith and nothing went further, Gene needs fired. If Urban didn't report it, he needs fired. It was dumb as hell and suspicious that he lied to the media at Big 10 media day, but that's not something that will get him fired, but does hurt his credibility.
  6. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    The DL talent in this years class is insane. Absolutely can get a stud DT to make our line Elite.
  7. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Nope, which pretty clearly means we need to start firing people.
  8. Going back and reading the first few pages is priceless. Like i know it's one preaseason game and training camp, but just off the eye test alone, both our picks have it.
  9. It is possible that they are both very good lol. I dont want to spend the next 15 years debating these two instead of just enjoying the ride. Its over, move on.
  10. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Mayfield is gonna look accurate and comfortable AF and the voices will get louder.
  11. The NFLs policy wouldn't change that posession is against the law, as is driving with a suspended license. Stupid is as stupid does
  12. The official training camp thread

    Ah ok o didn't see what u meant. I agree
  13. The official training camp thread

    This is year one. Those were the teardowns. They acquired the assets and now we've spent them. Youngsters need time to develop. Guys like tyrod and Jarvis are meant to help move that process along.
  14. The official training camp thread

    Boy i sure hope we don't cut him........