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  1. When was the last time the Eagles had a dominant win. I feel like its legit been since 2017
  2. Today was so dang refreshing to watch (minus the penalties, especially the presnap ones).... Players actually executing for the most part. Good play calling & solid scheme for Hurts tailored to his playing style. OLine was dominant for the most part & the DLine completely manhandled them. That was a royal butt kicking & I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Props to Sirianni & Gannon... Was nice to see Reagor make a play also.
  3. Wait a second, you're saying that Jacquet isn't going to cut it outside at CB?!?!
  4. W by Sirianni in that recent twitter post of him Mic'd up by the Eagles twitter account... 1:15 had me rolling... "They just changed the rule" and then Sirianni proceeds to flip the mask off immediately. Major W... I am now officially all in... BOTH FEET IN BABY!
  5. Correction... Dickerson will play a ton until he then also gets hurt (For the record I like this pick I just think he def gets hurt) and we are back to Herbig who you are basically forced to run gap scheme runs (which isn't the worst with Hurts as QB).... Then Herbig gets hurt and we are back to Pryor!
  6. If Jacquet sees our football field at outside corner for any meaningful snaps everyone should be fired
  7. Anybody upset at the Donahue clip yesterday just has zero idea how sports work. Obviously front office & scouts will be split on certain players... I was happy to see someone upset honestly
  8. Jeezla: The one human being on planet earth who can deem players good picks before they have even stepped foot on the training facility
  9. Ehhh I would rather keep the depth. Seumalo, Dickerson, Kelce, Herbig and Brooks should be a solid IOL core.
  10. ANYTHING is better than Matt Pryor. If I see Matt Pryor remotely close to the football field wearing an Eagles jersey I will cry
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