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  1. We are a one and done team unless we get real lucky. We probably are losing to TN, Pitt and Baltimore. Just getting there is a huge step and id be thrilled to take it.
  2. He is actually good on the move, imo. When its a planned roll out
  3. I feel for the Steelers. Things never tend to go their way...
  4. At this point, if the game is not played, it has to be a Raven forfeit, right? This isn't a random outbreak. They had to discipline the coach that wasn't following protocols and seemingly led to this many positives. I loathe Pittsburgh but this is solely on the Ravens and they need to be penalized this game.
  5. Rappaport reports Lamar has Covid. Yikes...
  6. Again, I don't think our W/L or end of the season result changes for any player we would have gotten today. I just don't see how that's "punting on the season."
  7. Titans saints and ravens are SB contenders, much different. No one is punting on the season. Holy hell you are dramatic.
  8. I won't argue the King move necessarily, I would have been fine with that move. Only thoughts would be that it would take him a bit to get up and running and some positions are harder to plug and play unlike other spots or even other sports. I just don't think they will bring people in for just a one year and maybe they thought his price would be too prohibitive next year. Who knows.
  9. We are not in a win now mode, otherwise we wouldn't have the most cap space in the league. They are being smart about the rollover to keep us flexible when we have to pay some guys, hopefully baker has earned one as well. Nothing we can do will put us over the top this or probably next year either, its just something that needs accepted. They are building a sustainable model, not trading a ton of assets like Dorsey did. Ya, I'm siding with the nerds.
  10. 1. Im STUNNED that you are less than optimistic about something. 2. The player we are getting for a mid or late round pick does not change how this season will end and will then be a FA. Its a waste of an asset. If I thought we could seriously compete with the elite teams this season, then go for it. We don't. 3. Im totally fine for big assets going to a guy like Williams from the Jets. Good young player under control for a few years. The rentals just don't make sense given our current position and the fact that the nerds like assets.
  11. I'm not sad that we didn't waste picks on shirt term rentals for a team that at best is a first round playoff loser this year. Long term, long term, long term...
  12. Longterm, im definitely unsure of. 4th year option seems like a no brainer unless he falls off a cliff. Even if to have him here while u brought im someone else because u don't believe in him
  13. We shouldn't be in win now mode because we can't win now. Defense is trash. We are still a year away at least. We know the elite teams can dominate us. If we trade for anyone I would expect it to not be a short term rental. We are trying to build a sustainable system and that's what we are doing so far. We will make the playoffs and lose in the first round no matter what we do this deadline. Its a great step for the team, just keep our fan expectations realistic.
  14. Is Baker ever going to be elite? Likely no. He is too inconsistent at the moment but I still believe in him and days like this are proof. "But its just the Bengals!!" Guess what clowns, he didn't have obj, teller, chubb or hooper and he and Jarvis are playing with cracked ribs. What he did today can't be overlooked. Yes, we can't beat Baltimore or pitt, both top 5 teams in the league. Why would we be expected too with so much change this off-season? Realistic steps must be taken to achieve the ultimate goal.
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