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  1. He did over pursue and was undisciplined. But in college he spent much more time at a true strong safety position. He spent the year playing a cover 2 safety for us. He is too stiff for that. But I think he will do better with Bradley and will spend much more time chasing running backs on the edge than covering Travis Kelce 30 yards down field.
  2. I like this hire. I also think this is going to put Abram in the best position possible to be successful. He will spend more time up at the LOS as apposed to getting asked to cover all day. Kam Chancelor and Derwin James might be more physically gifted than Abram but it is obvious that he played better the closer he got to the LOS (which wasn't enough). I think we could see a major improvement out of him under Bradley.
  3. I would be really happy with Wade Phillips. I know he fizzled out in LA but he also held the Patriots to 13 points in the Super Bowl the year before. Everywhere he goes the defense improves instantly and gets worse when he leaves. Imagine how good this team would be right now if we had a better than average defense and pass rush.
  4. We had the worst linebacker group in the NFL last year. Getting a potential LB who who could actually get to the flat doesn't upset me. I like that he started for the best defense in college football for the last 3 years. Probably just special teams in his first year. C+
  5. If you go back in his pre draft tweets he dropped some ruggs hints too.
  6. Just sounds like the Jags trying to drum up business.
  7. Also we only have 8 mil in cap space. We still have to sign our rookies which include 2 first round picks. We would have to free up at least 20 mil in cap space.
  8. I don't believe any of this until Shefter, Rap, or Vic say something about it. And Rap made it sound like it wasn't going to happen. That being said, a 25 year old pro bowler for 19 isn't terrible if we can sign him. Sounds like the Jags want people to think they will take a first.
  9. To your point, OBJ had similar QB play and put up similar numbers in college. They aren't the same player, but it is an interesting thing to look at. The first round would surprise me with Shenault. The 2nd or 3rd I think is about where he goes. He just seems like a name that will be on the best available list at the start of the 3rd round and everyone will be praying their team takes him.
  10. I know Montez wasn't great but he wasn't terrible either. Lamb, Ruggs, Jeudy, and Jefferson did all play with elite qbs, I wasn't arguing that.
  11. I agree with everything you said except that Steven Montez was "terrible". He might get drafted this year. He is no Tua or Burrow but not terrible. Would be really excited to get Shenault in the 3rd or 4th.
  12. Shenault seems like a classic draft slider. Tons of talent with injury history and needs some time to develop. Especially with the depth of this wr class I wouldn't be surprised to see him available in the 3rd.
  13. I would hate a trade up. If it was for simmons, okudah, or brown I would stomach it. We have too many needs. I would rather trade back a little and get a second rounder. If we want to compete we still need starting caliber players at CB X2, WR X2, Safety, SLB, and could improve DT. Not to mention needing depth almost everywhere.
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