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  1. We need to step back and talk about something serious for a moment..... If Watt chooses Cleveland, does ET finally join the Browns forum?
  2. Nixe work and good effort. I will say I believe the odds of the FO that values the LB position as little as it does has a near 0% chance of drafting a non pass rushing LB in the 1st
  3. Go Bills! Browns Nation is behind you and our allegiance has never been stronger. Avenge us!
  4. I know this doesn't appear to be a coming issue just yet, but I give Callahan the beast raise of his life. Make sure he is here until he retires. Do what you must. That oline makes the run game go and let's baker remain comfortable. Its beyond vital.
  5. There are so many bright spots moving forward. Never felt better heading into an off-season.
  6. He's here to stay. For the first time since the inception of this site, we have our QB. Part of what makes this morning sting less.
  7. This team is in a great position. Most of all, the team trusted each other. They are an actual team and not just a group of individual.
  8. Damn good to see you my man. Been far too long. Hopefully it's been long enough, and you seem like you have changed, maybe Webby works something out with u. One can hope
  9. In total seriousness... while winning this game Is an absolute dream, and as much as I loathe Ben, I hope you guys find a viable replacement. I want this rivalry to be what it once was. Two very similar cities and peoples, hating each others football teams. Mad respect to your franchise.
  10. I love you all. We got to be Ben's Reaper. What a night. Baker the King
  11. So happy for you guys. Cleveland and Buffalo always seem like good allies. Loved Bill fans when they came here and loved em when I saw a game at Ralph Wilson. Mad respect. Hope u guys win it all.
  12. The worst part is that Juju is mediocre AF. Long line of great Pitt WRs is broken with this stain.
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