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  1. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    I think I'd be interested depending on what FA looks like. If we can fix the OT spot in FA, swing for the fences on Chase. Otherwise that much draft capital is tough to stomach
  2. Stefanski’s staff

    I thought we couldn't announce until after the SB?
  3. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    Not a huge deal overall and shouldn't be arrested but it's just one more notch on the belt of OBJs annoyingness. Keep it up clown.
  4. Stefanski’s staff

    Did someone mention Marvin Lewis? Good lord man.
  5. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Sounds like Monken will be gone. Wilks didnt look great towards the end but I thought the first half looked better. Injuries and myles def effects that tho.
  6. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    O good. That's what I want our HC doing for an hour every week, being 1 on 1 with the owner that has no business giving input or wasting the coach's time during the week. Jerry Jones does that ish. Come on man
  7. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    So let's get something straight... Haslem wants alignment top down, but then he wants the new HC and GM go retain the coaching staff despite having no relationship and some of them sucking. Aka forced marriage. Aka not alignment. I am good with this hire but what am I missing about this faux alignment?
  8. The Search for a GM

    I'm iffy on Randall. Seems like he pulled some selfish ish this year. Not sure I'm ready to commit a monster contract after this past season.
  9. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Fairly certain the plan is for him to not call plays so idgaf what happened yesterday against the leagues best defense. I believe they hired him for several reasons that we can't see from the outside and are tough to quantify, like leadership, propensity to actually use data to make decisions and evolve, etc.
  10. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Ya I dont know how wr isn't a huge need.
  11. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    If both of our tackles next year arent replaced, we have failed.
  12. Does what we think matter? Probably not. Law of averages says even this clown gets lucky and hires a winner at some point. Despite haslam having final say, Depo running the search and them obviously having high confidence in him gives me some hope. None of the 3 front runners we r linked too scare me and none feel like overly crazy decisions. I still think that while Dorsey made some huge errors, this team has a ton of talent and we very seriously could make the playoffs this year with new Tackles. I HAVE to believe after so many short leashes, this next group will have time because they are finally making sure coach and GM are on the same page. I really dont care what order they r hired In or that they don't report to each other.
  13. The FO and GM need to be aligned in most ways. Who reports to who doesnt necessarily concern me as much. Jimmy was always going to be the final say as it's his team. We are never getting past that.
  14. Trying to defend the Corbett selection is.... something.