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  1. One really scary thing about him. Didn't he trade like 3 picks so he could get Tebow?
  2. Well I wanted Harbs of course. Wish we had interviewed Flores. But that being said He has to be the best available not named Harbs at this time. I mean 6 rings and his play calling ability is unmatched. Indont like him. Because he was a donkey and a pat. But I think he was the second beat guy. This cycle at least
  3. It won't be long and the contracts are going to start having clauses pertaining to dui and high speed violations. Or something to have some sort of deterrent for idiotic actions. Maybe as soon as this year. There needs to be an emphasis on it now. I mean Hobbs is awesome but he has to know how the dui and speeding look ESPECIALLY on this team.
  4. I like Dodds during a simple reason that doesn't have anything really to do with his chops as a gm. Because honestly we don't know how he will do. All we know is he is and has been highly sought after. The reason I like him is his responses to questions or praise. Dude is like gtfoh with all that until we get that trophy 😆 🤣 😂
  5. I honestly am more assured eith it taking this long. I really was thinking Mark was going to just go sign HIS guy and not really do any true looking. But it seems like not only is he looking everywhere. But he seems to be doing it methodical and with a plan. Also with the news out of New Orleans. How would you guys feel if S.P was brought in? He was wanted by Mark but AL shot it down. Then a few years later Al tried to hire him as HC but he went Nola
  6. I like Adam's (of course) but the only way I see us getting him people will not like. Because it will come at the cost of most likely Waller and someone else at the minimum. Crosby or Frow or Yannick. But in order to get him after trade or however then he will want to be the highest paid wr and for good reason. But then IF he wants to come to play with Carr he may also want assurances Carr will be here i.e. extending Carr. So 50ish mil per for 2 players on one side of the ball. With only 35 guys under contract next season. Again I love Adams. I just don't think we are in the situation yet to m
  7. I get what your saying. But with our recent draft auccess in round 1 im not afraid to trade lol. Hopefully it changes with the new gm. If not we may find that it was MD making the picks all along
  8. Seeing DK may be traded this off-season. And I'm like yes please. Add to cart. Continue shopping.
  9. An interesting late round guy who nobody talks about is Jerreth Sterns. Great hands 1900 yards just this year.
  10. But has not signed the contract they have on the table for him now. The last contract actually reduced his salary by almost half.
  11. The only reason I'm still thinking it's Harbs is the fact that he has not signed the extension with Michigan yet. That extension most likely has a large buyout in place. So he may actually be waiting on an offer or lack there of from us. Also I'm not in a hurry. We have an acting gm. HC and scouts. So there isn't a need for Davis to hurry if he can't find his guy. I mean he doesn't actually have to even announce that we are standing pat or hiring someone new. I p Or whatever really. As long as the positions are filled by people under contract he doesn't have to do or say anything.
  12. I know he didn't have great competition at the level his school played. But he is fast. When you outrun angles. That is moving.
  13. Ross in the 3rd would be frigging awesome. He is a playmaker deceptively fast and his hands are ridonkulous
  14. Matt Holder has a great write up and profile on Dotson.
  15. Purely due to his playing abilities. No other reasons at all... all kidding aside he is a playmaker. Some if his interceptions are ridiculous.
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