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  1. I would try to trade back in round one and go bpa. But I would also try to trade up into 2 and 4. If we could get one pick in round 1 and 2 picks in 2 3 4 and 5. That would be ideal. Considering we haven't exactly killed the drafts the last few yrs (cough cough decade except one or 2) I would like to see more of shotgun approach. Get as many picks as possible. In the first 5 rounds. I would say 4 or 3 but we actually do pretty good in 5 usually. More picks More chances to hit.
  2. I wouldn't be angry at the 2nd but I'd love it in the third. But honestly I've never been big on 1st and 2nd round o linemen. They are expected to be so good in those two rounds you get a lot of pressure and every mistake scrutinized. Almost like we forget they are rookies. For some reason I've always liked round 3 and 5 for o linemen.
  3. And I'm not pounding the table for him or anything. I was just pointing out how he continually gets overlooked. When he could be a very good starter. At RT or guard. His arms are a little too short for LT.
  4. I'm not an expert but I don't think he would have an issue at right tackle. Apparently Tony Pauline doesn't think so either. I try to go by what I see and not risers or fallers. In May before people had to "shake up" rankings to get clicks he was considered the 3rd best tackle. Behind Swell and Darrisaw. I try not to get hyped over people that rise late. I also think Ben Cleveland that you mentioned in your mock is being slept on. That's a guard with a mean streak and another guy with lots of starts against great competition.
  5. He could play both. Kid is strong as an ox has a great get off. Had his best games against his toughest competition. Started every game he played in college. At LT protecting Lawrence blind side. And against Ohio State when they were constantly in obvious passing downs he only gave up 1 pressure in 49 snaps. He is also nimble to be 6'6" 345.
  6. You are leaving out Jackson Carman. If someone gets him in the 2nd I think it is a great spot. If someone gets him 3rd or later they got a steal.
  7. I know you weren't asking me. But I have a feeling we won't take anyone who opted out. I believe Gruden and Mayock are gonna hold onto this "love of the game" player types. I honestly think they believe the people that opted out were not "in love" with football. I could be wrong. I hope I am. But it's a feeling I have. I mean we cut the guys that opted out from our team. And of the 40 some odd free agents we worked out or signed. Not a single one was an opt out player.
  8. Me personally 17 Parsons Horn Jenkins Darisaw. Or small trade back for Collins. I think this system is made for him or Parsons honestly. But Collins for some reason gives me Khalil Mack vibes. Also would not be afraid of just bpa even a receiver or running back. Let's be honest this team needs a talent infusion. 48 Grant maybe Carman. Bpa On a side note. I read an interesting article. What if we decide to take anyone off the board who opted out last year? I mean that could actually be a thing.
  9. I have posted before that I do not believe we will add to the backfield. We may in the draft. But I'm not sure we will early unless a certain guy just falls to us. I really wish we would grab a RT and a safety in free agency. But I believe they think they have all they need until draft day. With all of the picks used on DB's that we have used I just don't see it. I could be wrong. I probably am 😆.
  10. You guys think that now that we are in Vegas. Is that the reason we haven't brought Aldon Smith back? I mean he would really be a help on passing downs.
  11. If we cut Richard and you figure Drake is replacing both him and Booker the deal is not bad at all really
  12. I would love Parsons as I also believe he is gonna be a game changer. But I have a feeling that Collins is going to be a Monster. And in this D I think he would be dangerous as well.
  13. ProbaProbably closer to 50 mil or so. I don't like it as I have always loved Huddy. But I have always said if a player wants out let em go. If you don't want to be here I don't want you here. Also we don't know the whole story. Maybe he is not happy losing the rest of his linemates and wants to choose his next/last stop. All I know is it sucks. And I really hope this works out because I am so tired of losing.
  14. By pretty much any standards. He is second only to Donald in QB pressure since 2016. 8 sacks in his lowest yr. This is an awesome deal period.
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