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  1. I like Winfield for Cleveland, but I tell you what....I've been really high on Jeremy Chinn and would love for Cleveland to get him. He was the Isaiah Simmons of the FBS. Position-Less Hybrid type of player.
  2. I like the first 2 rounds for Cleveland. I would love for Simmons to fall to the Browns. If we take Ezra Cleveland in the 2nd round, we have to either get LB or S in the 3rd round not a Guard.. Based on this mock draft I see them taking Safety Burgess from Utah or LB Willie Gay from Mississippi St.
  3. No to Becton for Cleveland. In this mock draft I'd rather see them pick Wills from Alabama.
  4. Out of all the teams that has said they were looking to trad...The only team that you have trading is Cleveland!!! OK. It would be great if it fell this way and we still got Andrew Thomas, but I don't think it will. But I like it though.
  5. Nice draft for Cleveland...One change is Wills instead of Wirfs.
  6. I understand taking Becton in this mock draft although I don't think Cleveland should take him if other Tackles are on the board. GREAT 2nd round pick. 3rd round, I think Malik Harrison is a better fit for Cleveland.
  7. There's no way Cleveland makes that far of a trade down. But in event that they did, it wouldn't be for a tackle they can get in the 2 round. They would have to get the best safety on the board. Either Delpit, Winfield, or Xavier McKinney.
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