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  1. I am kinda with you here. I feel about this team as I did about the 2013/14 Clemson team. I like most of the additions, and additions by subtractions, but I feel we are one to two years away. That being said I feel like in that time not only will we be contenders but that we will stay in contention. I get the feel that we are building for the future while also trying to throw some "parts" in for the present. This offseason the team is getting a lot of flak from the media and fans alike. But in reality there is only so much any team can do in one offseason. But with Grudens long contract and the team looking to lock up the core guys for the majority of that contract it feels like we are planning for the future. While all the last leg vets seem like bandaids. I was not crazy about the draft but I see the potential. Not crazy about free agency but I feel like I understand the thought process. One of my least favorite moves was Johnson with no obvious backup plan. But if he can squeeze out one good season it could be HUGE. Same with Doug Martin, although I have a MJD feeling about that particular move, I understand what we are trying to accomplish. I really can't say the same for the JDR era. While we will have growing pains I don't think it will be from the coaching standpoint to the extreme most think. I think Gruden has done his homework and that he is executing a plan years in the making. I think he knows his weaknesses and that is why Olsen is here. It allows him a crutch while getting back into the playcalling groove as well as having someone to teach his system. It seems like that across the board in the coaching staff. Its theoretically the same approach Daboinstalled in Clemson. Get an actual system in place. Make sure the coaches know it first. Then the players. The longer players are in it the better. Then as coaches leave the replacement can come from within and the team doesn't suffer as bad. When new players arrive they have the coaches and vets all teaching the same things. I love the idea in theory and I hope it works as well for my Pro team as it does for my College team. And lastly I am not a Cable fan either but as a whole I feel the staff is emphatically improved over any staff we have had since...well probably Gruden.
  2. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Dont know where to put this. All teams just got 255mil each in revenue sharing. I wonder if that is what we have been waiting on to get Mack's deal done. This may help get things moving.
  3. Raiders all decade team 2010-2018

    The fact that Bey, Carlisle, Meyers, Barnes and Hayden are on ANY all anything team is sad.
  4. 2018 Expansion Draft - Raiders

    Trade Mack??? You were serious about that? I figured you were on a bad shroom trip or something.
  5. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    Also there wasn't an us. Unless your in R4Ls pocket or something.
  6. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    That there was a chance it was nothing big. More likely something with scheduling.
  7. 2018 Expansion Draft - Raiders

    By the way I think this is a cool idea. Mind if I steal it?
  8. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    See I tried to tell ya lol
  9. 2018 Expansion Draft - Raiders

    1) Roberts - Apparently hes gone anyway 2) Holton - Dont see him getting much PT and I'd like to see him have a chance to play 3) Washington - underwhelming to me 4) Richard - same as Wash 5) Obi - have high Hope's for him. But my gut says he isn't in the league in 3 years (hope I'm wrong)
  10. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    Well...I was just tryin to be positive. I still hope it's nothing big
  11. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    1) I would think if there was a failed test or something like that it would be all over the place by now. My guess is something logistical. Like maybe he is supposed to attend meetings or counseling in Pittsburgh but due to the trade and moving across the country he missed. At least I hope. 2) if he is suspended for the yr I'm pretty sure the year rolls and we have him next yr.
  12. OTA's

    I heard we may actually make pre game and half time adjustments!
  13. OTA's

    Yep I'm waiting until at least pre season too. All the articles I have read on him seem like they were written years ago and MJD's name was just deleted and Martin's was added
  14. Raiders Defense

    Maybe this year we won't have so many "eye violations"
  15. Really a great list and I think it can happen. I'm still not sold on Cable. And still not sure about our linebackers. But even if those 2 units are behind or weak I believe we can scheme around it.