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  1. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    Hold your tongue sir!
  2. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Former Clemson TE Jordan Leggit cut by the Jets. Only 600k or so to kick the tires.
  3. 2019 Free Agency V2

  4. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    I have about 14 jerseys. None of them are on the team any longer. But I want a Renfrow. Because he will be here for 12 years like he was at Clemson. #thirdandrenfrow
  5. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Dayum Craig!
  6. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I can't stand people people like that.
  7. Around The League V.2

    Probably should unlock the Cooper thread...this is gonna be interesting. For the 6 Raider fans that didn't like the trade before I think this may drop that number.
  8. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I read that if he is reinstated he will be a free agent.
  9. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    Pretty sure Rosenhaus wouldn't be anything more than a camp body...I'll show myself out.
  10. Pick is in, #129 - CB Isaiah Johnson

    I wonder if they teach them not to look back for the ball at Houston.
  11. Raider UDFA's

    I want Sills from WV and whatever Tigers are left oh and Coney
  12. Pick is in, #149 - WR Hunter Renfrow

    All you doubters just wait lol. I literally can't tell you how many times I've heard the exact same crap the last 4 yrs. Until the pads come on and the play counts and not the size. If he doesn't make the team then all I can say is our wide out corps is NASTY!
  13. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    They are loaded with talent again. But very young. Wr Tee Higgins (named after Tee Martin) Wr Amari Rodgers (Tre Martin's son) LB Shaq Smith CB A.J. Terrell (better than Mullins) Rb Travis Etienne (monster) CB Brian Dawkins Jr Wr Diondre Overton There are a few off the top of my head. They are not all seniors so they may not even declare. I think only 1 is actually. Maybe 2. If ya need more holler.
  14. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Humble hard worker. Was not expected to ever see the field yet had guys on the bench behind him because they just couldn't take his spot. Made his name with the game on the line. If you need the catch for the first or rd you just throw it his way. Also a super sweet kid. Caught a game winner and when he did he looked and the db and said something like "cover who?" Or " what???" Or something after the guy had been trash talking him all week and all game. Felt bad about it. Then went and found 5he guy and apologized lol. His pro comparison is Adam Humphries. To the point that Clemson fans joke that he is Adam then changed his name to Tyler Grisham and then to Hunter Renfrow. Because they all look the same and play the same position. And they look the same playing.
  15. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Excuse me while I step away and do the Carlton.