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  1. Thanks for showing Alan some love sir
  2. Brian Flores is the only coach that is working.....its because one the players love playing for him....he isn't trying to be Belicheck..he isn't an ******* and belittles his players(even Belicheck didn't do that ) ..and he's loyal ... McDaniels , O'Brien, and Patricia tried so hard to be him plus they had no pedigree to do so and they all lost their players by firing good coaches and trading good players for no value because "deerr Belicheck did it"
  3. The blackest night comic Hoping the Wb studio execs greenlight a series or movie on this comic series
  4. It's like if the thing's spaceship crashed into the deep trench of the atlantic .. that's a good thing...The Mutant Lamprey scene actually stuck with me for years
  5. I agree with everyone here not many downs besides Bush's season ending injury
  6. Seattle has been in the NFC west title race and in the playoffs for the last decade....they hardly lose more than 6 games yearly and Russell Wilson is the best weapon on offense and an upcoming Metcalf.. depending on who the jets pick with the two first, Seattle already won this trade
  7. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villianry, we must be cautious
  8. Stidham is a scrambling qb like Cam but Cam is more agile and stronger similar to Big Ben in terms of size he's about he same size Big Ben was his rookie season (6'5" 230lbs) I can see him rushing for about 200 yards but McDaniels will only want him to run as the absolute last option
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