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  1. So what? This doesn't excuse Belichick's persistent cheating. He should not be allowed entry into the HoF. He's not even that great of a coach.
  2. NE's owes most of their success to cheating and favortism from the referees. Brady and Belichick were never that good.
  3. Belicheat can't be considered a Hall of Famer due to the amount of cheating. It makes me question his ability to coach if he has to constantly resort to cheating. If he breaks Shula's record there should be a giant asterisk; Shula won with class and there is a story where he had the opportunity to cheat but didn't do it because he "doesn't win that way".
  4. Cam is one of the most overrated players in the league. Outside of his flukey 2015, he's always been above average at best.
  5. He bet on games while he was a manager, but he's being banned as both a player and manager. Belicheat is an active cheater that isn't being properly punished for compromising the integrity of the game.
  6. With yet another fine and penalty for cheating, I think it's time for the NFL to lay the hammer on the guy. If Pete Rose can be banned from baseball despite being the all time hits leader, then Belichick should be banned for cheating.
  7. Not enough punishment. This is their second strike for filming teams. Third time should result in banning Belicheat.
  8. All Bolt has is speed. Jerry Rice is the GOAT and he was far more known for route running and catching than his speed.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/news/lions-owner-martha-ford-stepping-down-will-be-succeeded-by-daughter
  10. A guy that hasn't even done a single practice with a professional team should be the first choice?
  11. Entering the 4th quarter of that game, the Chargers trailed the unbeaten Patriots by just 2 and their defense was giving Tom Brady fits. If Rivers wasn't playing on a torn ACL, do you think the Chargers would have pulled off the upset?
  12. Bust means complete and total failure; Vernon Gholston, Jamarcus Russell, etc. Bush was definitely overdrafted and overall disappointing, but he had a long career, contributed to a Super Bowl winner and had a role in the league.
  13. Kind of ironic considering Tennessee for a lot of their history were one of the dirtiest teams in the league.
  14. Which one will be the next off the list? Here is the list: Buffalo Cincinnati Cleveland Houston Jacksonville Tennessee Los Angeles Chargers Detroit Minnesota Atlanta Carolina Arizona
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