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  1. Hurts is simply not the answer until he learns how to process the field on 5/7 step drops without utilizing play action. Hurts needs to ditch his offseason QB coach he trains with & go to the one Josh Allen attends.
  2. My iPhone 7 that goes dead if I FaceTime someone for 3 minutes.
  3. Smith is such a bright spot man... Shame we can't scheme anything around him
  4. Idk... Any bold offseason takes/moves ladies & gents?
  5. I would trade 2 firsts for Wilson and wouldn't think twice
  6. He is a MAJOR concern in my opinion... Playing Rocky videos and other inspirational videos before a playoff game. Bizarro world
  7. Hurts is awful... Gameplan & coaching on that side of the ball is just as bad.
  8. Bucs' cannons HAVE to be out of gun powder at this point, no?
  9. Siranni coaching this game has been horrendous. He's a bigger problem than Gannon
  10. Im totally in for Foles.. Never ever say no to that legend
  11. Oh well. Bucs are the way better team in all aspects. Going to be an interesting offseason. I have serious doubts on Hurts but I think he may be the only option unless we can get Watson or Wilson.
  12. And that's why you don't play press man. Maddox has no shot covering Evans
  13. I echo this statement... I will be even more disgusted if he is on the roster next year. Awful body language in addition to him being a very poor football player
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